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English Vinglish
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05 Oct, 2012  |   Drama
English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.
Gauri Shinde
Music Director
Amit Trivedi


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English Vinglish

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#Englishvinglish is good movie & its good comeback for Sridavi ..,,!!
ENGLISH VINGLISH (y) WOW wat a movie must watch 5(*)
I wanna watch English Vinglish!
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Just watched #EnglishVinglish! Brilliant, relevant storyline with a sparkling #Sridevi - highly recommend! #Bollywood
347 Positive tweets
111 Negative tweets

@swanandkirkire Can't stop humming the Dhak Dhuk song from English Vinglish. Its amazing! (Amit Trivedi + Swanand Kirkire = Deadly combo)
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English Vinglish: A good movie after a long time. (Slighta not good cinematography but excusable)
236 Positive tweets
53 Negative tweets

Sridevi Garu is a very professional lady.She attended acting workshops by Dolly Bindra for her role in English Vinglish.
68 Positive tweets
11 Negative tweets

Superlative direction by Gauri Shinde. Awesome star cast, music and lyrics and... Sridevi's saree collection! #EnglishVinglish
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@allen_paul  said 470 days ago
This is not because of watching English Vinglish..but.. i brought "Learn Kannada through English in 30 days".. :)

@SassyFork  said 470 days ago
Saw English Vinglish and loved every moment of it...remembered my first trip to America...the country that let's you just be!

@Deepabhatia4  said 470 days ago
RT @SatyarthNayak #EnglishVinglish last week figures in,film now stands8, 41cr nett (India)& 23Cr nett Overseas.Absolute triumph by Sridevi

@allen_paul  said 470 days ago
Saw English Vinglish.. Loved it.. And bollywood also now following the trend of having just one black guy in a movie. :P

@GaruSri  said 470 days ago
Sridevi Garu is a very professional lady.She attended acting workshops by Dolly Bindra for her role in English Vinglish.

@MetiAbhi  said 470 days ago
#NowWatching English Vinglish.

@dhanuRCM  said 470 days ago
@sushmahari mard khana banayeto Art. aurat banaye to Farz #EnglishVinglish review is excellent, congrats

@SatyarthNayak  said 470 days ago
ENGLISH VINGLISH last week figures in. Film now stands at 41cr nett in India & 23cr nett Overseas so far. Absolute triumph by Sridevi.

@GaruSri  said 470 days ago
It's said the Director Gauri paid for all the pastic surgery required by Sridevi garu b4 doing English Vinglish.Every1 respects Sridevi Garu

@anika_gupta  said 470 days ago
Halfway through English Vinglish- love love love it!

@sunielwadhwa  said 470 days ago
#English Vinglish- in 5 wks has crossed Domestic Box Office of 40.52 Cr compare to #Vicky Donor's Life Time Business was 40.10 Cr.

@SunitaSinghania  said 470 days ago
@filmfare Sridevi undoubtedly Best Actress for 2012 with English Vinglish.

@sridevipadma  said 470 days ago
@sunielwadhwa Please tell us the gross worldwide of English Vinglish.

@sunielwadhwa  said 470 days ago
# English Vinglish *India* Early Est : 5th Wk:0.84 Cr Grand Tot:40.52Cr [1st Wk-21 2nd Wk-11.40 3rd Wk-5.56 4th Wk-1.72 5th wk-0.84]

@SatyarthNayak  said 470 days ago
It's Official! FILMFARE declares Sridevi's ENGLISH VINGLISH a HIT. 'Final Analysis: Hit. Sri makes a smashing comeback'

@iamjayakumars  said 470 days ago
OMG English Vinglish is a copy of Korean Movie "Please Teach Me English"

@__debanjan__  said 470 days ago
Today we are going to watch English Vinglish....After long time will watch movie together... Baba Maa and me !!!!

@ampigai06  said 470 days ago
Haven't watched a movie like that in a long while #englishvinglish

@SunitaSinghania  said 470 days ago
@jiteshpillaai Very few Bollywood films in Finland.....but just loved Sridevi in English Vinglish....India's best actress!

@Tehreemm412  said 470 days ago
@BrownProblemss LOL they try so hard. esp when they speak english vinglish

@rakeshmani  said 470 days ago
Just watched #EnglishVinglish! Brilliant, relevant storyline with a sparkling #Sridevi - highly recommend! #Bollywood

@Payoi46  said 470 days ago
English Vinglish

@Deepabhatia4  said 470 days ago
Cheese & wine,sum things get better wid time.Megastar Sridevi (a one-name wonder like Madonna)is back wid a bang in Gauri's #EnglishVinglish

@accessam  said 470 days ago
@Prithamsadashiv @manishmalhotra1 actually #sridevi looked more stunning in a similar outfit when promoting #EnglishVinglish at #tiff

@SahanaSivakumar  said 470 days ago
#EnglishVinglish is the cutest movie ever. SRO hasn't aged a day since the 80s. #brownmovies

@lk_karthik  said 470 days ago
Only thing more irritating than SriDevi in English Vinglish- stereotyping of South Indians in a film which spoke about not being judgemental

@SatyarthNayak  said 470 days ago
@sunielwadhwa @UmaKandpal Every other trade site, trade expert & even Filmfare have given English Vinglish a HIT verdict. Who cares abt BOI?

