Sunstroke: A Fever˚ Client for iOS

Sunstroke Main

I’ve been dying for a native Fever˚ client for iOS for a couple years now. When Reeder added Fever support a few weeks ago, I reinstalled it and tried it out. I had a lot of sync issues with it, but while reading a review of the new Reeder, I noticed a mention of Sunstroke. Sunstroke is a dedicated Fever client for iOS and it’s pretty much everything I’d been wanting all along.

Sunstroke has all the major features from the web app of Fever. You can view ‘Hot’ stories, your ‘Kindling’ and your ‘Sparks’. You can view individual groups of Kindling, adjust the date ranges for ‘Hot’ stories, and view saved articles but you can’t search your database. That’s the one big thing I think that Sunstroke is lacking.

Sunstroke has lots of sharing options. You can send articles to Pinboard, Pocket and Instapaper. You can of course copy the link, open in Safari and email the article as well. You can also program the behavior of swiping on an article. I have mine set to ‘Send to Pocket’ on a left swipe and ‘Mark as Saved’ when I swipe right.

If you use Fever, I’d recommend Sunstroke over Reeder. Sunstroke feels faster and has less bloat than Reeder does. Sunstroke is available in the App Store for $4.99.