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20 Signs That America Is Going Crazy

Has anyone else noticed that America seems to be going crazy?  I’m not talking about the “woo hoo – let go out and have some fun” kind of crazy.  I’m talking about the “lock them up in the looney bin” kind of crazy.  Our society is rapidly coming apart at the seams and people are seriously starting to lose it.  Criminals are going crazy, young people are going crazy, children are going crazy, law enforcement authorities are going crazy and the federal government is most certainly going crazy.  Way too many Americans seem to be losing all sense of what is right and what is wrong.  Way too many Americans seem to be losing all sense of what it means to treat others with dignity and respect.  Yes, the economy is falling apart and people are feeling the stress of hard times, but it goes much deeper than that.  It is almost as if some sort of mental illness is spreading throughout our society that is expressing itself in thousands of different ways.  We are seeing anger, rage, malice and brutality rise to very dangerous levels.  Our population has become way too greedy, proud, selfish and hateful.  America is on a very dangerous road and we need to wake up.

The following list could contain thousands of examples, but hopefully the 20 signs listed below will be enough to convince you that America is rapidly going crazy….

#1 We are continuing to see mobs of criminals looting retail stores all over the United States.  For example, last Saturday night a “flash mob” of approximately 50 young people looted a 7-11 in Silver Spring, Maryland.  You can see video of this crime in progress right here.

#2 Respect for the elderly has totally gone out the window in America.  For example, down in Georgia two “caregivers” were recently charged with waterboarding an 89-year-old woman that they were supposed to be taking care of….

Police charge two caregivers at a Jonesboro facility with waterboarding an 89-year-old woman.

Clayton County police said Jermeller Steed and Cicely Reed held down Anna Foley after an argument that started over ice cream.

#3 When the federal government first began putting naked body scanners into airports and began implementing “enhanced pat-downs” of travelers, many warned that hordes of sicko perverts would start applying for jobs with the TSA.  Well, it turns out that one TSA employee is now being charged with a nightmarish sexual assault.  The following is how WJLA in Washington D.C. describes what he is being charged with….

The suspect, Harold Glen Rodman, 52, allegedly was wearing his uniform and displayed a badge to the victim, a 37-year-old woman.

Police arrested Rodman on Nov. 20. He is charged with aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and abduction with intent to defile.

#4 We have been seeing some really bizarre sexual crimes all over the country lately.  The following examples comes from a town where I once lived….

Multiple male victims have reported being sexually assaulted by a male suspect in a series of nighttime incidents at residences near the University of Virginia, according to police and university officials.

Larceny is not a motive, and in each case victims reported awakening to find themselves being groped, officials said.

#5 Sadly, our society has become so “sexualized” that now even little children are raping each other.  Just check out the following recent example from Ohio….

Authorities in southwest Ohio have charged a 13-year-old boy with raping a 5-year-old girl at a McDonald’s play area.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that the alleged assault occurred Oct. 29 at a McDonald’s in the Cincinnati suburb of Anderson Township. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Barnett says the girl’s grandmother was nearby in the restaurant at the time.

#6 Today, there are millions of Americans with STDs that are running around thoughtlessly passing them on to others.  According to the CDC, there are 19 million new cases of STD infection in the United States every single year.

#7 As I wrote about the other day, all over the United States law enforcement authorities are spraying pepper spray directly into the faces of unarmed protesters.  Pepper spray can kill you.  According to Wikipedia, the use of pepper spray by police has been associated with dozens of deaths in the United States….

For those with asthma, taking other drugs, or subject to restraining techniques which restrict the breathing passages, there is a risk of death. The Los Angeles Times has reported at least 61 deaths associated with police use of pepper spray since 1990 in the USA.

#8 Predators are increasingly using websites such as Craigslist to find victims for their next crimes.  The following comes from a recent article in the Columbus Dispatch….

Lost, covered in his own blood and unsure if the men who hunted him were still nearby, a man from South Carolina hid in the forested hills outside Caldwell until after dark on Nov. 6. Deciding it was safe, he then made a painful 2-mile journey to the nearest farmhouse to call for help.

Investigators say he was the lucky one.

On Tuesday, they found the body of a man buried in a shallow grave near the site where the other man was attacked.

By surviving his ordeal two weeks ago in Noble County, the victim, whose name authorities haven’t released, helped uncover an elaborate scheme by at least two men to lure people with the promise of work from across the country to Ohio. Authorities say the real plan was to rob and kill them.

#9 With all of the other problems we are having all over the nation, you would think that authorities would not be too concerned about little kids that are trying to sell cups of lemonade.  But sadly, over the past year police have been sent in to shut down lemonade stands run by children all over the nation.

#10 The family unit continues to crumble in America.  According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 68% of all twenty-somethings were married in 1960.  By 2008, that number had fallen to 26%.

#11 Many Americans would rather not deal with all of the problems in society and would rather “check out” instead.  For example, a recent Gallup poll found that alcohol consumption in the United States is now at a 25 year high.

#12 The federal government has become so paranoid that they have been putting GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of thousands of people that have not even been charged with committing any crimes.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent Wired magazine article about this issue….

The 25-year-old resident of San Jose, California, says he found the first one about three weeks ago on his Volvo SUV while visiting his mother in Modesto, about 80 miles northeast of San Jose. After contacting Wired and allowing a photographer to snap pictures of the device, it was swapped out and replaced with a second tracking device. A witness also reported seeing a strange man looking beneath the vehicle of the young man’s girlfriend while her car was parked at work, suggesting that a tracking device may have been retrieved from her car.

Then things got really weird when police showed up during a Wired interview with the man.

The young man, who asked to be identified only as Greg, is one among an increasing number of U.S. citizens who are finding themselves tracked with the high-tech devices.

The Justice Department has said that law enforcement agents employ GPS as a crime-fighting tool with “great frequency,” and GPS retailers have told Wired that they’ve sold thousands of the devices to the feds.

#13 Many Americans are so frustrated right now that even the smallest things will make them go crazy.  For example, one man down in Georgia recently firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.

#14 All over the state of California, copper thieves are ripping the wire right out of thousands of streetlights and are leaving huge areas completely dark at night.  For example, just check out what is happening in the Sacramento area….

Sacramento County officials said 1,000 street lights have been affected by wire theft in recent weeks, and the county has already spent $160,000 repairing street lights this year.

#15 The way that our government has treated those that have served in the military has been absolutely shameful.  For example, according to the Washington Post between 2003 and 2008 the remains of large numbers of our war dead were actually dumped into a Virginia landfill….

The Dover Air Force Base mortuary for years disposed of portions of troops’ remains by cremating them and dumping the ashes in a Virginia landfill, a practice that officials have since abandoned in favor of burial at sea.

