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EDM Oil Greatly Affects Your Work Quality

EDM oilChoosing the correct EDM oil can make a substantial difference in the overall performance of your EDM department. Gone are the days of toxic, smelly, witches-brew dielectric fluids.

There are new generations of oils on the market that certainly can improve your process and bottom line. The new synthetic oils can help your bottom line, as well at the atmosphere in your plastic injection mold making shop.

Advantages of quality EDM oil

  • Faster machining speeds. The newer oils are highly refined and purified to be more efficient. They are engineered to burn cleaner, thus producing a finer finish more quickly.
  • Less smoke. The smoke produced from high amperage burns can produce quite a bit of toxic smoke, which must be vented to the outside. Even then, what becomes of the smoke?
  • Longer fluid life. Because they enable electrical discharge machining to be more efficient, the heat and sludge does not degrade the oil as quickly. This can mean quite a savings in material and time.
  • Easy on the skin. Many operators complain of skin irritation from the old kerosene based fluids. The new synthetic edm oils are much easier on the skin.
  • Does not evaporate. Your oil will last longer, and your shop will not smell like a diesel engine repair shop.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because the new edm oils are synthetic they are much easier to dispose of and have less impact on the environment.
Improve your image at the same time!

Every company wants to make a good impression on potential customers, and eliminating the smoky, smelly, kerosene based EDM oil is an easy way to clean up your image, while at the same time helping your bottom line.

As an EDM operator for many years, I witnessed many customers commenting on the disgusting odor bubbling out of the EDM tank. Now, I hear them comment on the nice luminous color and appearance. Silly as it seems, it makes a difference to people in sales!

Major manufacturers of EDM oil

 Belmont  EDM Zap  Royal Flush
 Rustlick  Iona Plus  Commonwealth


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