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Validate Your Site

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Validate your HTML against the official HTML specification. Websites following the specification are awarded by Google and other search engines with higher rankings and ensures you, that your website renders in all modern browsers.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code validators check that the web page style sheet coding is in compliance with CSS standards set by the W3C. Following the standard helps you supporting multiple browsers.


Testing for web accessibility (how usable a website is by individuals with disabilities) is an often neglected part of web design and development. Feel good about yourself and help people with disabilities browsing your site.


Validate your site against the acclaimed ruleset from Google. Good performance improves both search rankings, visits and convertions on your site.

Broken Links

Check HTML documents for broken links. Broken links looks unprofessionally and could be a potential reason for your customers to leave your site. With HippoValidator you are warned everytime a link is broken.

Spell Checker

Spell check your website and avoid those stupid typos. HippoValidator even provides you with suggestions for the words not parsing spell check.


Validate RSS and/or Atom feeds referenced on your site. Making sure your feeds validate, ensures you that they can be parsed by most feed readers.


How does your site look on mobile phones? A lot of traffic is generated from mobile devices these days. Make sure your site behaves on small screens.


Wouldn't it be nice to be in top of Google when people are searching for your keywords? HippoValidator helps you by validating a set of technical rules which are awarded in both Google and other search engines.


Execute the widely acknowledged JSHint on all your JavaScript. JSHint detect errors and potential problems in your JavaScript and enforce your team's coding conventions.


CSSLint run static analysis of your CSS code and flags patterns that might be errors or otherwise cause problems for your website.


Testing for Internet Explorer just got a little easier. Test your site for common problems provided by the modern.IE validator from Microsoft.



RED is a robot that checks HTTP resources to see how they'll behave, pointing out common problems and suggesting improvements. Although it is not a HTTP conformance tester, it can find a number of HTTP-related issues.


Scheduled validations of the URLs selected by you. HippoValidator will automatically scan your URLs once every day, making it possible for you to follow your score.


Shows the progress of your scheduled validations. You will be able to follow the development of your daily scans on a graph.

Email Alerts (Coming Soon)

Want to know if your score drops? Use HippoValidators powerful rule engine to setup custom email alerts. The perfect companion to your schedules.