#16 Nothing is too big for thieves to steal these days.  In the San Francisco area, thieves recently took off with a copper bell that weighs 2.7 tons.

#17 Some thieves have become so bold that they will literally steal thousands of animals at a time from ranchers.  All over the United States, livestock is being stolen from ranchers in unprecedented numbers.  The following is from a recent Associated Press article….

While the brazenness may be unusual, the theft isn’t. High beef prices have made cattle attractive as a quick score for people struggling in the sluggish economy, and other livestock are being taken too. Six thousand lambs were stolen from a feedlot in Texas, and nearly 1,000 hogs have been stolen in recent weeks from farms in Iowa and Minnesota. The thefts add up to millions of dollars in losses for U.S. ranches.

Authorities say today’s thieves are sophisticated compared to the horseback bandits of the rugged Old West. They pull up livestock trailers in the middle of the night and know how to coax the animals inside. Investigators suspect it’s then a quick trip across state lines to sell the animals at auction barns.

#18 The federal government is way too large and is interfering way too much in our lives.  All of us should be horrified that the feds are spending a significant amount of time and energy on raiding organic farms.  The following example comes from Natural News….

It is the latest case of extreme government food tyranny, and one that is sure to have you reeling in anger and disgust. Health department officials recently conducted a raid of Quail Hollow Farm, an organic community supported agriculture (CSA) farm in southern Nevada, during its special “farm to fork” picnic dinner put on for guests — and the agent who arrived on the scene ordered that all the fresh, local produce and pasture-based meat that was intended for the meal be destroyed with bleach.

#19 Most of the big regulatory agencies of the federal government have totally gone crazy.  For example, the EPA is now specifically targeting Americans that use traditional wood-burning stoves.

#20 Large numbers of Americans simply do not seem to care what happens to those around them any longer.  As I discussed in another recent article, some of the things that we are now seeing young people do are almost unbelievable.  For example, just check out this video of a young punk walking up to a defenseless elderly man in a Chicago subway station and knocking him out cold.  What makes this incident far worse is that the friends of the young thug are cheering him on and laughing at how easy it was to knock the old man out cold.

It is so very sad to watch what is happening to this country.

Things could have been so much different.  But now we are watching the consequences of decades of really bad decisions unfold right in front of our eyes.

So what do you all think?

Do you believe that America is going crazy?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….


The Beginning Of The End - The New Novel About The Future Of America By Michael T. Snyder
  • xander cross

    My best advice is just keep to yourself and stay away from major cities at night. I personally believe that they are trying to provoke peaceful people so when people who are minding their own business recact, then they(the elite) will have an excuse to issue tyranny (martial law) when good people have enough. Just keep things peaceful with your neighbors, be safe and love your family. Like I have said before, we need to get through this together.

    • Cheryl

      You’re thinking self preservation but you can’t survive that way at all. You’ll be very vulnerable that way, they’re searching for people just like you who no one will care about out there on a a limb!

  • Joshua10

    Great article. Mass civil unrest is to be expected in a society that has been coddled by politicians into expecting rewards without sacrifice and hard work. When the promised rewards are reneged upon as money runs out, the takers of society believe they are owed something, anything, everything, and they will resort to whatever means necessary obtain it. This is when the paper thin veneer of civility comes crashing down around us, and no police force in the nation is equipped to handle that widespread social breakdown. Only a well armed civilian population can defend itself against, and deter such widespread criminality. If you don’t have your personal survival recovery plan fully in place by that time, it’s too late.

    “It is said that men go mad in herds, and only come to their senses slowly, and one by one.” -Charles MacKay

  • Seth

    Have things really changed that much or is it that we all have more access to these stories with the increased technology and emergence of social media?

    I’ll bet a lot of stories like these were never written up 50 or 100 years ago.

    • Joshua10

      50 to 100 years ago Americans had a totally different set of core values and a totally different work ethic. You are also right about the technology making the world a lot small than it used to be. That fact poses a threat to tyrannical governments who are trying to control the population and information.



        There is a perfect case to be made that people should be more intelligent and should know better, but what it all boils down to is that government plutocrats and corporate oligarchs have conned people into thinking that you can have your cake and eat it too without working for it. And this same government is trying to enforce loyalty towards it by first bribes in the form of government transfer payments and now that austerity is the watchword of the year they are now trotting out the dreaded night-stick and pepper spray to beat the people into line. Anyone who has studied history knew that this was coming about. But this is what the globalists wanted. So now they have to deal with it…….

        • Joshua10

          That is spot on correct. When the bribery fails to achieve the desired goals, the true face of the tyrant is revealed. Happy Thanksgiving.

          • REED RICHARDS


            Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

    • Laura

      Social media has helped spread the information of what is really going on in the world, and exposing the lies of the government and big corporations. People are witnessing first hand the lies and cover-ups and they now have the power to reach thousands to millions with the truth. We no longer rely on mainstream media being our only source of news and we all know how corrupted mainstream media is. For anyone who has followed the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico knows what I am talking about. Proof that Big corporations were lying and covering up their mess and the government allowing it by looking away.

  • Groener

    Right or wrong? Tell it to the congress.

    Once the top rots, everyone else follows suit.

  • gary2

    Michael-in a society as unequal as ours is IN THE usa these things are bound to happen. Read the Spirit Level which is a wonderful book on the negative effects of wealth and income inequality on a country.

    I am in no way excuesing these behaviors but am suggesting they may be a symptom of a much bigger issue, namely the huge wealth and income inequality in this country.

    So I bet you can guess my solution-TAX THE RICH HARD, AND I MEAN REAL HARD, AND SPREAD THE WEALTH.

    • Dr. Chicago

      But Gary, if you get all the rich guys money, won’t you become just as corrupt? I don’t agree with the wealth disparity and I agree that taxes need to be completely redone to give the wealthy more to pay. But if they tax them hard and spread the wealth like you suggest, isn’t that a one time fixed that totally annilates any ambition one has to work hard and do well? Would a Bill Gates even stay in this country if we did that? Back in the 50′s and 60′s; the litigation, the legal restrictions and the workforce was much difference so the additional tax wasn’t an issue. But today, with everything else, what will really keep any company, rich person, or even an average joe with a really good idea in the USA if the wealth the legally earned is going to be confiscated? All I am trying to tell you is that a single minded approach is doomed to fail. There use to be a consensus in this country and a coming together. The monotonous drone of a single issue drives a greater wedge. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • James

      Gary, you constantly propose that you would like to use the force and violence of government to take from some people and give to others, or to use force to fix some other societal ill…

      I’m curious how you would react if someone were to use force on you in order to instate their preferred beliefs.

      Not well, I assume.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…#12 The federal government has become so paranoid that they have been putting GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of thousands of people that have not even been charged with committing any crimes….”

