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    A moment 130 years ago,caught forever London 1880's

  2. A great presenting today at in Milan. Bring on the service design flag!

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    Lawyers hidden among information architects at Milan

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    Calling out to all WIAD14 locations: Have a great 24hrs of ! > RT : holy cow - IT'S HERE!!!

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    Is it Italy ready to introduce new legal services like or or ? I think so. What is your idea??

  6. quindi passi nel senso pokeristico, non nel senso che vieni a trovarci. In bocca al lupo per il !

  7. procede che devo mettermici a pensare sul serio e da martedì a oggi non è cambiato molto!

  8. ahah vediamo cosa posso fare.conferenza termina ore 12.30, quindi a quell'ora lì -poi a 13.30 cominciano i workshops

  9. bene, bene, ma non ti eri segnato alla conferenza? beh se non ci tira il pacco conoscerai finalmente

  10. Hi interested in knowing more about your meetups & maybe u could be interested in what we're doing too.Let's chat someday?

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    Excellent VoxPopuLII piece by on folksonomies’ potential for law and its users, application & retrieval

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