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Indie Statik is a community that focuses entirely on indie games. With a burning passion for the heart and souls that go into these creative indie games, we share with you a common interest and aim to provide all of the latest news as well as the most interesting and entertaining stories you’ll hear in this beloved niche of ours. Platforms hold no boundary, in fact, sometimes we may even cover indie games that aren’t computer-related at all; such is the diversity of the developers we stalk on a daily basis.

Founded by Josh Mattingly in 2011, Indie Statik has since grown to become one of the biggest communities that surround indie games. It all started with video blogging on Indie Statik YouTube and not so long after he started, Josh began to pick up quite the following. Moving into more regular content only increased the size of the indie game community faster. Opportunities were aplenty when Josh joined The Game Station network, which allowed him to collaborate with other popular YouTubers while still serving the indie game community with his Spotlights, Updates and Let’s Plays.

During the summer of 2012, Josh began recruiting for a website – a dream of his that would enable Indie Statik to become the most exciting place for everything indie games. Now with an expert editorial team who were forged in the same fire, Josh is finally able to take Indie Statik to the next level!

The site has been designed to make browsing our many articles and videos as easy as possible. There’s a temporary forum that you should check out and use to interact with the community and us! There’s lots more to come yet, but for now we hope that you have a smooth experience on Indie Statik.