    The Bill of Rights has been destroyed by the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror”.

    you serfs better get to know your place

  • JD

    Im wondering when you are going to do an article on the rampant drug and alchohol use in this country. Everyone I know is on some kind of drugs legal and illegal, drunk all the time, they even use them with their teenage children. The kids are worse than even de-Generation X (mine) was. When I was 16 I didnt have the fancy clothes and shoes I wanted cuz my family was poor so I worked and bought them. The other day I found out that my 18 yr old kid brother got his girlfriend pregnant. He is still just a baby with an adult body and has no clue how serious of trouble he is in. Crazy!? I think my whole family has lost it! I know what youre saying in the article though, When I was at Albertsons shopping the other day you can see in peoples faces the anger and despair barely contained in some of them. The police are just as bad. They are on edge and just waiting for the right moment to strike. Why do you think I left the city? I was afraid that those crazy pigs would find a reason to shoot me! Im glad I live out in the sticks and am mostly insulated from all the crazy bullshit out there. Say your prayers and pass the ammunition!

  • WM

    Michael, Your articles keep getting better and better…sadly, also more troubling. It is almost as if God is lifting his protective hand from this nation, that I really believe has been Blessed by God.

    It reminds me of Romans 1:28 “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper” NAS

    Its scary to think of the millions of youth running around that have been fed the lie of evolution, and this along with the break down of family and the lack of families raising their children in the ways of the Lord, we now have millions of young people roaming America with a worldview that we are just evolved creatures and their is no God and no absolute morality. We are seeing the fruits of this cancerous worldview. When one believes there is no God and no absolute Truth & morals, and we are just animals and only the strong survive….well, then any kind of depraved behavior is possible. Especially if said person is desperate or hungry or just believes they are entitled…they will stop at nothing to get what they want. If this nation ever need its inhabitants to get on their faces in repentance, it is NOW!!! I fear this will not happen and we are getting closer to arriving at the prophecy “as it was in the days of Noah”

    May we cry out for mercy on our nation, may we ask for forgiveness for our waywardness, and return to our first love of God, that our prayers may be answered from heaven. Return to God that He may return his mercy to us.

    I pray for a shaking of repentance in this nation, and that people would wake up and seek after the Lord while their is still time. I fear if this does not happen, that America will decline into a Mad Max type socity with violence that many could never imagine would ever happen here.

    The following is an excerpt off of

    In 1993, William Bennett released his Index of Leading Cultural Indicators. His evaluation of the problem in the past was “Over the years teachers have been asked to identify the top problems in America’s public schools. In 1940 teachers identified talking out of turn; chewing gum; making noise; running in halls; cutting in line; dress code infractions; and littering. When teachers were asked the same question in 1990, it was a completely different assessment they identified drug abuse; alcohol abuse; suicide; rape; pregnancy; robbery; and assault.” In the last several years we can also add terroristic threatening, mass murder.

    Littleton, Colorado, is not the first place where troubled teenagers took guns to school and unleashed a deadly attack on their teachers and classmates. It certainly will not be the last. Twice in 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi, and Paducah, Kentucky. It happened three times in 1998 in Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Springfield, Oregon. Edinboro, Pennsylvania

    Reports of copycat attacks were many afterwards and in Canada it actually occurred. People are turning to violence to vent their personal frustrations. 300 hundred children murder their parents each year.

    We are called the culture of death not a good label for the generation at the end of the greatest technological time we have ever lived in (Wall Street Journal 4/22). In 1996, 9,390 people were killed in gun related murders.

    When Matthew Shepard who was a homosexual was murder in Wyoming last year it was called a hate crime. The shootings last month at a Jewish community center in California, the media and politicians condemned it calling this kind of violence “hate crimes,” And rightly so.

    In 1997 when 14-year-old Michael Carneal shot and killed three students praying at Paducah high school in Kentucky to the April murders of Christian students at Columbine High School in Colorado, to the recent Texas church shootings, at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth we do not hear on the TV networks about anyone being anti-Christian. But a very clear and obvious disturbing pattern is surfacing.

    Its not a coincidence that in the recent school tragedy we find Klebold and Harris were influenced by Marilyn Manson a self proclaimed anti-christ whose concerts have Nazi symbols. The murderers were Adolf Hitler lovers, and God haters. It was mostly Christians hunted down by those under the satanic influence What most do not know because of no press reports is that 8 out of 13 children killed were Christians. They were all known as evangelical Christians, is it coincidence? While the enemy made a tragedy out of this God turned it around for his good and many hundreds if not thousands were saved from the gospel being proclaimed. May they rest in peace knowing that they did not die in vain.

    Lk. 17:28 He writes that it in “Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; v.29 “but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and What were the days of Lot like that needed this kind of judgment?

    Gen. 13:13 “But the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the LORD.” In the days of Lot the people gave themselves over to blatant sexual sin. They were homosexuals and adulterers and engaged in any thing their wicked heart desired. Lawlessness abounded, everyone did whatever they felt like from their own evil heart. It became a normal thing in their cities to live in this manner.

    Historically the source of violence comes from one that was once close to God, Lucifer. Ezekiel 28:16, “In the abundance of your trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned.” This verse speaks of Satan who was then cast as a profane thing from the mount of God. He was “filled with violence” Whereas before he was perfect in all his ways until sin was found in him, the sin of pride. Violence is the physical exhibition of pride. Ps 73:6 Therefore pride serves as their necklace; violence covers them like a garment. “One can recognize that we are a society that is self dependant and self engrossed pride is expressed through violence. Our society has reached the time that can be ripe for judgment. Prov 4:17-19 For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence. But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is like darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.” We have the fruits of our labors today from sowing seeds of discord for years. Prov 21:7 “The violence of the wicked will destroy them, because they refuse to do justice.”

    The spiritual war has been on the increase as Satan’s hosts find their expression through ungodly people to do violence working through the sons of disobedience. While God wants to bring order and life, Satan comes to steal away any good thing. What does God say about violence? Psalms 11:5, “The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked, and his soul hates him that loves violence.” It also says “all those who love death hate me. “

    Our video arcades are filled with entertaining games with death-themes. Our movies are filled with violence as well as the TV. Now legislation is sought but is too little and too late? Prov.10:11The mouth of the righteous is a well of life, but violence covers the mouth of the wicked.” Hollywood needs to take some of the blame for promoting violence and promiscuity but we need to take responsibility as well. Because we did not speak out and declare Gods standard and his judgement on those who fight against it. Prov. 24:2 For their heart devises violence, and their lips talk of troublemaking. “Its good business to promote exciting films with murder and sex and violence in them for entertainment. But now it has influenced our lifestyle, the enemy of our souls has come to cash in the chips and the cost is high, the lives of the next generation.