@JauanaP  said 470 days ago
Sridevi is a really sick actress! English vinglish A VUN!!

@xxxyyy6  said 470 days ago
For anyone that hasnt seen English Vinglish. Its a must watch. Beautiful movie! :)

@Azzinga  said 470 days ago
Loved movie #EnglishVinglish ... nicely made n grt performances!

Chandra Shekhar   said on 07/11/12
Movie Rating : 4/5
Cinematography : 2/5
Story : 5/5
Music : 3/5
Direction : 5/5
Acting Ratings:: 
Sridevi : 5/5
Amitabh Bachchan : 4/5
a very good simple movie after a long time...a full family entertainer with full of emotions...sridevi again proved that she is still the best...loved the movie...recommending to all my friends and their families.....much much better than all those 100 cr collections movies...

Sridevi is fabulous. Must watch film. A clean entertainer with drama, comedy and sentimentmore

Missing ones are the loosing ones. Only a fool would not want to see English Vinglish. Best Film of the year...more

I am waiting like mad to see English vinglish. Especially after TIFF Review. Mindblowing Music Album is another good reason for not give this film a miss !!more

Cant wait to watch return of a living legend!more

Unanimous thumbs up from everyone who's seen the movie so far.more

a must watch for all decent cinema lovers..more

India's first female superstar returns with 100 crore blockbuster English Vinglishmore

Definitely want to see it... as it marks the comeback of the Indian Cinema Queen - SRIDEVI.more

Sri Devi is Fantabulous!more

yes will b super hit.....damn suremore

Strongest comeback of an actor/actress ever.more

Never waited for any movie like this! Loads of love for the Devi!more

A well cast and finely executed movie with a marvellous central performance from Sreedevi and a dashing cameo by Big B!more

English Vinglish is the comeback film of India's megastar actress, Sridevi !!! It will be foolish if one misses the movie on the first day first show !!! Outstanding actress and a great movie appealing worldwide audiences !!!more

If you really want to watch "Heroine" n "Barfi" then watch Sridevi in this movie... still looks stunning n great acting!!!more

i really liked this film!! it was so simple and such a feel-good movie, but at the same time it wasn't a cliched happy ending. the ending was surprising yet inevitable - exactly how every film's ending should be. i loved that it was set in new york and i thought it had some very interesting, touching themes, about <span id="remainingText916682226_771308462" style="display:none;"> love, respect, culture and...more

Money, fame and a knowledge of English. In India, these 3 factors play a huge role in how society judges an individual. English Vinglish is the story of a woman who does not know English and is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large. The film is a light -hearted yet touching and transformational <span id="remainingText912926876_771308462" style="display:none;"> journey of Shashi. Circumstances make her...more

Was an OK flick. Another silly story, with some comedy. Was definitely more about Sri Devi's return!more

Sridevi is Back... want to see more from her...more

one the best this year!...each moment is refreshing including one of the finest cameo by Bachchan. . something that will connect with your heart!...don't miss this one!more

I absolutely loved this movie. So heartwarming and tear jerking. Go SriDevi!more

as delightful and palatable as the ladoos being servedmore

Awesome! Go see it.more

must watch, worth watch.more

Sridevi steals the show...more

Sensational acting by Sridevi!more

Exceptional and Sridevi nails it ...more

Great humor, heart, &amp; New York City! The English class scenes alone are worth the price of admissionmore

Excellent feel good movie with a human touch. All the credit goes to the directormore

Superb movie!! Sridevi gives the world (and the current generation of Bollywood actresses) a master class in acting.more

Great movie. Good acting and direction.more

It is the best movie evermore

is it bad that i wanted her to leave her jerk husband and run away in to the sunset with Laurent?more

Amazing acting! Every woman should see it! Loved it! :) :) This movie was worth the watch!!more

fantastic piece.....quite a touching experience. a must watch!more

awsum concept.....must watch with your family......hats off to sridevi for amazing acting.....loved every second of it,,,,,,:)))))))))more

Nice movie but what has Sridevi done to her face?more

Sridevi is back,with a bang!<br />English Vinglish, just like the Laddoos, it's lead protagonist Shashi so craftily supplies throughout the movie, is as simple, sweet and tasty.<br />worth watchingmore

Shashi Godbole and Sridevi walks hand to hand in this movie. After watching the movie, you cannot imagine English Vinglish without Sridevi and Srdievi's comeback wouldn't have been better than this and she stretches herself to the best level she can. Her role is very strong and she enacts it in a brilliant manner. <span id="remainingText899100960_771308462" style="display:none;"> Worth a watch.more

Probably a minority view but the film did not live up to the hype..was very predictable and slow-pacedmore

