Secret help for Sexually Abused Children. We won't ask your name or who your father is.

Secret help for Sexually Abused Children. We won't ask your name or who your father is.

Solution to Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA)

The Most Important Solution in the World

An Art of Thought Solutions™ initiative, waiting for funding

Problem: 1 in 5 girls are sexaully abused by age 11. By age 18 it becomes 1 in 4. This is damage to humanity at its core. This damage gets worse exponentially with each generation. The logical end is dire for mankind. I explain why in detail as part of the solution page below, but you can skip ahead if you like by going to:
Solution:  (This is a temporary domain name. One that gets attention. The system will operate under a more suitable domain name for children who need our help.)
Status: Looking for sponsors / investors. Expect an ROI financially as well as what you can take with you when you die.

Estimated start-up cost, Business Plan & Return on investment.

Behtaj Amiri,
Cell: 424-222-3331 - Your call may be intercepted if you aren't in my contact list. Please text or leave a voice message with your contact information.
Get motivated and involved:

The SOLUTION is READY.  Waiting for your help to fund it. - - This doesn't necessarily mean you need to reach into your pocket and give money. You can help by sharing with everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Use bulk forms of communications such as eMail, Social Media or make a YouTube video to present us to the world. There are people out there who have money and are looking for the opportunity to help a cause like this. Help us find each other.

Welcome. Want to Significantly Improve Humanity? Come with me.
Behtaj Amiri, "It's logically impossible not to Significantly Improve Humanity"
Founder, Art of Thought Solutions™ at
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