    Our youth today does not have to fear going to war on foreign soil as we did. Instead car accidents, suicide, and homicide, drive by shootings all happen right in front of our face. We can thank our western education of science, telling our children they are accidents of nature from the process of evolution. Without God there is no hope or purpose, we become empty souls in a hollow shell. Humanism has failed miserably as we see post-Christian America going to the pits. No hope, why live, the only alternative is death and killing. Prov. 13:12 “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.”

    Prov. 26:12 “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.”

    Jer. 18:12 “And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.” This is where we are today our own devices forsaking our maker who is desperately interested in becoming part of our lives to guide us. God asks in Ps.2:1-4 “Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The rulers of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.”

    The storm clouds gathering closed in the distance. We’re beginning to see the days of Noah again when men’s hearts and the earth will be continually filled with violence. We all have Violence in the heart apart from the new birth. Only the Gospel of Christ will be the modern ark of safety. It needs to be proclaimed clearly and loudly, we may be close to the end of Noah’s 120 years. Job 27:8-9 For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul? Will God hear his cry when trouble cometh upon him?

    Now we are confronted with an age of terrorism that is not isolated but sweeping the planet. In the name of God those who practicing their religion zealously see it as their duty to rid the world of those who they view as not pleasing God by the use of force. It’s in Israel, Africa and in America and it will spread elsewhere , because evil when it is not contained or reduced by an equal force will spread like a fire. We live under a nuclear Damocles more than ever before except now it is not the head nations but third world countries.

    Its time to pray- Psalm 147:11

    “The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.”

    • Michael


      Thank you for posting such an extended comment. I am thankful that these articles so often stir up others to write and think about these things.


    • Gay Veteran

      let me guess, the Earth is 6000 years old

      and even the Devil can quote Scripture

      • J Madison

        you forgot-the government planted those neanderthal bones in those caves.

    • Gary2

      don’t you need to question a God who would create a devil? Would create a hell? Why would any sane person want anything to do with a god like that?

      • Cheryl

        That’s kind of an unusual thing to do is question the mind of God, don’t you think?

        • Gary2

          God gave people brains to use so why would it be unsual to question him?

        • Neanderthal

          Gary is sure nothing in the universe could possibly higher than he is.

          Gary is not conceited. He doesn’t think he is head and shoulders above all else. He KNOWS he is.

        • Hiddy

          you mean, the mind of man.

  • justin

    Now is the time to speak softly but carry a big stick…preferable one that fires at least a .45 ACP!

    Forget your 2 cents, you have no insight.

    All we have now is survival.

    We can rebuild our ideals and morals after the final collapse, but for now, just take good care of you and yours.

    • OldPhart

      Nice new S&W Model 1911 received today.

      BTW, I’m voting up #11. Even my formerly Pentecostal, tea-toting wife itches for a margarita now. I’m quite happy with plain old MGD.

      But, we’re in our 50′s, only one adult child here, and we all have jobs.

  • JR

    “When men cease to believe in God, they don’t believe in nothing, but **anything.**

    - GK Chesterton

    • Michael

      But isn’t the majority of the USA christian? How will more christianity solve anything?

  • JR

    … or, to paraphrase Fyodor Dostoyevski, who saw this all over 100 years ago:

    “If there is no God, ***everything*** is permissible.”

  • blam

    I am 68 years old and I legally carry a gun every where I go. Any attack on me could be fatal… consequently, I will view any attack as attempted murder and I will kill you.

    ‘Knockout’ can be deadly with the wrong old person.

    See ya!

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Blam: Good for you. I always say that thugs and hoodlums who take enough bullets in the heart never get a chance to hurt anyone else. God bless the 2nd Amendment.

    • BraneFrees

      Blam – If your response to any attack is to kill the attacker, you might someday find yourself with a cellmate named Bubba who finds you to be a very attractive individual.

      The purpose should be to stop, not kill, the attacker.

      Your statement of intent to kill on a forum such as this could very well assist in your prosecution as a clear declaration of premeditated murder on your part.

      Just saying.

      • josh

        when i took my concealed weapons class the guy that taught the class said shoot to kill if you feel that your life is being threatened.

        • BraneFrees


          You got some VERY bad advice in your concealed weapons class.

          You do not shoot to kill, you shoot to stop. If your shooting happens to cause a fatality, that’s extremely unfortunate. But killing your assailant is not your objective. Stopping him from killing or causing grave bodily harm to you is your objective.

          Of course, you can just tell me to take my advice and go pound sand.

          You makes your choices and you takes your consequences – or something along those lines.

          • Sumpfin

            Any use of a deadly weapon is deemed deadly force. If you fire a gun at a person, regardless of your aim, that will be concidered deadly force. Whether you hit the knee or the heart. Your intent can be “to stop” all day long, but you will still have to justify your use or deadly force, despite your accounted intent.

  • Bob Marshall

    Here is why no one should be surprised at the behavior of many in America today.
    Recent studies by the US center for Disease and Control have found an estimated 150 million Americans suffer some form of mental illness during their life time. One third of Americans surveyed stated that they once felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown or had a mental illness problem.The use of antidepressant drugs has skyrocketed since 1988 by 400% among the age group 18-44.

    • Michael

      Good comment.



      Bob Marshall,

      You are 100 percent correct. Much of the insanity that we see here today is largely due to mental illness rising in amerika. And at any given moment, a mentally ill person or persons can disrupt if not ruin your life or someone else’s life with a single, insane, act.

    • Gary2

      an estimated 150 million Americans suffer some form of mental illness

      So that is why republicans win elections!

      • Guido

        Or perhaps it explains how a self-centered belief can arise that others should be tapped to pay for all your wants and needs.

        • Gary2

          I said mine first!

    • Neanderthal

      Horse *************. EVERYTHING is now considered a “syndrome”.

  • Mr. B

    I am so sick of the politically correct. Stop saying, “young people.” Every single one of them was black.

    • Xander cross

      Well, I am a black guy and I don’t do anything like that. I guess you are one of those white guys that think that it was okay for the penn state coach to rape little boys. Oh, what color was the coach? That’s right he was white who raped black boys. Also, how come there is no article about Penn state and the child rape rings are going on in this country? How about congressman Barney frank and his raping of little boys? What color is he? You’re doing exactly what the elite want you to do and that is having one race of people against another while they continue to plunder the country.

      • James

        You’re an idiot. No one visiting this blog thinks rape is ok, and you damn well know it.

        Black flashmobs have been an increasing trend which is why it’s important to mention. There’s obviously something going on in the black community which needs to be addressed.

        The raping of children seems to not stick to any particular race, so which race raped which is less important than the fact that someone needs to be hung for it.

        Quit seeing things through the lens of race, otherwise you’re just going to contribute to all the debauchery going on in this nation.