Brilliant film without a dull moment.more

Sridevi is back after a 15 year gap and what a comeback it is! Her character Shashi is a hardworking dutiful housewife and part-time Entrepreneur who finds joy in her work and serving her family with a lot of love but never gets the respect she deserves. Her family finds her lack of English skills a source of <span id="remainingText791183675_771308462" style="display:none;"> entertainment and at times embarrassment. She...more

A delightful movie, a strong story, a breathtakingly refreshing performance by the legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi, who truly has brought a much-needed breath of fresh air into Bollywood films for sure! A must-watch for Bollywood fans the world over! :)more

Excellent Movie! .. 5 Stars! .. Sridevi is absolutely fantabulous! .. its a must see!more

Shashi Godbole is a housewife. She runs a small catering business, and everyone loves her delicious laddoos. She does everything that she can to keep her children happy, even if they ridicule for her unfit pronunciation of 'jazz'. She doesn't speak or understand English. So does that makes her and everything she does <span id="remainingText882928213_771308462" style="display:none;"> less important? Why is...more

LOY MACHEDO'S MOVIE REVIEW - English Vinglish (2012)<br /><br />A Thought-Provoking Family Entertainer with a Fantastic Caste of Gifted Actors, a Great Script and Award Worthy Performances from Sridevi �&quot; This is one movie I would recommend as a Must Watch of the Year. Writer / Director Guari has done absolute justice to <span id="remainingText908323876_771308462"...more

Sridevi who had been away from the spotlight for a decade and a half, comes back in this star vehicle, with her acting chops all there and matured like good wine. This film has a wonderful ensemble cast aptly cast and directed by Cheeni Kum's and Pa's Director's wife. Sridevi is everywhere and leaves with you when you <span id="remainingText838163263_771308462" style="display:none;"> reluctantly pull...more

Being one of the most realistic film made in the Hindi Film Industry, English Vinglish is light-headed entertainment consisting senti-mental depth. It seemed to portray it's message without raising as many &quot;ifs&quot; and &quot;buts&quot; as other bolywood films do (for example, 3 idiots). The acting is also quite remarkable.more

Now this is a masterclass in how to make a comeback!!!! Not &quot;Aaja Nachle&quot;, not Dangerous Ishq&quot;!!!! Sridevi really nails this one perfectly.<br /><br />Using the lack of knowledge and fluency of the english language as a backdrop, this movie tackles some major issues with such ease and simplicity that you cannot help but <span id="remainingText800566426_771308462"...more

What a simple but well put story........ A good jibe for those wannabes who talk things like &quot;Sheee, McDonalds mein aake Hindi mein kaise baat kar sakte hai&quot;more

Awesome nd touching moviemore

Sri is always awesome..............!!!more

this is a really cool movie,really funny and i say its a must watch moviemore

superb and heart warming!!!!!!!!!more

Good feel good movie that boasts of an amazing comeback performance of arguably the queen of bollywood.more

nice picture, with the perfect amount of domestic flavor and no cliche jokes.more

What a beautiful movie. Part Bollywood, part girl-power chick flick. Normally I wouldn't have given it such high ratings (due to the chick-flickishness of it) but I was at a place in my life that made me relate 100%. I cried at the end... and I never cry in movies. :-)more

English Vinglish succeeds where Barfi fails. Gauri Shinde did what Anurag Basu couldn't. Barfi was fantastic in parts but the basic premise for these films is to &quot;Keep it simple&quot; which Mr. Basu dint and Mrs. Gauri did. English Vinglish is a simple film with a big heart with an absolutely outstanding performance by <span id="remainingText876111051_771308462" style="display:none;"> SriDevi. During...more

I love you Siri Devi. In fact I'm not a cinema person but I had to arrange my time, make a plan to watch your come back after 14 years and each of my minute spent was worth it......more

Simplicity is a rare characteristic in Bollywood films. English Vinglish is a film that delivers a tasteful mix of excellent performance by the returning Bollywood beauty, easy flow to the story, spotless script and a good message to every family. Recommended watch.more

Gauri Shinde masterfully makes a heartwarming film about a woman who is looked down upon by her own family because she doesn't know English and her journey to earn respect. It's the small things in this movie that make it such a delight to watch. Each dialog, expression, costume, etc. has been paid such careful <span id="remainingText785199605_771308462" style="display:none;"> attention to. All characters have...more

This is a heartfelt journey of one woman's path to independence and self-discovery. Yet it is not a check flick. It is a film we all can relate to. The acting is superb and the cinematography makes you want to fall in love with New York all over again. Although the film is in very limited release, you should go out of <span id="remainingText918805570_771308462" style="display:none;"> your way to see it.more

i have not yet seen this epic movie, but it is beautiful..more

For a film wanting to make a point about self confidence, it is whispering it in a very shy manner, like the main character. Maybe to avoid rocking the established order. There are some nice touching moments and some smiles.more

Regardless who you are, English Vinglish is guaranteed to contain something that you can relate to on a higher level of thinking. An emotional roller coaster that is quite possibly one of the best feel good movies of 2012!more

brilliant movie! must seemore

A wonderful performance from Sridevi in regard to acceptance and equality. Being very difference from traditional Bollywood movies, it holds a charm and shows the heartfelt journey of a non-English speaker.more

