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System requirements:\n* Windows 2000 or Windows XP\n* Primary display resolution of 1024 x 768 or better
By default hotkeys configures the Clock Add-in with the ''Win - T'' combination.\n* Hold the ''Win - T'' combination down: the clock appears\n* Release the keys: the clock goes away\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/clock.jpg]]\n\nTips:\n* You can ''reposition'' the clock by dragging it around with the mouse\n* You can ''customize'' the clock by right clicking it (size, color, opacity, date, etc.)
Hotkeys is smart in the way it launches applications and opens documents. When a key combination is pressed hotkeys will first try to find an existing instance of the requested application or document and bring that to the front. This behaviour can be overruled by holding the Alt key, which ensures that a new instance is allways launched. If no existing instances are found a new instance is started. If multiple instances are running the [[Instance Switching]] menu is displayed.\n\nConsider the scenario where Win + Space starts Windows Explorer:\n* ''Win + Space''\n** If there is no existing Explorer Window a new one is opened\n** If there is one existing Explorer Window it is brought to front\n** If there are multiple existing Explorer Windows the [[Instance Switching]] menu is displayed.\n* ''Win + Alt + Space''\n** A new Explorer Window is opened\n\nPlease contrast this with Win + E functionality as provided by Windows.
When a hotkey combination is pressed (not holding the Alt key) and multiple instances of the target application are allready running a instance switching menu is display.\n\nPlease try the following:\n* Launch three Explorer Windows by ''holding Win + Alt and tapping Space'' three times.\n* Now ''hold Win and tapped Space repeatedly'' to step thru the various options\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/instanceswitching.jpg]]\n\nThis approach has various benefits over the traditional Alt + Tab. It displays full Windows titles and gives direct access to the proper application instead of stepping thru tens of unwanted options.
Application icons from the Windows start menu or from Windows Explorer can be dragged on the [[Onscreen Keyboard]] to create new hotkeys. It is also possible to drag and drop icons allready on the keyboard to other keys.\n\nThe other way to configure hotkeys is by right clicking stuff as described in the [[Onscreen Keyboard]] section.
Holding the windows key for several seconds (configurable) pops up the onscreen keyboard. This feature serves several purposes:\n* [[Drag and Drop Configuration]]\n* Visual reminder of key configuration\n* Tool for international keyboard users\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hkblack475.jpg]]\n\n''The keyboard context menu''\n\nRight clicking the keyboard (and not a key) allows for the configuration of the keyboard. One can configure options like style (color scheme), layout and language. It is also possible to configure the time it takes before the keyboard pops up and toggle fading.\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/kbcontext.jpg]]\n\n''Key context menu''\n\nRight clicking a key (and not the keyboard) provides you with a menu that allows you to add, remove and modify hotkey combinations.\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/keycontext.jpg]]\n\nPlease note the 'New Hotkey' item this starts the [[New Hotkey Wizard]]. This way of adding hotkeys is important as it allows for adding hotkeys for items that cannot be dragged on the keyboard like add-in. The 'Properties item' on the menu gives acces to the hotkey's property dialog.
This add-in allows you to instantly modify the audio volume. Default configuration:\n* ''Win - Page Up'': volume up\n* ''Win - Page Down'': volume down\n* ''Win - End'': toggle mute on / off\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/sound.jpg]]\n\nTips: \n* Hold the Windows key down, while ''repeatedly tapping'' the page up or down key.\n* You can ''reposition'' the volume control by dragging it around with the mouse.\n* You can ''customize'' the volume control by right clicking it (size, color, opaciy, date, etc.)
