LRIG New England Fall Seminars and Exhibition

Location and Date

Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Boston Marriot Cambridge Hotel
2 Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142
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General Info

We are happy to invite you to our annual LRIG New England Fall Seminar and Exhibition which is being held at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel. This is a free event to our attendees where you can visit our exhibition floor and talk to our participating exhibitors about their products and offerings. There are also free workshops provided by some of exhibitors where current issues and topics are discussed. Last year, we had more than 45 vendors participating and we hope to have even more this year.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided for free to all attendees and exhibitors during this event. For those interested in purchasing alcoholic beverages a bartender is available to provide you this service for a fee.

There are multiple parking options available including two parking garages within a block and street parking is available where appropriate. We do not validate parking for this event.

The Grand Ballroom is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It can be accessed using the escalator or the elevator. The Discovery and Endeavor meeting rooms are located on the 3rd floor. There is a stairwell just outside the Grand Ballroom which will lead directly to the meeting rooms. The elevator will also access the 3rd floor meeting rooms from the 2nd floor.

All attendees are strongly encouraged to register for this event if they are planning on attending. Walk-ins are also welcomed and will need to sign in upon arrival.

If you are interested in participating in either presenting a workshop or exhibiting on our vendor floor, please visit our Exhibitor Information link. We look forward to seeing everyone in November.

Exhibitor List

 StackWave Beckman Coulter  Specs  Cisbio US 
 Gyros  Microscan  CCS Cell Culture Service, Inc. (an Evotec Company)  The Rapid Group
 Molecular Devices  BioNex Solutions  Titian Software  Brooks Automation
 Formulatrix  QIAGEN  Art Robbins Instruments  TTP Labtech Inc
 CyBio  ThermoFisher-CRS  LiCONiC US, Inc  TAP Biosystems
 Genedata  TWD Tradewinds, Inc.  Biodirect  BioSero, LLC
 BMG Labtech  Eppendorf  Integra Biosciences  Artel
 iAutomation  Festo Corporation  OHLHEISER CORP.  Computype
 Hamilton Robotics  Hamilton Storage Technologies  Tecan  Agilent Technologies
 Peak Analysis & Automation  Gilson Inc  Atlantic Lab Equipment LLC  ForteBio,  A Division of Pall Life Sciences
 Curiox Biosystems, Inc.  ChemBridge Corp.  HighRes Biosolutions, Inc.  IntelliCyt Corporation
 Solentim  Seahorse Bioscience  Faucon Scientific Services  Sophion Bioscience
 Genatylte, Inc.  Gibson Engineering Co., Inc.  Perkin Elmer  Schneider Electric Motion USA
 BioTek Instruments, Inc.      


Workshop Schedule

Time Slot Company Title Speaker Room
3:30 Curiox Biosystems
Phenotypic Assays with Suspension Cells on DropArray Plates
Namyong Kim, PhD/CEO Endeavor
4:00 Gyros Automation at the Nanoliter Scale to Increase Efficiency in Bioanalytical Workflows for Biotherapeutic Drug Robert A. Durham, PhD, Director of Field Applications, Gyros US Inc Endeavor
4:30 Biodirect
Lab Automation Maintenance Options & Strategies
Kevin Keras, COO, LabSquad
5:00 Artel
Applying Volume Measurement Information to OPTIMIZE Liquid Handler Methods: Specific Examples Include a Biomek, Bravo and Preddator.
Keith Albert, Sr. Applications Scientist
5:30 BioSero Green Button Go™ Scheduling Software: Easy, Intuitive, and Powerful Tool For a Wide Range of Integrated Platforms Andrew St. Yves, Software Engineer Endeavor
QIAxcel Advanced – Capillary Gel Electrophoresis
Zeeshan Farooq, Instrument Sales Manager Discovery
4:00 ForteBio, A division of Pall Life Science New High Throughput Platform for Label-Free Analysis of Binding Kinetics and
Protein Quantitation
Larry Fava Discovery
4:30 TTP LabTech High Throughput Automation For Low Volume Serial Dilutions  Ben Schenker, Director of US Operations, TTP Labtech Discovery
5:00 Thermo
Momentum enabling powerful, flexible, and easy automation solutions
Rob Dunn-Dufault Discovery
5:30 Hamilton Robotics
Taking Cell Culture to the Next Level with Laboratory Automation
Kristina Klette, Ph.D., Business Unit Manager, Automated Cell Biology Solutions Discovery

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