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Skull Caps and DoRags

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Make your own Skull Cap/Do-Rag

To make your own do-rag you will need half a yard of 100% cotton fabric in your choice of patterns and colors.

Please read all 5 steps before you begin.

Step 1 gives you the measurements for the do-rag

including the pattern for the sides of cap, the measurements for the top piece and the band piece.

Step 2 and 3 shows you how to construct the sides to the top.

Step 4 shows you how to fold and sew the tail section of cap.

Step 5 shows how to sew the band on the cap and how to finish the band including ties. 

Lastly you will see the finished do-rag in 2 designs. 

STEP 1 will need 1/2 yards of 100% cotton fabric, Cut two of sides pieces ( we will call this piece B), one piece 18" x 5" for the top (we will call this piece A) and one piece 36" x 2 1/2" for cap band.

The above pic is the sides pattern piece of the do-rag pattern piece. (We will call this piece B) You can print it out or follow the directions on the measurements. If you do print it out you may have to check the measurements anyway because some printers do not print orginial sizes.

STEP 2 ....the construction (pictured below)

Pin the rounded edge of piece B to piece A matching right sides together.

The wider end of side meets the straight edge of top. The narrower end of the side piece goes to the back.

 Follow the picture above

STEP 4... sewing the back side of cap

Start Double folding the v shaped edges at the ends of cap and sew ... starting at one end, moving around the tail and around the other side.

STEP 5... Finishing the band

Next fold the raw edge of band over the cap. Folding in to form a nice clean edge and pin in place and continue to fold the entire band forming a nice band with ties. Sew from one end of ties to the other end of ties including along the cap band.

Clean up any loose or hanging threads.

You now have a completed do-rag.



if you want a longer tail; just add a couple of inches.

If you would like a bigger cap; add an 1/2 inch to the sides of the top piece  and a 1/2 inch to the length of the top piece. As well as a 1/4 to 1/2 inch to the straight sides of the side pieces.

People with a lot of hair prefer a bigger cap.

Personal note: I like to cut the tip of the tail off to make a cleaner seam.

For some reason I can't get a good text viewing on the above picture. The length of the top of do-rag should be 18" from top to tip of bottom.

It should also be 5" across the top piece

STEP 3... sides sewn to top

Pin both side pieces B to  either side of top piece A.

It will look like the above picture

Sew from one side around to the other leaving 1/2 inch unsewn at the end.

STEP 5...sewing the band on

Now center the cap band (the long strip of fabric) to the center edge of cap.

Sew from one end of the cap edge to the other.

Pictured below... Make it FUN!!

Remember to use your imagination.

Any fabric makes a great looking cap.

Some funny and some serious.

Any questions... please feel free to email me at