The New Hotkey Wizard allows you to easily configure new hotkeys. It is important as certain types of hotkeys (ie Add-ins) can only be configured by using this wizard.\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/wizard.jpg]]
qliner hotkeys is Open Source Software. It ships under the following license agreement:\n\nCopyright (c) 2005 qliner\n\nPermission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:\n\nThe above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.\n\nTHE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
A tool for creating style, layout and language files for Hotkeys exists. See the following screenshot. Currently it is not online as it is not a very mature application (but it does work). We plan to make it public in the very near future. Might you be interested in toying around with it, or even beter: create new files and share them with other users, please let [[us|mailto:qliner@xs4all.nl]] know and we'll be happy to provide you with a preview copy.\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/designer.jpg]]
The following keyboards are supported:\n\n(If your keyboard layout is missing please let [[us|mailto:qliner@xs4all.nl]] know. You can also help us out by creating layout / language / style files yourself using our [[Keyboard Designer Tool]].\n\n(Oh yeah: some [[Screenshots of international keyboards]])\n\nAlbanian\nArabic\nArmenian Eastern\nArmenian Western\nAzeri Cyrillic\nAzeri Latin\nBelarusian\nBelgian French\nBengali\nBosnian\nBulgarian\nCanadian French\nCanadian Multilingual Standard\nChinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard\nChinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard\nCroatian\nCzech\nDanish\nDevanagari\nDivehi Phonetic\nDivehi Typewriter\nDutch\nEstonian\nFaeroese\nFarsi\nFinnish\nFrench\nFYRO Macedonian\nGaelic\nGeorgian\nGerman\nGreek\nGujarati\nHebrew\nHindi Traditional\nHungarian\nIcelandic\nIrish\nItalian\nJapanese\nKannada\nKazakh\nKorean\nKyrgyz Cyrillic\nLatin American\nLatvian\nLithuanian\nMalayalam\nMaltese 47-key\nMaltese 48-key\nMaori\nMarathi\nMongolian Cyrillic\nNorwegian with Sami\nNorwegian\nPolish\nPortuguese (Brazilian)\nPortuguese\nPunjabi\nRomanian\nRussian (Typewriter)\nRussian\nSami Extended Finland - Sweden\nSami Extended Norway\nSerbian (Cyrillic)\nSerbian (Latin)\nSerbian Cyrillic\nSlovak (QWERTY)\nSlovak\nSlovenian\nSpanish Variation\nSpanish\nSwedish with Sami\nSwedish\nSwiss French\nSwiss German\nSyriac Phonetic\nSyriac\nTamil\nTatar\nTelugu\nThai Kedmanee\nThai Pattachote\nTurkish F\nTurkish Q\nUkrainian\nUnited Kingdom Extended\nUnited Kingdom\nUnited States - Dvorak for left hand\nUnited States - Dvorak for right hand\nUnited States - Dvorak\nUnited States - International\nUrdu\nUS\nUzbek Cyrillic\nVietnamese
qliner hotkeys
We are working on a ''public online source code repository'' (CVS based), it should be up any week now. If you like to participate please let [[us|mailto:qliner@xs4all.nl]] know!\n\nThe SDK to create ''Add Ins'' is also work in progress. It will ship in the release at the end of next month. As soon as the code repository goes online there will be a version you can use to start experimenting. In the mean while, if you are in a hurry, please contact [[us|mailto:qliner@xs4all.nl]] for an interim release.\n
TiddlyWiki is a wiki implemented in a single html page. All logic runs client side. It is a Open Source product. Read more about TiddlyWiki [[here|http://www.tiddlywiki.com/]].\n\n''Please note'': feel free to use this html file as the base of your site but it is probably wiser to get the original as we will not maintain the code.
* [[How to create a hotkey]]\n* [[How to delete a hotkey]]\n* [[How to modify an existing hotkey]]\n* [[How to change the appearance or language of the keyboard]]\n\n
\nArabic:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/arabic.jpg]]\n\nFrench (AZERTY):\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/french.jpg]]\n\nGreek:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/greek.jpg]]\n\nHebrew:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hebrew.jpg]]\n\nHindi Traditional:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hindi.jpg]]
A collection of screenshots as found on this page. Please send your screenshots to [[us|mailto:qliner@xs4all.nl]] and we'll post them online!\n\nDefault setup:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hk475.jpg]]\n\nDell latitude layout with Black style, with context menu:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hkblack475.jpg]]\n\nDetailed views of keyboard and key context menu's:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/kbcontext.jpg]]\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/keycontext.jpg]]\n\nThe [[Keyboard Designer Tool]]:\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/designer.jpg]]\n\nVolume and Clock add-ins:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/sound.jpg]]\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/clock.jpg]]\n\nInstance switching:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/instanceswitching.jpg]]\n\nNew hotkey wizard:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/wizard.jpg]]\n\nKey properties:\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/dialog.jpg]]\n\nSee also [[Screenshots of international keyboards]]
* qliner hotkeys was developed by qliner software\n* qliner hotkeys uses the System Hook Library develop by Michael Kennedy (many thanks go to him!)\n* This website is build using the insanly great TiddlyWiki by Jeremy Ruston. Altough this code comes directly from TiddlyWiki we were also inspired by (and adapted some idea's from) GTDTiddlyWiki.
