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What is rss.js?

Background permalink

My name is Dave Winer.

RSS is a popular syndication format, produced by a wide of publications, blogs and apps. It's used to distribute items of content, which can have a title, link and/or description. It supports categories, enclosures, comments and allows for namespaces to extend the format. It's the basis for podcasting.

RSS is an XML-based format. XML is widely deployed and debugged, and will be with us for a very long time. For example all the HTML content on the web is in XML.

JSON is gaining popularity as a parallel to XML.

What is rss.js? permalink

At this stage it's a question.

Should we distribute RSS data in JSON as well as XML?

If so, what would JSONified RSS look like?

What applications would arise from it?

Example permalink

Here's the Scripting News RSS 2.0 feed expressed in JSON.

It's a simple mapping. If an element in the XML has attributes, we make each attribute a sub-element, and put the value of the element in a sub-element named #value.

Discussion permalink

Can you put together a demo JavaScript app that runs off this data?

What changes, if any, do you feel need to be made to this format?

It's nice that the browsers don't mess with rss.js data as they do with the XML version. Can we hope that they leave this format alone? :-)

What icon would we use? The same orange radio signal icon that Mozilla and Microsoft came up with?

Update: I wrote a blog post about this.

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