This one just reiterates why you were a huge fan of this The most expressive eyes talk you through the whole movie and leave you wanting more. The movie without here would still have been a good one in my book but Sridevi just takes it to another level. Gauri Shinde has picked a small and simple concept and created a <span id="remainingText849255249_771308462" style="display:none;"> beautiful script around it. The...more

Sridevi's powerful performance and captivating screenplay makes English Vinglish a must watch!more

So sweet as a laddu.. !!!more

Saw this last night and loved it. My kind of movie. Fresh, funny, and I left the theatre feeling great!!more

English Vinglish comes as a breath of fresh air amidst all the junk and mediocre films Bollywood churns out every week.I think twice before spending money on a multiplex ticket for a Bollywood movie and I wasn't disappointed.more

Mediocre movie that doesn't really have anything new to say, but Sridevi is wonderful.more

In recent time, bollywood has started producing movies having local flavor with global appeal ..more

Not just about English but about understanding cultures. Quite a big issue these days. All above the movie was something sweet &amp; good to see the 80's queen back in action.more

Great movie. Perfect mix of culture. Awesome music. A must watch.more

Extremely naturalistic acting and free flowing and unforced comedy, unlike other masala movies from bollywood. One of the best comedies out there.more

Power packed Solo performance...more

A breath of fresh air for two+ hours. The story is unusual in Hindi cinema. And Sridevi is just brilliant. Plus the side-tales covered are truly remarkable and without the usual Bollywood stereotypes - a teenage daughter's rudeness, a patronizing husband who is otherwise well-meaning, a foreigner niece who is truly <span id="remainingText793094153_771308462" style="display:none;"> helpful, a French chef falling in...more

This film is a must watch for every Indian housewifemore

Deepinder'sPerspective: The movie has an excellent couple of morales: Equality of sexes in a wedlock, overcoming your shortcomings regardless of age or other societal pressures, strength of character etc. Now coming to the movie and its primary character Sridevi. The first half of the movie is a Drag unfortunately. The <span id="remainingText802524756_771308462" style="display:none;"> concept of a daughter...more

This movie was released in multiple languages. I saw this movie in the Tamil version.<br /><br />This movie is about a typical Indian woman who has trouble with English speaking and her New York expedition.<br /><br />The simple one line story is whether Sashi (Sridevi) succeeds her English learning mission?<br />Coming to <span id="remainingText815554296_771308462" style="display:none;">...more

k bottom_divider"> <img src="" width="50" height="50" class="media_block_image" alt="vijay " /> <div class="media_block_content fl name"> vijay <p>more

k bottom_divider"> <a href="/user/id/916682226/"><img class="media_block_image" src="" width="50" height="50" /></a> <div class="media_block_content fl name"> <a href="/user/id/916682226/">Niloo R</a> <p>more

For someone who has been born and brought up on English medium schools, and I don&#x27;t say this proudly, but for whom English is his first language of thought, it is very hard to put self in Sridevi&#x27;s shoes. Someone, who doesn&#x27;t know English, but in all other ways is very competent. Someone, who is constantly the butt of family jokes and jibes, especially by the husband and the rapidly growing daughter. That the film...more

Superb! Fantastic! Definitely worth a Standing Ovation! This movie is a winner all the way. Right from the script to the characters, everything falls in place. Very difficult to find faults, in fact there is no need to find faults. This movie takes you on a journey of a typical Indian housewife who can hardly speak English. The treatment of the movie is such that you feel a connection with the movie. The best &#x27;part&#x27; of the...more

After long gap of 15 years Sridevi&#x27;s flick has released.The story of movie is so cute.Family,friends anyone can watch this movie. The movie is about a married woman who doesn&#x27;t know English language and has always been humiliated by her daughter,hubby and people around her.. Later she decides to learn it and teaches a lesson to all people who humiliated her because of not knowing English well. This flick makes you realize that...more

I went to watch this film knowing that Sridevi would shine. But I was completely bowled over by how simple and true to life this film is, not to mention Sridevi&#x27;s performance. There were so many scenes, where without saying a word, Sridevi has conveyed the correct emotion so wonderfully. Notice the caf&#xE9; scene, where she is struggling to order; or the scene in the rickshaw where her daughter is ashamed how she behaved at...more

For every other Sridevi fan, this film must have been that much awaited cinematic confrontation with their dream actress and the superstar of her times (or should I say megastar?). Let me admit that I was never a Sridevi fan in my life (even after watching all her fantastic performances in various characters), however, the temptation to see the actress come back in the celluloid after some 15 years was enough for me go for English...more

English Vinglish : She needs No Introduction. She has acted in approx 275 movies and after 15 years she is back with English Vinglish. Sridevi....<br><br>What a comeback for Sridevi ,Bravo , Marvelous ...Sridevi has done an Awesome Job . Hats off to her...<br><br>Definitely worth watching. It helps u connect and understand with different people you come across in life.It boost your confident in a foreign land. Sridevi...more

