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Hate Crimes


Hate crimes add an element of bias to traditional crimes—and the mixture is toxic to our communities.

Crimes of hatred and prejudice—from lynchings to cross burnings to vandalism of synagogues—are a sad fact of American history, but the term “hate crime” did not enter the nation’s vocabulary until the 1980s, when emerging hate groups like the Skinheads launched a wave of bias-related crime. The FBI began investigating what we now call hate crimes as far back as World War I, when the Ku Klux Klan first attracted our attention. Today, we remain dedicated to working with state and local partners to prevent these crimes and to bring to justice those who commit them.

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About Our Program
- Overview
- Interview on Combating Hate Crime

Cases/Initiatives, Past & Present
- Civil Rights Cold Case Initiative
- FBI Versus the Klan Series
- Henry Dee & Charles Moore Murders
- Operation Lone Wolf
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Stories and Features
- Stopping the MLK Parade Bomber
- New Stats and a New Law
- A Victim Speaks Out
- The Traveling Trunk
- Cross Burnings in the 21st Century
- L.A. Hate Crimes Task Force

Report Hate Crime/Discrimination
- Contact Your Local FBI Office
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- File a Report with Other Federal Agencies
- Contact State/Local Agencies

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- Shepard/Byrd Act Brochure
- Justice Department Civil Rights Division
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- Anti-Defamation League
- Federal Civil Rights Statutes


In the News
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Beard-Cutting Case
Sixteen individuals were sentenced for hate crimes against Amish residents in Ohio. Details

More News & Features

Mobile: Former KKK member pleads guilty to racially motivated cross burning.
Houston: Man charged with hate crime for breaking jaw of elderly African-American man.
Seattle: Man sentenced to more than three years for racially motivated attack on Sikh man.


Hate Crime Statistics
ucrlogo.jpg The FBI has gathered and published hate crime statistics every year since 1992. Our latest reports:

- 2012
- 2011

- 2009
- More




A Victim Speaks Out
hate.jpg Nina Timani, a Muslim Arab American, was the victim of a hurtful hate crime. She decided to report it to the FBI, and she’s glad she did. Play Video