        The elite didn’t cause the strife in this country; they’re simply encouraging it and profiting from it. The people of this country choose to forsake God, morality, ethics and decency – no one forced them to, and that’s why we’re in the handbasket heading for Hell.

        • Xander cross

          You’re wrong because you think that black people are the problem and yet, you don’t address the problems in the white community like the people who support the Penn state coach who rape black boys and yet, you pretend that it never happend. There are many things that is wrong with the white community but I dont blame white people for the problems that the elite are causing. Once again, the problem is divide and conquer.

        • Gary2

          Another republican racist. Nothing new here.

          Not all repubes are rasist but all racists are repubes.

          • Guido

            Gary, if that’s the case, how do you explain away the respected late Sr. Senator of WV being a Klansman? Actually, I found a lot of the recent comments from the leftist media rather racist during the Cain sexual harassment charges. Talking heads on MSNBC were bandying about comments about “predatory black sexuality” and how wrong it was for a black man to pursue white women. I found it appalling and irresponsible in this era after all the work we’ve done to put race behind us. And how about Bill Clinton’s peculiar comment about Obama being someone who would have been fetching him coffee a few years ago? Or Hillary’s comments alluding to Obama’s possible assassination during the campaign? Or the choice things LBJ had to say about blacks, even as he pushed the Great Society legislation?

            Then again, I would suggest it’s the liberals in this country who do the greatest disservice to blacks. I can only imagine how much better off the job opportunities would be for young black men and women looking for work, had they been educated in Ebonics, as was proposed a decade and a half ago.

            And look how well black families have fared under the Great Society. Since the feds instituted all their well-thought programs, blacks in America have seen their families collapse and their neighborhoods implode.

            Oh, and thanks to Planned Parenthood putting most of their clinics in black neighborhoods, I read over 15 million black babies have been killed in the last 3 decades.
   To me, that statistic should be very interesting to anyone in the black community. According to the 2nd link, more than 450,000 black babies were aborted in 2004, more than all other causes of death for black Americans combined. That’s over 1000 killed A DAY! (450K dead? With friends like white liberals and government, who needs enemies?)

            I think Mr. B was right the media refuses to discuss race in crimes, such as the recent MD flash mobberies, which have been all black, at least as far as I could tell in the videos. They’re quick to point out the Tea Party is mostly white, as if that matters, but their silence is deafening when it comes to these audacious crimes. There is also a perception, at least to those on the right, that race is ignored in black-on-white crimes, while white-on-black crimes are played up as proof of our undiminished racist evil. The recent furor over the Black Panther voter intimidation case, and the Obama Justice Department’s dismissal of the charges, is perhaps the most glaring recent example.

            Xander is also right, but I think he overreacted to something Mr. B didn’t actually state in his 2 line comment. I don’t think Mr. B attacked all black people. Yes, the Penn State Pedophile was white-but whites aren’t all molesters and blacks aren’t all flash mobbers.

            I don’t think race should be an issue in crime, really. EVERY race commits crime-unless there’s one I’m not aware of. I think the race of the perpetrator should be reported as just another fact for everyone-not tiptoed around when it might be offensive to some. No race, gender, or any other category you can think of is 100% clean. (Right now,down in VA, there’s a 5’6″ blond white girl on the loose wanted for bank robbery and car jacking!)

            I’m also against the hate crime rules. To me, there is no such thing as a hate crime-all crime is hate. If I kill you, it doesn’t matter what color, minority, or sexual preference you are, you’re just as dead either way. To change the penalty for a certain class of victim is to diminish all other victims. If I rape someone, it doesn’t matter what I thought about them-I had the intention to commit the act and I committed it. A crime is a crime, no matter how I feel about my victim.

            My foreign-born wife pointed this out for me and it’s funny-for a color-blind nation, we spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over race.

          • knightowl77

            Really??? Robert Byrd a member of the Klan, demonrat from W. Virginia…Al Gore Sr. Senator from Tenn voted against the civil rights act, as did most Southern DemoCrats

          • Neanderthal

            Yea, you Dimocraps have really helped out the black family. Black people should hate white liberals with a passion.

      • Gay Veteran

        do you have ANY evidence that Barney Frank raped little boys?

        • Guido

          There is one guy who has come forward and claims he was forced to have sex with Frank, but it is a very sketchy story.

          I think the accusation is usually connected to his prostitute/boyfriend who was running a prostitution ring out of his residence and he claimed he had no idea it was happening.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Well said Xander, and I am a white guy if it matters. Any man who touches a child should suffer terribly in my opinion. If the crime is proven, I say a public *************** is in order.

      • Neanderthal

        It is an outrage what happened at Penn State. Besides the child rape, those bastards knew about it and helped cover it up. I would like to see summary ********************* of all who are remotely involved. Cast a wide net.

        BTW, I am white and would PAY to pull the ****************.

  • Emily

    Our moral fabric has been obfuscated for Me’isem and
    F U’isem and I think this conditioned might be terminal.

  • shypuffadder

    As long as we have an overabundance of hateful, spiteful, willfully ignorant people like Mr. B, nothing will change. People that only see what they want to see are very dangerous and contribute tremendously to the problems.

    As for #6, people are now running around like rabbits largely because of easy access to viagra-like medication. They are trying to get their youth back because youth is worshipped. Weight-reduction medication and “easy” weight-loss rituals is another silent epidemic.

    When people are under tremendous amounts of stress, they take it out on their loved ones and everyone else. They start drinking and turn into “ugly drunks.” Ugly drunks are a very major part of what is wrong in this country.

    Chicken-pox lollipops? How is it possible to be so stupid?

    If someone comes forward with any kind of plan for getting this country back on track, their voice is silenced — with a lot of help from ugly drunks.

    Noah built an ark. Look for the person that has a plan to protect against the fire because we can only learn the hard way.

    • Gary2

      Chicken-pox lollipops? How is it possible to be so stupid?

      The fact that republicans can get elected should answer your question.

      • Gary2

        People vote republican, people give their kids chicken pox lollipops I do not see any difference in the level of intelligence that would produce either of these.

  • Heather

    Yes, American culture has been declining for the last hundred years or so, starting with the Jazz Age revolt against Victorian values. Not saying that everything was sweetness and light in Victorian times, but the majority of the populace recognized the basic morality of do not steal, lie, cheat, murder, rape, rob, and pillage. This no longer appears to be the case. These days, after a century of being told to do your own thing regardless of the consequences to yourself and others, via the schools, television, cinema, and yes even the churches, this is the result.