&#x22;If we don&#x27;t love ourselves we use to attract towards new things but as soon as we began to love ourselves we feel confident and old things look prettier again.&#x22; This is one dialogue from the movie&#x27;s lead protagonist which teaches how one can come back to his normal life; English Vinglish is a sweet Laddu with almonds of a logical script, cashew nuts of nice music, raisins of love and pistachios of Hope....more

I went for English Vinglish with my mom coz I find her in the same position a lot of times with her hesitation in English. And she was so happy watching the movie, though she&#x27;s not gonna go to an English school anytime soon I see coz she said, &#x22;Atleast my kids don&#x27;t talk to me like Sashi&#x27;s daughter!&#x22;. Awww.... :D<br><br>I&#x27;ve been a die-hard fan of Sridevi &#x26; so glad to...more

This is my first review on IMDb and its just because of one reason. I stay away from my mother and after watching this movie, I called her and talked to her for an hour and am still thinking about her. The first scene will remind a lot of Indian kids about their mother, being the first person to wake up, not even bothering about reading the newspaper and feeding all the family members with a smile on her face. Awesome scene and it set the mood...more

English Vinglish is a feel-good movie that will leave you wanting for more. Sridevi is the shining star among a a cast full of strong performances. She plays an absolutely lovable hero in this movie, and her attention to the details of &#x22;Shashi&#x22; was mesmerizing. She was soft and delicate while also powerful and courageous. She exhibited a strong, free mind without ever abandoning her role as a traditional homemaker woman in a...more

English Vinglish is a beautiful journey that a middle class Indian housewife takes, to regain something she lost or probably never really got, ironically enough, in a foreign land with a foreign language as a tool.<br><br>The movie has a simple plan, and audience gets to know about it right at the beginning. There ain&#x27;t any surprises or twists therein to wow you, its purely the execution of a simple yet universally...more

Shashi Godbole is a housewife. She runs a small catering business, and everyone loves her delicious laddoos. She does everything that she can to keep her children happy, even if they ridicule for her unfit pronunciation of &#x27;jazz&#x27;. She doesn&#x27;t speak or understand English. So does that makes her and everything she does less important? Why is a housewife&#x27;s work given less importance than the work men do? And why...more

English Vinglish directed by Gauri Shinde is an outstanding movie.<br><br>English Vinglish also marks the comeback of Sridevi,who plays the role of Shashi with bravura! Story: A belittled and insecure Indian housewife,Shashi (Sridevi) enrolls in an English language class.<br><br>The movie&#x27;s only drawback is the slow pacing.But yet,first-time director Gauri Shinde does an excellent job in making this movie a...more

Sridevi makes remarkable comeback with English Vinglish. Rather with the plethora of her emotions on display while acting in this movie, one would hardly feel she was away from cinemas all these years. The director has managed to churn out a fabulous story from a pretty simple theme. Background scores complement the situations. It would be too generic to say it&#x27;s a comedy flick. No, it is a movie which portrays life which itself has...more

There are not that many movies that really have the viewer smiling all through till the end. This smile on my face was more so due to the situations the main character overcomes throughout the film. I had an instant connection with this movie because my mother came to the U.S. with weak English and so did many of my friends&#x27; mothers.<br><br>If you look at English Vinglish on a bigger scale, it&#x27;s nothing more than...more

India&#x27;s Meryl Streep dazzles the silver screen after 15 years with her award winning performance.Nothing better could have been planned for her comeback.She is back to the silver screen....and back with a bang !! Not a single expression missed,not a single dialog overdone.At the age of 49,she still has the oomph n charishma to give the present actresses a run for their money. Amitabh in a short cameo is delightful. Gauri...more

Good things come in small packages and &#x22;English Vinglish&#x22; is the latest addition to such a package.Simple,sweet,predictable film which never tries to do more or different, much like its lovable protagonist.Sridevi is terrific in her comeback venture and gives a performance which would rank among her best along with Sadma. Debutant director Gauri Shinde&#x27;s blotted approach,treatment, casting and crisp editing makes EV a...more

Good things come in small packages, and &#x22;English vinglish&#x22; is the best example of that. In my opinion, one of the best ways to judge a movie is by how it makes you feel when you walk out of the theater. To sum-up the experience of watching &#x27;English vinglish&#x27; in one word - Beautiful!<br><br>I had the least expectations from a come-back movie of Sri Devi, but no one could have done a better job for...more

I was eagerly waiting to see Sridevi back on silver screen. Its is her excellent move to come back with this movie &#x22;English Vinglish&#x22;. Hats off to her and the story line of this movie. Every other person in his/her life has passed through the phase which the main character (Sridevi) of the movie has passed. So its makes one, FEEL THE SOUL of this movie. Also this movie has good moral which teaches one to NEVER GIVE UP and...more

This movie was very much needed for this fast generation of changing India! Due to globalization and absence of a country-wide &#x27;regional&#x27; language, most of the businesses today demands efficient use of English - a global language. Naturally, respect for the language that helps earn money with comfort prompts ugly neglect of other regional languages. Schools encourage kids to learn English, keeping it as a mandate. It glorifies...more

