Shaping the
Future of Work

Work-Bench champions enterprise technology through a cooperative workspace for members, education, and a bridge program that connects exceptional startups to customers, partners, and investors.

A Call for Collaboration

A technology hub located amongst major industries and Fortune 500 companies has emerged in New York City. Despite the proximity, startups and corporations rarely talk or work together. Enterprise founders continue to face challenges: slower value creation, complex sales and distribution networks, and lack of immediate feedback. Small, medium, and large corporations struggle to identify and integrate technologies capable of reshaping and improving their businesses.

Builders and buyers need to work together early, often, and intelligently.

Work-Bench is building a community of members who cooperate for mutual economic, social, and cultural benefit. We are an enterprise technology cooperative that goes above and beyond revenue to foster education and sustainable development of the community. We're motivated by the progress of enterprise technology for our members and for all of us who like to get work done.

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The Network

At Work-Bench we connect the brightest entrepreneurs and seasoned blue chip executives to create lasting value. 97% of the Fortune 500 and an army of small to medium businesses all turn to RR Donnelley, our first industry anchor, when they need products to better their business. Through our partners we are connected to an expansive and powerful network of more than 60,000 companies.

Muscle Memory

Introductions are easy, the challenge is what comes next. At Work-Bench we have a growing set of resources to create effective collaborations between builders and buyers. Our community relies on the muscle memory of our team to shepherd members into lasting relationships that really move the needle.


Home away from home

The Work-Bench workspace was created to bring together companies, big and small, and provide a new home for enterprise technology. We’re located in a sunny 32,000 square foot space in Union Square, at the heart of New York City. Our workspace was designed to promote a healthy worklife and thoughtful workstyle. We are tailoring for productivity, from an in-house concierge service that will take care of all the small problems to a state-of-the-art enterprise network. Members feel comfortable and at home, they enjoy inviting friends and colleagues, hosting business partners and events, or sticking around into the night.

Modular Environment

We are purposefully designing transformative spaces and modular furniture that adapt to the way members like to work. Even desks and offices are being designed with company growth in mind. We turned to hospitality principles to foster cultural and social interactions in our common spaces and are founded on family values. It’s obvious when thirty people get together for lunch at our dining table!

Join Us

Team Membership

Growth-stage enterprise technology companies join Work-Bench with a core founding team, initial product-market fit, and well-identified problem to solve. Work-Bench provides resources and programming that aid with sales, operations, and overall company growth. Join Work-Bench and receive a workspace for six months so you can build to scale.

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Work With Us

Are you interested in collaborating with Work-Bench? There are a variety of ways to get involved including participating in our programming, contributing to our blog, or sharing your knowledge with our extraordinary community members.

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Our Team

Portrait of Day Portrait of Day

Day Jiménez

Design Director

Day is a designer and maker who strives to solve problems through improved human experiences. He leads the integrated experience of all things Work-Bench, from digital, print, and spatial matters, and is a champion of design as a means for better enterprise tools.

Portrait of Jonathan Portrait of Jonathan

Jonathan Lehr

Venture Director

Jonathan is a geek who dreams about how innovations in enterprise technology can improve the way business is done. Jonathan leads the NY Enterprise Tech Meetup and at Work-Bench invests in top early stage enterprise tech companies.

Portrait of Cameron Portrait of Cameron

Cameron Campbell

Business Development Director

Cameron is a connector of companies, people and ideas. He matches Work-Bench members with Fortune 500 companies to solve business problems.

Portrait of Brianna Portrait of Brianna

Brianna Smith


Brianna is a detail-oriented planner who brings complex ideas to life. At Work-Bench, she focuses on spatial planning and community events to create a unique atmosphere for building to scale.

Portrait of Mickey Portrait of Mickey

Mickey Graham


Mickey loves all things enterprise, spending his nights reading about sales models and consumerization. He works on building community through Work-Bench's content and media outlets.

Portrait of Rachel Portrait of Rachel

Rachel Shannon-Solomon

Venture Associate

Rachel is a tech nerd and NYC native excited about shaping New York's enterprise ecosystem. At Work-Bench, she invests in early stage enterprise tech companies transforming the future of work.

Portrait of H Portrait of H


Workspace Manager

H.D. is dedicated to the enrichment of day to day experiences. At Work-Bench, she leads the Community's events, operations, and internal communications. Looks like a job for...

Portrait of Alex Portrait of Alex

Alex Sall

Workspace Coordinator

Alex ensures that the Work-Bench team and community stays happy, supported, and motivated. She focuses on coordinating logistics and planning events that create a productive and positive company culture.