Army receives Rp 14t to
purchase European weaponry

The nation's top soldier says the Indonesian Army will get Rp 14 trillion (US$15.5 billion) over three years to upgrade its weapons systems, primarily through procurements from European nations.

“The President has decided after four Cabinet meetings that the Army should receive priority. Over the next three years, it will receive more than Rp 14 trillion,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pramono Edy Wibowo said on Friday in Magelang, Central Java.

A special team would evaluate the Army's needs, Pramono said, adding that, among other procurement decisions, the Army had agreed to purchase 100 Leopard 2 A6 tanks for $280 million and eight Apache helicopters for $25 million.

Indonesia would take advantage of the economic crisis in Europe, where cash-strapped nations were selling arms at a discount, Pramono said.

Procurements were expected to be complete by 2014, reported.

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