Changes to Disqus

October 15, 2013 in How to use My Telegraph, moderation by mytelegraph

We have upgraded our commenting platform Disqus, which will involve some changes to the way the system works when users would like to leave a comment.

Here are some of the changes users can expect:

  • Conversations will stream in real-time, with sub-second updating. For instance, users will be able to see when others are typing a new comment.
  • There is a star button at the top of each Disqus conversation, which is a way of letting the publisher and other readers know you like the conversation taking place. The aim is to encourage and maintain more quality discussion.
  • By default, comments will be sorted by ‘Newest’ – the most recent comments. Commenters will have the choice to select their own preference for sort order by clicking the Discussion tab drop-down menu (select ‘Best’ for the comments with the most votes trending over time or ‘Oldest’ for the oldest comments first).
  • Users can log in via The Telegraph, Google, Twitter, and Facebook to comment. You will need to click into the comment box to enable login:
  • The comment box will expand as below:
  • There will also be improved social sharing. Users can share any comment or thread can be shared to their Twitter or Facebook pages by hovering over or clicking the Share menu below any comment.

For a more detailed look at the changes, you can read Disqus’ blog post here.