“The highest ideal of cure is the rapid gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal of disease in its whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way…”
Samuel Hahneman, Organon of Medicine, 1833

Naturopathy as a Healthcare Practice
Naturopathy blends modern information with the 200 year-old practice of Homeopathy and the ancient practice of “Nature Cure.” A key concept of naturopathy is the belief that, given proper support from naturally derived medicines, the body can heal itself.

Dr. Jamison spends extensive time with each patient to get a complete "picture" of a person's condition. In his practice, Dr. Jamison works to assist patients in establishing health and well-being in their lives. He believes that a supportive environment is an important piece of a comprehensive health care program.

Conditions Treated
Ideally people seek naturopathic care before becoming ill. Naturopathy provides the best preventive care available.

In reality, people often seek naturopathic care only after they have exhausted every other medical care available and still have unresolved health issues.

With the goal of healthy living and healthy aging, Dr Jamison treats infants to seniors
for conditions such as:

-Acute colds, fevers, flu
-Childhood illnesses
-Genetic disorders relating to the autism spectrum
-Brain Fog, mood and memory disorders
-Digestive Disorders
-Hormone imbalances using Bio-Identical hormones
-Environmental toxicity, using chelation protocols
-Risk factors associated with heart disease
-Nutritional imbalances and metabolic conditions

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