  • Sihaya

    The observations you’ve made are accurate. It appears that W.H. Auden was right when he wrote, “Those to whom evil is done will do evil in return.” But even more than that, I think America has become a country of monkey-see-money-doers. Culture-starved people simply mimic what they see on their televisions: violence, gratuitous and inappropriate sexual overtures, disregard for others’ boundaries, brutish and rude behavior, exploitation of the vulnerable, manic greed, and childish self-absorption. You can forget all about morality when the herd is no longer placated by the false paradigm. As freedom dies, so does civility.

  • Josh

    Scientists’ research warns humanity may be facing ‘vortex of death’

    “When the 11-year solar cycle peaked, so did human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and all-out wars between nations. It was almost as if the intense magnetic upswing directly affected the human brain and drove Mankind into deadly emotional tantrums and frenzied killing sprees.

    Assaults skyrocket. Murders increase. And bloody wars and rebellions erupt with a fury across the face of the globe.

    Wheeler’s research revealed the pattern spanned human history as far back as 2,500 years.”

  • Heroh

    I think if you put effort into it you could compile list of good news and ways that humanity shines even in the darkest of hours.

    It’s all about perspective, and I think you might need a bit.

  • DW

    The disturbing fact is that this type of unrest and craziness is happening everywhere. It’s not just in the United States, the whole world has gone unhinged. In my my blog ( I recently talked about this type of incivility and chaos; things haven’t even begun to get bad, compared to what’s going to happen.

  • JD

    Yes Michael its bad in big sky country. We have 8% unemployment, 126,000 on food stamps, and police killings frequentley. Remember I told you about Roger Chandler and Brian Temple? Roger they tazed him to death and Brian they shot him cuz he wouldnt obey their commands? Also the story about the woman who shot and killed her husband and new lover and the judge that didnt grant the order of protection? Oh and last year the 17 yr old who shot three kids and killed one over text messages? Not to mention that we have the most drunk driving deaths per capita in the country? Yes theres alot wrong in the “last best place”.

    • Gary2

      please-a lot is 2 words not one word. It truley amazes me the number of folks who do not know this.

  • http:/// Peter

    As a psychiatrist, it is very worrisome to see where this is all going. But I will give you a different spin on this issue. This isn’t going on because the world is necessarily “going crazy”, but this disaffected/detached response is becoming a normative response. And we are wired biologically to look to others to see what they are doing in a time of anxiety or crisis. This is known as Social Proof.

    For example, I wrote this article explaining how Social Proof may have been in play with regards to the Penn State “Code of Silence”:

    Here is the deal, though. Social Proof can be used to our advantage to get our country back. This is why sites like this, and Infowars and Natural News are so powerful and MUST BE SUPPORTED. Once you begin to change the meme, people will flock to it. It is basic psychology. I have more faith in people. We CAN change things.

    We must realize that people have been made to FEEL powerless. But this is only an emotion. The irony is that you are more powerful than you could ever believe.

    Never doubt this about yourself…ever.


    • Michael

      Interesting comment.





      We, more powerful than the night-stick and the nuclear warhead? Not if Dame Hillary Clinton has anything to say about it………….

      This experiment called the United States of America is over, long over. We are past the point of no return. And there is no stopping the globalists and their mad scheme to destroy the world because they will KILL, AND I MEAN KILL whoever is necessary to carry out their earth smashing agenda and tyrannical grip on power…..

  • JD

    PS we also have the nations highest suicide rate too.

  • anon

    God removed His hand of protection from the United States some time ago.

    Until we rebuke & abolish abortion, the tortuous murder of the most innocent unborn, we cannot possibly expect the Lord to guard & protect us. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

  • Tony

    Although an atheist and one who tends to lean to the left (mostly socially), I often visit this site because I agree with many of the ideas put forth and feel it is one of the better conservative leaning sites (we can all learn from each others’ ideas), however, this is the United States, the land of tolerance, and it is not helpful to your arguments, especially in the comments to be so overtly religious and blame our problems on those who do not believe or do not believe the same stuff as you, nor is it helpful to say things like “load up your guns” or “pass the ammunition” because these sentiments only create more problems. The government needs to get off the backs of the people, but it also needs to provide for and safeguard the people, which sadly it has not done for many years now. We need to be honest and adult in our discussions about what brings us down as a nation and not blame it on individual people. You cannot blame things such as columbine on atheist or satanist thought when the real blame is from the two men who committed the crime. Marilyn Manson has millions of fans so to blame him irrational. This website is normally good at addressing real issues and presenting real solutions which is why I enjoy it so.

    Yet, in terms of this article, there are some flaws, notably, 4, 5, and 10. 4 and 5 deal with sexual abuse and children abusing other children sexually, but sadly these are problems that have always existed and cannot be blamed on the times. The difference now is that people love to read about it and the media (all outlets) love to report about it. I feel part of the reason these problems continue to exist is because we are not honest about sex in our schools and in our media and we still think of it as something taboo that we should shelter ourselves from. In terms of 10, I see this as a good thing, as a 20-something, I do not feel ready for marriage as it is hard enough financially for me to support myself and also too many people rush into marriages, especially at a young age, and often times end in divorce. Through a child into the mix and now a couple is harming more than themselves. This doesn’t mean that people should get married later in life, but rather be more responsible about it and not rush into something thinking it is the norm.

    That’s my 2 cents, but overall, great article, and keep up the good work on this site. America will grow as a nation when all sides come together and compromise, not by defeating one ideology all together.

  • Richard

    “. . . Virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed . . . so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is no danger.” – Patrick Henry

  • R

    Too many people are wrapped up in playing with their phones to care. You see them, the ones walking around Facebooking or Tweeting so much they will almost walk right into you. They are oblivious and totally complacent. You don’t even see neighbors having get-togethers anymore. All you see is the glow from the HD television through a window at night. People have become so superficial and so much about themselves that so called “friends” don’t even return phone calls or an email. This is what we have become, a decadent nation who want everything for themselves and could care less about anyone else even in their own personal lives, unless it effects THEM! I gotta say I agree with EVERYTHING that poster VM said above, because it’s exactly what’s happening!

    • josh

      i agree with this comment. its like we have become a nation of zombies.

  • Michael

    This country is less than 10% atheist/agnostic, and yet a lot of you are blaming a lack of faith in god for the way things are in America. That is pathetic!

    • MartyGee

      Try harder. The so called 10% has been the most vocal, most destructive, most hateful force on the internet in the past few years. Unless you accept the truth that religion will continue to EXIST in this world, you will keep causing dissonance and spewing hatred against christians.

  • LJ

    Interesting placement of #10 on the list, about the disintegration of the family. This is probably the central cause of the growing insanity, although the turning away from God is what really causes the family to dissolve in the first place.

