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This lovely church is located in Kirkby in the Diocese of Liverpool. According to a stone cross set up in 1875 in the church grounds, the first chapel may have been built on this site in 870 A.D. The present church was consecrated in 1871 and the oldest datediscovered on a grave so far is 1698 for the burial of Thomas Asp, "a benefactor to Kirkby". More about the history of the church can be found by visiting the church's website.

4199 individuals have been indexed so far from the inscriptions. Also included are 775 photos for section A, 10 for section B, 114 for section C and 125 for section D. 

Work has been undertaken (from Autumn 2008) to tidy up section D of the churchyard. A number of fallen headstones have been set back in place; some kerbstones have been removed; subsiding plots have been levelled and grass seed set. Section C has also recently been cleared of a very dense overgrowth of brambles (Spring 2013) which means that visitors can again reach the majority of graves in this part of the churchyard.

I hope this website will be a useful resource for researching this fascinating church as well as the families who lived in Kirkby. I have striven for a high level of accuracy, but mistakes are always possible, I apologise for these and ask that you contact me so that I can amend the error.

DETAILS: First published 27 October 2002, last updated 11 April 2013.

Website transferred to 27 December 2008. Website transferred to St Chad's church server 31 August 2012.

NEW! April 2013

  • 5 photos replaced with better quality images (C48-49, C60 and C76-77).
  • 45 new photos posted (section C).
  • Additional plaques in section D transcribed (D77-D90) and alphabetical list of names updated accordingly.

10 October 2012

  • Does anyone know what the original inscription may have been on the headstone for plot A691 James APPLETON? His grandson is keen to replace the missing headstone and would like to use the original inscription if possible. Please see his post dated 8.10.12 on the News and Views page.

31 August 2012

  • Site move to St Chad's church server due to large amounts of downtime with free host. Thanks to Tim Stratford for sorting this. Please update your favourites. I will post the change of address on the old site as soon as the server is up and running again.

Added 3 April 2011

  • Images for A465, A477, A482, A490, A497-A501, A531-2 and A534.
  • Image of sundial by A499.
  • Improved images of A508, A527 and A530; second image of A512 without ivy.

2002-2013 Rosalind Lloyd

I have published this information on the internet to make it available to anyone with an interest in this church and the people of Kirkby. Please add a link to this site rather than copy large sections of the data for another website. The work is ongoing, check back regularly to see additions.

The pastiche on this page includes photos of ornate carvings on the Harrison grave A680 and the Milbourn graves A671, A724 and A726.