A modified version of TiddlyWiki by Nathan Bowers. For us it demonstrated the layout flexibility of the original. However it seems to have something to do with a book called 'Getting Things Done'. Read all about it [[here|http://shared.snapgrid.com/gtd_tiddlywiki.html]].
qliner hotkeys offers support for Dvorak keyboards. It also helps Dvorak users who have to occasinally work at a none Dvorak keyboard, as a quick look up tool.\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/dvorak.jpg]]\n\nTo enable Dvorak layout: \n* Right click the keyboard backround(!) and not a key. \n* On the context menu select Language, scroll down the list and you'll find three United States Dvorak keyboards:\n** Left handed,\n** Right handed,\n** and Generic.
\nThis is the developer homepage. The [[consumer home page can be found here|http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys]].
Qliner hotkeys is a [[free|Download]] and [[open source|License]] keyboard productivity environment. It is the first product of it's kind that is usable by computer geeks and non geeks alike.\n\nKey features:\n* Smart Application [[Launching]]\n* Smart Application [[Instance Switching]]\n* [[Drag and Drop Configuration]] using an [[Onscreen Keyboard]]\n* Support for [[100+ International Keyboards]] (making it a handy tool for international keyboard users).\n* Support for [[Dvorak keyboards]]\n* [[Volume Control]] Add-in\n* [[Clock]] Add-in\n\nHotkeys builds on the concept of Windows shortcut keys but takes this concept to a whole new level. Do you think key combinations are hard to remember? Just ''hold the Windows key for three seconds'' and up pops a [[Onscreen Keyboard]] with icons on the keys that are configured. This you can you use , not only to remind you of hotkey combinations, but also for [[Drag and Drop Configuration]].\n\n[img[http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/hk475.jpg]]\n\nIt also features intelligent application launching and switching, add-ins like [[Volume Control]] and a [[Clock]].\n\n[[Download]]\n[[Screenshots]]\n[[Credits]]
\nQliner hotkeys is open source software. Do you want to come with us, and the change the world, or be some random default kind of person the rest of your life?\n\n''Why participate'' in some silly hippy-open-source-idealist-kinda-thing-project? (And give stuff away for nothing?!!?)\n* Having an insane number of people use YOUR creation in day-to-day life is an immense thrill... \n* ... every hour, every minute, every second, NEE(!!) every millisecond of the day CPUs around the world will be running your algorithms... It is alive!!\n* Finally your mom/girlfriend can understand what your doing behind that damn machine all day / night.\n* Looks pretty good on your resume...\n* See your name come by, for hours on end, in that beautifully animated about box (which still needs to be implemented btw. hint, hint)\n* Get to finally correct that rotten English on this site and in the application, or help translate it in your mother tongue.\n* Gain some very, very worthwhile experience (having your stuff be mangled by hordes of total end-user-consumers-type of people on demented hardware with a dysfunctional OS will forever change they way you perceive the software creation process)\n* Work with seasoned (but nevertheless friendly, patient, patient and patient) professionals.\n* Help port this stuff to Linux and Mac OS X (planned)\n\n''Who'' are we looking for? \n* Developers (PHP, JavaScript, C#) - (If any experience in another programming language we can help you get started with these technologies)\n* Graphics & design people (UI, HTML, raster & vector graphics)\n* All other people that like to help test software, manage content, attend forums, marketing activities, public relations, etc. (chip tune makers!!)
