On November 11th 2012 the Danish Mixed Martial Arts Federation held its first official general assembly in Odense, Denmark. There the DMMAF was officially founded and a board was elected headed up by President Claus Larsen. As the IMMAF could report the Federation was released to the public on Friday November 24th, inviting all MMA organizations, gyms and academies to sign up as members. Among other goals the DMMAF has expressed the intent to work towards membership in the Danish Sports Federation, Dansk Idræts Forbund.

On November 25th the IMMAF board convened for a meeting and approved the DMMAF’s application to represent Denmark. The DMMAF was granted observation membership and will thus join the international community as the 16th member of the IMMAF.

The board of the DMMAF consists of the following members:

Claus Larsen, President
Mikkel B Olsen, Vice President
Thomas Knudsen, Treasurer
Ivan R B Thomsen, Secretary
Otto Knudsen
John Thomsen
Jacob Kristensen

Camilla Hinze
Martin Lynge
Martin Rhod

DMMAF web page: www.dmmaf.dk

Contact information
Erika Mattson, Director of Communications
Email: press@immaf.org