The newest theme Compact
Compact was created by inspired of new technologies and trends. His name is Compact, because he has all what we need and it all is comfortable hidden. Skin perfect for all, but now is a bit more gentle to the eye. Smooth click to top page, sliding sidebar menu with all informations, default topic view, slider and beautiful profile background modification.
More - Compact informations.
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NOTE: The term Templates may be used interchangeably to refer to Templates, Themes, or Styles or what ever term constitutes a "skin" for a particular platform.
General informations
Purchase of some skin does not authorize you to distributing or resale its for other person in all or parts. Remember, that if you break the rules, IPBFangorn will send your personal details to Invisionpower, and in severe cases report to police. Furthermore your account on IPBFangorn will be permanently blocked. It is forbidden to publish and share our skins in any form.

Skins from IPBFangorn can not be basis to create other themes and selling they. More specifically - you don't have any permissions to use from our codes, our innovations and modifications for the purpose of making a profit.
Our products and the rules of use them
You may delete author information "IP.Board Skin by" only then, when "Copyright Remove" (you can find the option in our shop) is purchased. Please respect our work and do not change the copyright informations. It's of course illegal and prohibited.

It's normal that our products should work fine with all IP.Board applications (IP.Downloads, IP.Blogs, IP.Content, IP.Chat, IP.Nexus, IP.Gallery), but we can not guarantee that they will be compatible with others custom applications. We will try that our products was consistent with multiple of popular modifications.
When I can try to take full refund money?
You can try to take full refund money only when, then description about some skin, some product, is inconsistent with the real condition. Remember, that if you make a purchase, you will be incompatible with your IP.Board version, but informations attached to the skin will be correct, you can't take any refunds.

It's very important to read the information about product, which we want to buy. Thanks to avoid unpleasant surprises like losing your money or time : )
Community, support and accounts
We do not offer support in any other form, than on our Community under link Your account should has a difficult password because we do not change and do not bring to mind him.
Modifications to Terms of Service
Contents of the Terms of Service may be modified at any time.
Posted - 17.07.2013
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