    When I started working in the late 70′s, I never encountered a psycho (by which I mean “mostly irrational”) customer. By the late 80′s, I’d see maybe a couple per year at my job at a supermarket. Now I work for a contractor, so I don’t have to deal with the retail public, but we still encounter psychos and at a rate of about 1 per month. If those stats are adjusted for volume, the poor people working at retail joints must be seeing a nutcase every day (maybe every hour). Who could possibly work those jobs any more?

    The psychos we deal with as contractors are, for the most part, mature homeowners. So when even the demographic which should be the most stable and reasonable is losing touch with reality, then there’s pretty much no hope left. What models do the young have when/if they finally decide to grow up? The old people are self-raping with their heads as much as the young punks are.

    But Heaven did come and propose the remedy for us in 1917. It’s just unbeleivable that the very ones who CAN and MUST do something have not for almost a century. See for the answer.

  • LJ

    “This country is less than 10% atheist/agnostic . . . ” Michael

    I forgot to mention: Most of the psychos call themselves “Christians.” I hear those words anymore, and it’s time to run the other way!

  • shypuffadder

    My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are in church every Sunday and at least three or four times during the week. My MIL prays constantly (all day long). She is considered a “pillar” in her church. She prays constantly because she has done some very nasty things to people she considers beneath her and she wants insurance that she won’t end up in hell. Her daughter is worse, and travels the country preaching sermons while running around with everybody’s husband. She thinks she’s pious. Give a hungry child or homeless person a small contribution – ha – they would rather hit them with their late-model cars. And they don’t see one thing wrong with the way they are. Religion in this country is a superficial hypocrisy.

    • Tony

      “Religion in this country is a superficial hypocrisy.”….Amen, brotha.

      • Walter

        “Religion in this country is a superficial hypocrisy.”

        That is the real problem, Tony.

  • Menotyou

    Quote “It is almost as if some sort of mental illness is spreading throughout our society”

    The Author has keen insight. Perhaps you would like to know the name of this mental illness, dear Author? You can then fully appreciate the forces at play here…

    Our society is suffering from a collective psyche virus. Known as The Wetiko Mind Virus by Native Americans and it is slowly affecting/infecting the minds of everyone on the planet.

    For those who would like to read more i provide a link below.

    It is certainly the most important article you will read this year.

  • mondobeyondo

    I think this country has just lost it. Gerald Celente is vindicated. *sigh*

  • Kevin


    I know a lot of people and many claim to be a good Christian. One of them (and his wife) fits the bill and he does not preach but never speaks badly about anyone even when wronged and helps many with work and also economically. The guy worked as a pipe fitter and amassed over 2 million yet lives in a home worth at best 100K. He gives a lot away directly to the needy, fixes plumbing, installs heaters (all for free and buys the materials) and is a very healthy 64 year old into fitness and yoga. Him and his wife are real examples. That’s one out of 100s. Others you have to count your fingers when you shake hands with them while they preach the word.

  • Dave

    While I certainly agree with the premise, it totally leaves out the people who have set the example of greed and selfishness, and who have raped the planet, and destroyed a once balanced economy (one which will fail for them, all too soon). The Federal government, while broken, is our only hope against them, and yet it gets 6 mentions here. Sex gets 3, making it sound as if it was brought to us by the same people who ignore their complicity in the collapse of our civilization.

    • Walter

      “The Federal government, while broken, is our only hope against them…”

      No, there is only one hope for humanity, and that hope is belief in God and acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ(together with all that implies-starting with keeping His 10 Commandments), His only begotten son.

      “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”-John 16:6, KJV

  • flameofjudah

    This is what happens when G-d is removed from society and the masses are led to believe ‘this’ is it and after you’re worm food. Ethics, morality, human decency have been replaced with mindless entertainment, celebrity worship and shameless, wanton materialism. Parent’s don’t teach their kids to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ anymore. There’s a mob mentality. In a G-dless society there’s no-one to answer to. Where is the moral leadership coming from in our world? UNESCO’s executive board just elected just Syria to their Human Right’s committee!!

  • fatwillie

    we are all at fault, my parents and I am 68 myself, and you and your parents and the list is endless. we allowed certain people to dictate how we would live our lives. these people and they are such a small minority, have a master plan they are mentioned many times in the bible. they made sure that we were busy with things that are not important. they made us believe these things were important so that while we were busy with them the things that were really important got little or no attention. some of us, saw it coming very early and tried to warn others. we were told we were communist, and should leave the country if we didn’t like it. the answer I would give them is there is no place to run for this is an almost world wide thing. we allowed these people to break up the family unit, we allowed them to run our churches, to take over the entire education system top to bottom. we allowed them to bus children under 5 yrs to jump start head start kick start or whatever they called it. we allowed them to take over our banking system in 1913, we allowed them to take over money system, we allowed them to take over our press, we allowed them to take over our congress, we allowed them to take over the senate, and the white house for so many years, its hard to see where it started, but easy to see everyone of our elected officials is corrupt. we allowed them to take over our military as you can see the list is endless and we are responsible. the end result is written many years ago. now when it is to late, and too few, we hope or plead or pray for change. we passed the point of no return along time ago. when we were busy trying to keep up with the jones’s. when we had both parents working to pursue that which is a want instead of a need. while we were busy shopping and pursuing the ridiculous things we saw advertised on t.v.. and now we by doing that have an upside down society and we ask why? go to your mirror, except some responsiblity , look at yourself, your parents, your grandparents, and say we are all responsible. and now ask yourself what can I do what can we do as such a minority now do to put an end to this madness. I cannot tell you, you must find this within yourself, and then you must take as much action to stop this and these people of the devil and hope just hope that perhaps it can be turned around and the planet and the people can be saved. look at niniva in the bible they did it. they were a perfect example of what we are today. they stood back and let homosexuality and corruption and killing and all the things we allow today to transpire and when it came time for them , they found away to stop their destruction. I cannot look in the mirror any longer for though I see my guilt in my part in this and my family’s part in this, I cannot see anything but that which is written to come true. may the Lord God almighty have mercy on those that are deserving. and may the rest be punished according to their works. please forgive any misspelling and or grammer errors, I was to busy doing other things to learn the real important things in life.

  • fatwillie

    I forgot to say thank you and say the author of the above article spot on

  • Mi Lao Shu

    Yes, America is going crazy.

    These kinds of things do not happen in other countries with the same regularity as they do in America.

    China, with 1.3 billion people, has never
    had a Taco Bell firebombed by a customer because his burrito didn’t have enough meat inside.

    Yep…Americans are nuts.

    • Neanderthal

      Have to agree on that point. Umurikuns don’t know how sweet a life they have.

    • Walter

      In China, if you so much as think the wrong thoughts, your children, neighbors, or ‘friends’ will turn you in to the state, which has the option of sending you to internal exile in the Gobi Desert, slave labor camps, re-education camps, or executing you by firing squad, and harvesting your organs for someome more worthy, someone who doesn’t think, make waves, or try to change the atheist/totalitarian/capitalist system!

