I'm old enough to have been a hippy, and let me tell you, the commune never worked
Gabe Moretti, EDN editor, at DAC 2000


Open Collector

Open Collector: dedicated to aging hippies (and, by special request, SF Freemen) everywhere...

Open Collector carries listings and news for free EDA software and circuit designs. Open Collector supports gEDA.


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openEMS: 0.31
DVKit: 1.1.0
asco: 0.4.9
openMSP430: xxx
YASEP: 2009
qucsStudio: 1.4.2
VHDocL: 0.2.3 (Dec 2011)
logpro: v1.03



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The news section is closed as it was being drowned in spam. Sorry. Announcements can still be made by using the 'submit entry' option from the main pages.

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