The newest theme Compact
Compact was created by inspired of new technologies and trends. His name is Compact, because he has all what we need and it all is comfortable hidden. Skin perfect for all, but now is a bit more gentle to the eye. Smooth click to top page, sliding sidebar menu with all informations, default topic view, slider and beautiful profile background modification.
More - Compact informations.
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  • Compatible with:IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, IP.Chat, IP.Content and IP.Nexus
  • Purpose:Gaming, office, sport, anime, fan, commercial. Perfect for all.
  • Package contains:Skin and PSD files, tutorials about slider and color picker.
  • Additional Info:Compact has a lot of included modifications such as new topic icon generate system or profile background view. Additionality the skin is full integraded with Nivo Slider.
  • Preview:Klick HERE
  • Compact is full integrated with Nivo Slider. Slider is included with the skin so you can add your own slides and check your own effects (from 15 available). Logo edit is very simple thanks to included in the package .psd file.
  • Big changes in css files makes that the user menu is diametrically unique. Informations about user, his profile settings and other member options are now in sidebar sliding menu. Compact has a lot of new icons (the bigger and smaller). The icons existing in new places like footer, user navigations, editor and other.
  • Smooth to top scroll on webpage (on bottom of page and under post in topic view). Compact has several new jquery innovations, which work together peacefully. In the package you can find folder with tutorials about slider and slides. Of course if you can't understand them, you can report your problem and search help in Client Area.
  • New login and new profile background view, which are more comfortable and spectacular. We try to introduce new things, new innovations and options, even if that will be some very small but functional. Built-in color picker allows for easy selection color for each user. Our choice is saved via cookies ready for their next visit.
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