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Dr. Knight is a Board certified and Fellowship Trained orthopedic surgeon with a specialization in hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries and conditions. He has 20 years of experience and performed more than 15,000 procedures, helping his patients relieve pain and get back to their daily lives without the stress of an injury or ailment. Dr. Knight is also the first choice for sports figures, musicians and actors like Rose McGowan, James McDonnell and Robbie Maddison. Many of them credit Dr. Knight for saving their career. He was able to relieve their pain and allow them to continue with their lives pain free.

Doctor Knight on The Doctors TV

Doctor Knight on The Doctors TV
Dr. Knight appeard on The Doctors TV show to discuss Mommy Thumb. See video and images click here

Dr. Knight appeared on The Doctors TV show to discuss Arthritis pain and joint replacement surgery in the hand. See videos and images, click here

While on The Doctors TV show, Dr. Knight spoke about the revolutionary joint replacement surgery he performs on patients. Dr. Knight can also help relieve pain from such conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, where he can relieve pressure through a one centimeter incision and leave minimal scarring; there may not be a Las Vegas hand surgeon that has performed as many minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgeries. Dr. Knight uses cutting edge advancements and technologies to perform minimally invasive surgeries on the delicate and intricate area of the hand and wrist. Dr. Knight has treated many patients who have traveled from around the country to benefit from his experience and expertise. For these patients, the trip to Los Angeles is a small price to pay for their long-term health.

You may be willing to see a Las Vegas hand surgeon, but when a nationally renowned hand specialist is just hours away, why take the risk? The goal of Dr. Knight and the people at the Hand and Wrist Institute is to promote health and wellbeing throughout the course of your treatment. You’re welcomed into a warm and welcoming environment where every moment matters. There is an online contact form and a toll free number available 24/7 because we want to work around your schedule. Call Dr. Knight today and schedule a consultation so you can get back on the path to healthy living.

Robbie Maddison Wrist Injury Case

Doctor Knight on The Doctors TV
Robbie Maddison is arguable the greatest freestyle motorbike star of all time. He has done things no other motorbike rider has done. One of his latest amazing feats was in Las Vegas when he shocked the world by jumping off the Caesar’s Palace. However, towards the end of 2010, his career was in jeopardy. He had crashed in Australia and severly damaged his hand. He came to Dr. Knight in Los Angeles to save his career.
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