What a beautiful movie .. its been so long since i enjoyed an Indian movie like that.. <br><br>Sridevi still one of the best actress of all time.. like they said ( Gold is Gold and it will Still Gold )<br><br>I just love her<br><br>the acting was not over and the story was just amazing and I really felt that I was watching a pure Indian movie, not an English one like these days<br><br>Most...more

I watched this movie as the reviews were very good....but man am extremely disappointed as there was no fun at all. Did not like it a bit !<br><br>The story is as thin as a thread; what I do not understand is how can anyone produce a movie with such bad script and screenplay. Very mediocre performances and cheap jokes. All the lead actors were like jokers. And it seemed that the lead actor in this movie was scratching an iron desk...more

The film is about respect and moral values which are getting decreased these days among people. It also deals with the most sensitive issue of what a child learns in his/her house. What children say and how they behave these days is what they learn from their elders. It is whole a vicious circle. Without going into psychology, I would say that English Vinglish is a brilliant Indian Cinema. The story revolves around a Housewife who is very kind...more

This movie was released in multiple languages. I saw this movie in the Tamil version. This movie is about a typical Indian woman who has trouble with English speaking and her New York expedition. The simple one line story is whether Sashi (Sridevi) succeeds her English learning mission? Coming to the lead role Sridevi has done it picture perfect in her role of a middle aged typical Indian women. She proves us that her acting skills are...more

Sreedevi was amazing in the movie. At this age, she looks extremely beautiful - I can&#x27;t think of any other woman as beautiful at her age. Also, she has done her part extremely well. Carefully subdued acting and an excellent screen presence/beauty.<br><br>The theme is a great one. It is universal, at least in an Indian context. The subject is so relevant and so common that it is a surprise that there are not very many movies...more

The movie traces the life and struggle of a simple Indian housewife, Sashi (well essayed by Sridevi), to earn respect and dignity which is being denied to her by her own family, only for the reason that she is not proficient in English. She is called upon by her sister for her niece&#x27;s wedding to New York and once there secretly enrolls herself for a four-week of English class. Constantly helping her is her second niece, Radha (lively...more

English Vinglish is a well made film about an Indian housewife&#x27;s self- pride and her regained confidence. Its director Gauri Shinde&#x27;s debut venture executed beautifully, which neither offends the people fond of using English, nor it forgets to feel proud of our own Indian languages lead by Hindi.<br><br>EV begins calmly with the charming Sridevi returning on the screen in her simplest avatar. She straight away wins...more

If creative intellectuals have their way, when the history of Indian Cinema is written, it will be written in two parts: Before Sridevi and After Sridevi. With due respect to Dilip Kumar, Kamal Hassan, and even Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi stands as the sole female actor in a country whose native cinema has historically preferred its women to be little more than ornamental showpieces to equal and even generally outrank and outshine her male...more

really good thinks return us to respect every family member.<br><br>really i learn something to watch this movie.<br><br>also our Indian house wife is not a talking in good English but does not mean she is poor. <br><br>she is not try to learn but if she try done so much in compare of other. so always respect be proud of our self.<br><br>A belittled and insecure Indian housewife enrolls in an...more

Subtleness is less expected from Bollywood, so it was pleasantly surprising to watch the understated subordination of Sridevi&#x27;s character Shashi by her own husband and daughter. Even more subtle is the family&#x27;s treatment of the grandmother &#x96; in one scene, Shashi&#x27;s husband Satish casually tells his mother that she wasn&#x27;t going with them to America because she had no passport to travel. The...more

English Vinglish is a unique and a fresh movie directed brilliantly, without a dull moment, by Gauri Shinde. What a come back it has been for Sridevi after 14 years. She hasn&#x27;t lost the touch. She actually casts a spell on the viewers.<br><br>I must admit that I absolutely had no expectations from this movie. Usually most of the comebacks have never really sparked off. This has been the best comeback by any actor with such...more

Some movies are so real life like that you just cant help but get amazed by the creativity and deep thought process of the Writer / Director and in this movies case both the department are headed by the debut Gauri Shinde. She claims it&#x27;s her mother&#x27;s story whereas I felt as if she showed me my mother&#x27;s life story and I guess lot of people like me will definitely relate it to a lot of Indian Housewives whose stories...more

Very few comedy movies come with a sensible comedy and a flow which makes you enjoying the movie throughout. This is one of those. Thanks to the team for bring such a jewel. Sridevi has played a fantastic role in this one. The direction is superb too. Before watching the movie, I was thinking that may be they would make fun of the language (English) in order to create comedy however after watching I felt that the storyline has been written in...more

Many will know I have been following Bollywood films over the last few years with keen interest, with one of the prime reasons being, why not? We have dedicated halls and screens which are always showing the latest the industry has to offer, very often having same day premieres, and I cannot fathom having to close this option off for the lack of language ability. English subtitles is a boon, and my only option to understand what&#x27;s...more

