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Congratulations, Yohan, with your fantastic performance at the 2011 World Championships and London2012 Olympics: Gold, Silvers and World Record

Mr Selfridge 2014
Mr Selfridge, Jeremy Piven with London Osteopath Torben Hersborg
Central London osteopath, Torben Hersborg, on set for the 2014 series of ITVs Mr Selfridge with producer Jeremy Piven, who also plays Mr Selfridge himself.

2010 - 2012 TENNIS WORLD NO. 1osteopath in London
Caroline Wozniacki reached the Womens Tennis World rankings number one 11th October 2010.
What makes the difference is that when YOU put your mind to it, giving up is never an option.

Read more about how osteopathy helped Caroline


Physiotherapy London osteopathsOLYMPIC GAMES 2012:
Christine Ohuruogu adding 2008 Olympic gold to her 2007 and 2013 World titles in the 400m.
London2012 Olympics: Silver.
We are proud to be associated with you since your early days in athletics.
Elite athletes perform to the limit af what the body can cope with and rely very much on osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage.


Please show the World that you like us by clicking the +1 button Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics, situated in EC1 and N1 in the City of London have a very solid reputation amongst the elite of the Sports World including Olympic Champions, World Record Holders and Oscar Winners, not only from London, but also from abroad - and we have the practitioners to maintain this reputation, many having International and Olympic level sports backgrounds themselves.
“Normal” people are treated just as well – the skills required to quickly bring a top athlete back from injury to tournament fitness are only a bonus when you treat people who have less demands on their bodies.
Torben Hersborg from Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and Shakesperian actor Mark Rylance - two amazing people. central london osteopath torben with caroline wozniacki and mark rylance in the central london physiotherapy and sports injury clinic
You might have an exact idea of what type of treatment you would like to choose in the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics e.g. osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports massage, shiatsu, yoga, podiatry, reflexology, cranial osteopathy, Naturopathy, shiatsu, applied kinesiology etc...
But with so many treatment choices, most of our new clients will initially see one of our osteopaths or physiotherapists, who are skilled in making the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

As not all back pains, aches or discomforts are purely mechanical, your osteopath or physiotherapist might introduce you to one of the other specialists in the practice - one of the strengths of Central London Osteopathy, physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics is the huge combined experience of the practitioners -working as a team to give you the best holistic care.
Your treatment will be tailormade for you with all the specialists under one roof - your osteopath might advise yoga or pilates, so you can maintain your posture, and your physiotherapist might advise acupuncture by one of our acupuncturists to help speed up your structural recovery. Our homeopaths might advise you to have applied kinesiology for futher test of your body function, and our osteopaths and physiotherapists might suggest you to have aromatherapy, which is great for stess and tension relief.

Both Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspurs are using practitioners from Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics. This only confirms the quality of treatment you can expect.

Osteopathy vs physiotherapy
Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics originally started with only osteopaths and sports massage therapists, hence our name, but since many years we had some new complimentary therapies added incl. physiotherapy, sports massage and acupuncture.
Whether you have back pain, frozen shoulder, post surgical knee pains and you are not sure to see an osteopath or physiotherapist - our advice is either of them, since our physiotherapists are very much hands on and you can expect effective manual treatment.
Although you might have experienced physiotherapists elsewhere only giving rehabilitation exercises & ultra sound and therefore believe that physiotherapy is not addressing the problem as instant as osteopathy, here we deal with clients who put foremost the need to get out of pain and better urgently.

The osteopaths and physiotherapists at the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics, City, EC1 and Angel, Islington, N1 are asked to give treatment for:

Lower back pain (lumbar pain)
Neck pain (cervical pain)
Wrist injuries
Tennis elbow
Sternal pains
Rib injuries incl. recovery from fractures
ITB (ilio tibial band)
Sprained ankle and other sprains
Dropped metatarsal head
Herniated and bulging discs (“slipped disc“)
Upper back pain (thoracic pain)
Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
Golfer’s elbow
Frozen shoulder
Hip pain
Achilles tendon tear and strain
Foot pain
Running injuries
- Migraine: extremely bad headache: a recurrent, throbbing, very painful headache, often affecting one side of the head and sometimes accompanied by vomiting or by distinct warning signs including visual disturbances.
- Pulled hamstring and other muscle tears & strains
- Shoulder dislocation (glenohumeral and acromioclavicular)

Our osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, sports masseurs, shiatsu & yoga practitioners, cranial osteopaths, Naturopaths, aromatherapists, homeopaths and applied kinesiologists are also asked to deal with general problems, such as:
Well being and Relaxation:
Phobias, Panic attacks. Stress , Tension
Symptomatic relief and better movement for arthritis incl. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
Mother and Baby Clinic: helping the expecting mother through pregnancy, after labour and the strains of carrying the baby.
Checking the baby and helping with colic, pains and sleep disorders.

Many of our clients come for a back pain or sports injury and therefore wish to have osteopathy or physiotherapy, and a common question is: "should I see an osteopath or a physiotherapist?". The answer is quite simple: As the physiotherapists in Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic are very much hands on in their approach, and our osteopaths deal a lot with muscle injuries, we recommend either an osteopath or a physiotherapist.
The normal precepton of a physiotherapist is that he will use mainly ultrasound and rehabilitation exercises rather than giving hands on physiotherapy but our physiotherapists are as much as our osteopaths results driven in their treatment.

With osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and sports injury clinics in kings cross and Shoreditch, we are conveniently located for Central London, the City, Angel, Islington, Canary Wharf, Docklands, North, West, South and East London.
Our Pentonville Road clinic is serving Islington, Kings Cross, Angel, Euston, St Pancras, Moorgate, West end, Camden, City, Chelsea, Harley Street, Kensington, Knightsbridge and post codes: N1, W1, W2, W8, NW1, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1 for a complete health care.
Our Hoxton clinic is serving Shoreditch, City, Hackney, Angel, Islington, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street and post codes: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1, E2, N1

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Physiotherapy and osteopathy are primarily involved with human movement which is an important component of health and well-being.
Our physiotherapists and osteopaths
in London use health promotion, preventive care, treatment and rehabilitation to maintain, restore or maximize movement potential.





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