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Learning Rails with Macbook

Have you been wanting to learn Ruby on Rails, but need to find the resources and time? Here is a good place to start. There are different strategies on getting started, and you can pick which ever method fits your lifestyle the best. Read more to get recommendations on the best resources for the following strategies:

Keep this in mind while learning: If you are looking for a partner to collaborate with, tweet with the hashtag #pairwithme. This can be used whether you are looking for a partner to code with, or if you are needing help on a project.

Attend an in Person Workshop

We recently spoke with RailsBridge NYC whom used Nitrous.IO exclusively in their 2 day Workshop a couple weekends ago. RailsBridge is an organization which focus on increasing diversity in tech, and many of their workshops are to introduce Rails to women. The beginner workshops generally include students with little to no experience with computer programming topics, but there are also workshops where you will find programmers from a different backgrounds outside of Rails who are interested in broadening their knowledge base.

Most workshops you attend will go over key points of the Ruby language, the MVC structure of Rails, and you will also build a sample app. There is an Installfest the day before in most occasions, but if Nitrous is utilized then you can start coding immediately :-)

We recommend taking a look at the following workshops to see if any upcoming events are near you:

RailsBridge NYC

To find other workshops in your area, take a look at what has listed within their Ruby on Rails groups.

Join an Academy (online or in person)

If you are serious about becoming an expert Rails developer, you may want to dedicate some time (and money) into an academy. These academies range from hundreds of dollars for a course to thousands or dollars, and can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Skill sets vary for each academy, but they generally start assuming you have little to no background with Ruby on Rails.

We've spoken with the guys at Startup Academy who use Nitrous to help students get started quickly, and they gave us an insight on how their 8 week course works. Their goal is to help founders (or founders-to-be) learn a thing or two about building their own tech products. By equipping non-technical founders with some technical knowledge, their hope is to see more startups release their own minimum viable products and testing them in the market. Many of those who sign up are completely new to programming, but some have worked with other frameworks in the past. Startup Academy is an in person academy located in Singapore, and more information on their Rails course can be found on the enrollment page.

Here are some online academies you may be interested in:

For a directory of many more academies near you or online, give BootCamper and Course Report a visit. Both sites do an amazing job at organizing all of the in class and online academies, and will take away the stress of finding which course is the right one for you.

Free (and Paid) Online Resources

There are some great tools online that can help you Learn Ruby on Rails right away. We would recommend first picking up skills in Ruby, followed by understanding the Rails framework.

Here are our favorite free online tutorial sites which we recommend:

Once you feel comfortable then you are ready to build your first app. Take a look at the Rails 4 guide or Sitepoint's guide to help build your first app on Nitrous.

Rails for Zombies

Read a Book!

Books are still alive, and can still be a quicker reference than many online guides when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of languages and frameworks. These books are in my library and contain the essentials of learning Ruby on Rails:

Ruby Book

Have any other suggestions? Let our support team know! We will keep this guide updated with the best resources on learning Ruby on Rails and would love to hear your suggestions.

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