I got to see this wonderful movie after a long time yesterday. May be after the whole world saw it. Thankfully this movie has no so called &#x22;item numbers&#x22; and that says a lot! I am not so well versed with Hindi and I always used to avoid watching Hindi movies for the simple reason, I never understood what was going on and again I never had the opportunity to learn my national language and always ran away from it. But this movie...more

.for more movie Review like this page:::::<br><br>English Vinglish - Hindi (U)----my Rating: 5/5 MEGA HIT<br><br>*It is a clean comedy sentimental drama......<br><br>* According to the cast ... mind-blowing performance by Sri devi i think she may get an award for Best Actress ....all characters in this film are superb.... * Direction was fantastic and hats...more

This is a very decent movie that raises few social issues in its own light manner . Disrespect of parents by next generation , male dominant culture in an average Indian family is shown . Sridevi has done justice with the character of house wife who struggles to gain respect in her family . Talented cook , devoted and responsible mother who struggles on a foreign land . Whole film is very light yet strongly woven . As the story moves on viewer...more

English Vinglish, just like the Laddoos, it&#x27;s lead protagonist Shashi so craftily supplies throughout the movie, is as simple, sweet and tasty.<br><br>This is essentially a story of a simple housewife who craves respect, and instead, is mostly subjected to ridicule by her family for not speaking or understanding English. A chance visit to Manhattan to attend the wedding of a niece somehow opens up a world of opportunities...more

First thing&#x27;s First. Allow me to convey my huge thanks to the makers of this movie. The hero and heroin of the movie- &#x27;Sridevi&#x27;, the &#x27;cast&#x27; on screen, the Director, Producrer, Music Director and the rest of the crew behind the scenes are the oviations of this heart touching film.<br><br>The movie is about the women not from English background better say not well versed in English, but...more

Day: Saturday Date: 10 Nov 2012 Time: 8.30 pm With: No One On: HD TV.more

This movie really surprised me; not bad at all.more

Totally enjoyed this moviemore

Shashi Godbole and Sridevi walks hand to hand in this movie. After watching the movie, you cannot imagine English Vinglish without Sridevi and Srdievi's comeback wouldn't have been better than this and she stretches herself to the best level she can. Her role is very strong and she enacts it in a brilliant manner. Worth a watch.more

nice movie...but not much entertainment ...more

Watched a delightful movie after long. Please don't go by what the critics say, as most of them here are western and know zilch about Indian family system. This is a beautiful movie of a women who gives it all to keep her husband, children and passion alive. A very sensible movie indeed. One of the Bollywood best in 2012.more

Loved the movie... Nice story... Good comedy and drama and a heart touching movie... Will recommend to everyone... Great for kids too, so watch with family..more

I wasnt' expecting much, but was deleighted by this whimsical film with subtle, thought provoking handling of several issues. Loved the cast of students - maybe because when I visited NYC I didn't find any so multi dimentional. My experience was more like hers in the cafe. Went in thinking I was going to see a haphazzard Indian film and walked out pondering many subjects; the power of English on the world, how we treat women and...more

such a beautiful film --- wow Sri Devi is really INCREDIBLE --- after all these years, she still got her unique charm & acting --- her expressions & acting is simply brilliant --- not only her looks are beautiful but also her acting --- she is so charming & adorable --- she literally lived in that character till the end --- and also everyone in the movie showed a great performance --- great screen play & direction --- though...more

A feel good movie. This one leave you with a smile on your face. Sridevi excels as Shashi, a middle class house-wife who is poor in English.more

After a long time, a heart warming and humane movie from Bollywood. No frills, no action, no item numbers, no hollywood stunts...plain, simple, about everyday people. Such a treat to see Sridevi on screen, playing her age and reminding us what good actresses are made of ...not brands, not make-up, not accents but acting that can invoke emotions. As much as I would have loved her hooking up with the French guy, it sounds almost unrealistic for...more

Aflatoon (english vinglish) Hain junoon (english vinglish) Morning noon (english vinglish...) It's all about english vinglish Oh o o..more

An easy to watch well made film.more

A feel good film that offers stength to adapt with life...more

English Vinglish (Tamil) is Absolutely beautiful with great depth! Loved every minute of it! a must watch family entertainer.more

It's a conventional film, but the character of Shashi--an Indian-American mother whose shortcoming it is that her English is poor--really gathers our sympathy and makes us consider how important our moms are in our lives and how easy they seem to make it look at running an entire household without ever getting much credit for it.more

Sridevi's still great...really liked it!more

Comeback film of Sridevi, an undoubtedly a great actress. Here she plays a role of an housewife who does not know English and is sought of let down in the society. A sweet film .more

The best Bollywood movie I've seen this year!more

Sridevi is still one of the best actresses of Bollywood.more

Love a good Bollywood film and this is a good one. The journey of Shashi from insecurity to confidence & self respect. It is Sridevi's comeback movie but I'd never heard of her before this film. Count me in as a fan now. Touching, poignant, humorous, it sucked me in! Recommend to all.more

