1. You guys have to give Andrew Wiggins a chance. It's a lot of pressure on him already.

  2. Ciara, Naomi Campbell, Pharrell, Tyra Banks, David Gandy & Jonathan Rhys Meyers For W Magazine

  3. A Lot Of Celebs Attend Loren & J.R. Ridinger’s 2014 Market America’s World Conference

  4. Nothing is more exciting than helping someone turn their dream into reality.

  5. I guess the bigger picture is to see my face on billboards around the world.

  6. I'm just a kid from Centerville Projects in Dirty Jerz who took the train 3 hrs a day 2 Manhattan for my internship, just 2 chase my dreams.

  7. NEVER let the dream killers kill your dreams. If you dream and believe, then you can achieve.

  8. When the front doors were closed in my face, I went in the side doors.

  9. I already proved that I am a GREAT journalist. Now I want people to take me serious as a media maven, music manager and CEO.

  10. -(e)k bertxiotua

    Ain't nothing like BLACK EXCELLENCE. No ethnicity can match our ambiance.

  11. She Is The Sh*t! Lupita Nyong’o For ‘The Cut’ New York Magazine

  12. Are You Going To See This Movie? Kevin Hart Announces New Film With T.I. & Will Ferrell

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