An Easy Fall Garland To Welcome The Autumn Season

This past weekend marked the official start of the fall season, and because we’re headquartered in the northeast, we’re nothing short of thrilled to be in the heart of all the fall festivities! There are countless ways of celebrating this season, but at the top of our list is fall foliage viewing. And since we’ve published a good handful of the state park apps in this area, of course we’re going to point you in the direction of a state park!

Fall Garland Leaves

Are you feeling inspired yet?

Before you hit the road, make sure to download your Pocket Ranger app® by clicking here. After you’ve done that, there isn’t much more to it. Once the season is in full swing, a visit to the majority of the state parks in any of the northeastern states will let you catch a glimpse of the glorious fall colors. You can hike to a summit to soak in the vast scenery, climb a route, bike a trail, or kayak a river lined with deciduous trees just bursting with color.

Whatever suits your fancy for enjoying the vivid fall hues, collect some leaves before you leave the state park because we’ve got a neat way of bringing the fall into your home.

Fall Garland Leaf Picking

Fall was everywhere as I was picking out leaves on a hike this weekend!

Fall Garland

Martha Stewart is chock full of craft ideas. She’s the inspiration for this fall garland craft that includes bleached beeswax or candle making wax as its main ingredient—besides the colorful fall leaves, of course. We like to think that she used the Official Guide for Connecticut State Parks Pocket Ranger app® to find a perfect hiking trail where she could gather the leaves to use in her original fall garland craft demo—or maybe now she lives in New York or even Maine. We can’t keep track of how many homes she has, but either way we have the Pocket Ranger app® for those states, too. We’ve got you covered Martha!

Now back to our fall garland. Martha recommends using a double-broiler to gently warm up the wax (never to a boil.) Not many people have a double-broiler handy, so a large metal coffee can carrying your chunks of beeswax will do just fine. Set it on top of a large pan that’s half filled with water.

was for the fall garland

Use enough wax for the number of leaves you’ve collected.

Warm up this makeshift double broiler over the stove, keeping a watchful eye since you’re working with hot wax.

You’ll want a large sheet of wax paper ready, so that when the wax melts, you can simply dip the leaves one at a time and then lay them flat upon the sheet.

Always hold the leaf by its stem or use tongs, and dip it more than once if necessary. Be sure to shake off the excess wax. Once you have enough fall leaves dipped and dried, connect your fall garland using a needle and thread.

Leaves on the tray

Leaves…dipped and dried.

Put them as close or as far apart as you want, but be gentle as you string your garland; the leaves are still very delicate even though you’ve preserved their color to last for months! If you’d like, don’t use all the leaves for your fall garland. Instead, save a few loose leaves to use as a decorative accent to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

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