Good time pass movie with Botoxed Sridevi leading the way. It is fun at parts and typical hind movie senti in large bouts....more

I have no words I expected it to be good but never this beautiful...I bow my head to all the people involved with this movie...My only thought after watching this movie "Why must you end so soon"more

Very quietly blindsides you:)more

The name 'Shashi' remembered me person I loved once.more

Dramatic to the max...and pretty boring...more

Moti Chur ladoo ! - Awesome !more

When you find your true WORTH in this world...The RESPECT you earn,is something that you totally deserve Beautiful movie,bolstered by solid performance of Sridevi & creative yet so simple storylinemore

A beautifully crafted feel good movie about personal upliftment and family values.more

the little boy was too adorable for words (and so was 'radha') in truth though, wasn't the first three quarters of the movie kinda dull and slow-paced?more

Sridevi is undeniably the most amazing actress to pull off such a simple character...more

A movie that's good family entertainer and one that's hard to find. The protagonist is a simple housewife who is indirectly bullied by her own father and daughter for her poor English knowledge gets a chance to visit New York for her niece's wedding. There she decides to learn English without letting anyone aware of her enrollment into English speaking course. At the end of movie, it would leave a smile on your face.more

I am Sridevi Die-hard...:) So, loved each minute of the movie. It is hard to understand this movie if you havent lived on the other side. By other side, I mean in a country which is full of complexes. Some of the incidents are so very true and relatable. You have to live it to get it. The entertainment value is immense, how can Hawa Hawaiii go wrong...OOOOOUU...:)) All songs are good.more

Good comeback movie for Sridevi... I specially liked the "french touch"more

A very nice movie that tells the story about a mother that has major issues with English and speaking reading understanding etc. She gets no support or encouragement from her husband or daughter she just gets teased and made fun of that she does not try and learn and that shes an embarrassment to the family. The movie struck some home truths for me and felt like something that my mum went through not for English but other things. The Women gets...more

As most Hindi movies go, starts off great and then progresses to an interesting middle, raising many complex dilemmas all women can relate to. Yet, at the end of it all, the film resorts to a convenient end with a moral that's hard to digest without many spoonfuls of laddoos.more

Sridevi just made me realize why the entire nation was mesmerized with her in the 80s-90s. Now she is back with a bang after a 15 year hiatus delivering another masterful performance carrying the entire movie on her shoulders with such grace, charisma and a terrific sense of humor. What the movie suffers from bloated runtime, occasional indulgences to mainstream comedy, some stereotypical characters and an undying resolute to repeatedly show the...more

It is always so comforting to watch sweet Bollywood movies like this one, during the winter vacation days over baked caramel apple croissants. I fully enjoyed the journey Sridevi takes you on this tender comedy romantic movie. Even though it also revolves around a wedding, this story is fresh and different from the typical Bollywood predictable maintream movies. I also enjoyed the photography in both India and New York, portraying both places...more

'English is a phunny language', Amitabh Bachchan told us in Namak Halal. English Vinglish starts with a title card that says, "100 years of Indian cinema. 70 years of Amitabh Bachchan." The film's producer, R Balki, has been a self-confessed Bachchan fan, who gave the veteran two of his most challenging roles in the post-Mohabbatein phase - a proud, arrogant, unmarried chef in...more

Roshni Devi
What’s Good: The nuanced screenplay and cinematography; the effortless direction; the touching performances; the music. What’s Bad: Some characterizations; tries a bit hard to get emotional; the slow pace. Watch or Not?: This light-hearted movie is a lovable watch for Sridevi, the direction and the music, though the forced emotional quotient might get to you. Towards the climax of English Vinglish...more

Meena Iyer
ttle">English Vinglishvar msnsyn='Shashi Godbole is a super-sensitive wife, mother and daughter-in-law; a perfect homemaker and small-time entrepreneur. Her only handicap is English.'; The Critic has posted comments on this MovieMeena Iyer, TNN, Oct 4, 2012, 11.39AM ISTCritic's ReviewReaders' ReviewsPost a reviewEmail this reviewPrint this reviewSave this...more

Raja Sen
In India [ Images ], our post-Colonial hangover includes a peculiar English-language elitism, where those even halfway in control of the language thumb their nose at those unable to speak it. Where folk routinely, and with unforgivable curtness, cut folk off mid-sentence to snappily correct pronunciation. Which is why a scene in Gauri Shinde's new film -- where a simple Maharashtrian woman is...more

Shubhra Gupta
Shashi Godbole is a good wife, and a good mother. She packs tiffin for her school-going kids, and hands her husband his briefcase every morning. She is also a woman who is not too conversant with English and speaks it haltingly. Which makes her not good enough for her corporate-type spouse, and brattish teenage daughter: they treat her with the sort of off-hand affection edged with disparagement that most...more

Anupama Chopra
English Vinglish is that rare thing – a Hindi film that creates a heroine out of a homemaker. Shashi, played by GA_googleFillSlot("ht_story_top_lhs_200x200"); related stories Bollywood glitters at English Vinglish premiereHappy that I am in position to select...more



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