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[[Report bugs, request features or ask for support, click here.|http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=146540]]
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[[Download]] [[Overview]] [[Tracker|http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=146540]] [[Forums|http://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=146540]] [[Screenshots]] [[RSS Feed|http://qlinerhotkeys.sourceforge.net/index.xml]] [[Release Notes]]\n<<newTiddler>> <<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY">>\n
\n\n[img[http://qlinerhotkeys.sourceforge.net/images/keyboard.jpg]] \n\n\n\n''Greetings to those who are about to go and create stuff,'' \n\nQliner hotkeys is open source software. Do you want to come with us, and change the world, or do you want to be some random default kind of person the rest of your life? [[Escape oblivion]].\n\n\nOther stuff:\n* [[Caps Lock is dead, long live Caps Lock!]]\n* [[Download]]\n* [[Consumer homepage]]\n* [[Report bugs, request features or ask for support]]\n* [[Discuss stuff in forums]]
* We killed that !$#*&^! Caps Lock behavior...\n* and then we put Caps Lock to good use, for the first time in it's history...\n* so now we also support those silly keyboards that lack a Windows key (or have one, but in an ergonomically unresponsible position)...\n\n* and to celebrate it we even dedicated a [[pretty page|http://www.qliner.com/hotkeys/capslock]] to this feature!
!!!!Download: ''[[qliner hotkeys v.1.2.1 (Stable)|http://www.xs4all.nl/~ed/files/hotkeys-v.1.2.1.zip]]'' (October 24, 2005)\n* [[Mirrors|http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/qlinerhotkeys/hotkeys-v.1.2.1.zip?download]]\n* [[Requirements]]\n* [[License]]\n* [[Release Notes]]\n\nSource code in [[CVS|http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=146540]].
[[Releases download page|http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=146540]]\n\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.2.1 (stable)'' October 24, 2005\n* Fixed sound volume add in issue (not working at all) that affected some(!) machines.\n* Stable release, minor update\n\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.2.0 (stable)'' September 25, 2005\n* Resolved some minor issues\n* Stable release\n\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.1.2 (experimental)'' September 22, 2005\nNew:\n* Tooltips (much requested feature)\n* Use Caps Lock as alternative Windows key (kills that stupid caps lock thing and allows people without a windows key to use this app.)\n* New command line argument CreateCreationScript filename="" creates dos batch file that will recreate all users configured hotkeys on new install or on other machine (export)\nImproved:\n* Automatic naming of items\n* AddNewHotkey command line argument now has overwrite option\n\nRemoved:\n- A lot of minor bugs\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.1.1 (experimental)'' September 13, 2005\nNotes: In between release. Several new features, less bugs. Should be quite stable.\nChanges: \n* Better support for URI's (http, ftp, mailto, etc.), now URIs can be dragged and dropped (explorer / firefox, buttons/links/images/text/etc.) on the keyboard. \n* URI based hotkeys now also get proper icons, based on the URI type. \n* Improved about box. \n* Improved instructions box. \n* Added a command line interface (ie hotkeys.exe About shows about box, etc. can be used to add hotkeys from the command prompt or with bat files).\n* Removed numerous bugs.\n\n\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.1.0 (unstable)'' September 6, 2005\nNotes: Minor update, unstable. Please test.\nChanges: \n* Now proper detection of drag & drop .lnk files with and MSI path name: dragging and dropping of Microsoft application links, like those of Office and Messenger now works correctly. \n* Added arguments and working directory properties to hotkeys, this new functionality is also reflected in the property dialogs, the launcher code and the drag and drop code (links dropped keep their arguments and working directory).\n\n''Release Name: qliner hotkeys v.1.0.1'' June 6, 2005\nNotes: Initial release of qliner hotkeys on SourceForce, bla, bla.. release before this one was called b2. This release has far less bugs and even more features. The coolest new feature is, without a doubt, the addition of more than one hundred international keyboard. Besides being very, very handy for people using their native keyboards it is also a lot of fun to see what other cultures produced from a keyboard perspective. You can now also use hotkeys to practice dvorak keyboard layout.\n\n[[Releases download page|http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=146540]]