      • Mi Lao Shu

        Walter, what century are you living it?

        You obviously have no idea about the current situation in Modern China.

        I suggest you get on a plane, fly to Shanghai, visit a Gay Bar and talk to the wealthy critics of the State and see what they have to say about your Cold War mindset about China.

  • Nam Marine

    SODOM AND GOMORRAH! We will pay the same price they did!

  • patriot 345

    Specific Historical Hard core understanding in a nutshell: English Blog 11/24/11

    General hard core daily education

    Call Upon God. Obey the Law of Nature. Identify the Enemy, Unite against the Target, ************** the Target. There are only 50 or so. ****************** a dozen. The rest will scatter. The people must become their own united police action. Hit them where they live. You are not mad enough yet. ******************** is not Murder. It is JUSTICE! A sweet smelling savor unto the LORD. Rebuild your country using the morally upright knowledgable citizens too smart to run for President or Congress. They have constructive things to do.

  • Jay

    Much to be thankful for but not much thankfulness going on in America. So we ask ourselves, when did we first notice this problem? Was it when women got the right to vote and taxes doubled the next year? Was it WWII? Was it when the gays and feminists took over to destroy the family? Was it when women got the right to kill their baby and call it abortion?

    No folks, this didn’t just happen overnight. There was a long series of tolerance for that which God despises and it continued unchallenged for many decades.

  • Ashly

    You will see a stop to all this behavior once everyone starts carrying a loaded weapon. Once upon a time, Wild West justice worked well and helped shape America into a law abiding country. Everyone became very polite and mindful – or they died.

  • Ashly

    What does anyone expect… our water is filled with hydrofluorosilicic acid, our food is filled with BPA, and high fructose corn syrup, our TVs and radios spew mostly garbage, our parents are totally materialistic as they drive to church in their Mercedes, honor and integrity meaning nothing, our coaches and priests are raping little boys, and sports is put on the highest pedestal. Does the term “bread and circuses” ring a bell?

  • Barbara

    My friend went shopping from Thanksgiving midnight to 4 am with her family. She saw fistfights at Wal-Mart and had a woman knock a box out of her arms and try to pick it up for herself (a guy behind stopped her). Was this in a metro area? No, it was in Sherman, Texas! She said you didn’t dare have a purse on your arm. It’s dad-gum scary, people really are going nuts!!

  • _Underscore

    Lots of horrible things going on in American and all around the world, unfortunately.

    I don’t see what ‘God’ has to do with it tho. Are we (humans) really that useless that unless we believe in deities we are unable to live in order and co-operation with each other?

    There are plenty of places that are less god-fearing than America and are doing better. There are plenty of places where belief in some God or other is probably much greater (the Middle East maybe) than America and you probably wouldn’t want to live there.

    Sadly, reading some of the replies above I’d say that religion isn’t the answer to America’s problem. Look at Jay’s post, it seems to me that Religion in this context is less about tolerance and getting on with each other, and more about using it as an excuse for all of your prejudices.

  • _Underscore

    The other common suggestion seems to be to recommend isolating yourself from society further. Look after yourself and your family, buy a gun.

    This is very sad and is also no solution. Turning against each other is not how you build a society. Stop ‘othering’ people – blaming gays or blacks or young people and spreading fear about them. Get to know your neighbour instead of building big walls to keep them out. To bring it back to Religion – that seems to me more what (my limited understanding of) the bible says.

  • CB

    The is the world without KJV-biblical Christianity. Hope ya’all like it: ya’ll chose it, after all.

    Socialism (i.e. the utopia of all hippies – were the .gov controls all aspects of your life) is all about external controls (cops).

    Christianity is all about internal controls (self).

    Since cops cannot be everywhere, the one solution the hippies dreamed up was to remove all meaning from life. Suicide In Switzerland: Hee-Haw!
    The other type of solution is found in China – slavery: Hee-Haw!

    While I obviously think Darwin was a fool, and Evolution is nonsense (just blindly accept that all of real-world complexity can be waved away… um, no), humanity really is working hard for that Darwin-Award.

  • http://facebook Diane Sermeno

    If you’re leaving like there is no God, you better be right.

  • http://facebook Diane Sermeno

    If you’re Living like there is no God, you’d better be right.

  • Freedom Rings

    +1 Diane

  • GlennA

    We unleashed the insanity in late 2008 and it has been growing ever since.

    That was when our government was faced with the choice of bailing out the victims of rape or bailing out the perpetrators. Our government chose the perpetrators.

    And since then we have increasingly gone stark raving mad. The Federal Reserve is now openly throwing tens of billions at bankers for prifits and bonuses for doing absolutely nothing. Banks have over 1 trillion in reserves borrowed from the Fed at 0% interest, sitting on the Fed’s balance sheet collecting 0.25% interest.

    This is welfare. Borrowing money from the American people and then HAVING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE PAY THEM INTEREST ON THE MONEY THEY BORROWED!!

    And yet nobody stops it. It’s the new normal we’re told.

    As is banks grabbing boatloads of 0% money from the Fed, turning around and LENDING IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE IT BORROWED IT FROM IN THE FORM OF SHORT-TERM TREASURIES AND POCKETING THE SPREAD!!

    Rinse, wash and repeat. No questions asked.

    All while not a single net job has been created in over a decade. While houses by the millions are foreclosed on with little due process. As inflation for things people actually buy well into double digits, with wages falling!

    When will this end? Will it end? Will anyone EVER stand up for the people?

    Because Barack Obama is president, the bar of standards has not just been lowered to the floor – a 5,000 foot pit has been dug and the bar placed at the bottom.

    This will be known in history as the Obama Blizzard of BS, when the very rule of law was thrown out, crony capitalism and corruption was openly flaunted in front of everyone’s face, the situation on the ground for working people was in unceasing decline while the mainstream media shoved green shoots up our nose daily. The people were not only ground to pulp, but openly mocked while it was happening.

    The era where we went stark raving mad. Up became down and we were told to like it. Bad became the new good, and every standard of decency was shredded so that Obama could look good.

    We are in the process of the same insanity as those societies that follow cult-of-personality leaders right off the cliff.

    We’re practically at the point where people could start getting rounded up and put in reeducation camps, and all of it would make perfect sense to CNN. It’s not as far away as you think.

    We have truly crossed over into a surreal insanity that will not end well.

  • _Underscore

    It’s quite sad that this website has been overrun by the God squad.

    Having Faith or not having Faith is a private matter, I think there’s probably something wrong with people who feel the need to invade websites proclaiming all non-believers are doomed and seeming to take delight in it. It all seems a bit Westboro church to me.

    Perhaps a decline in religious belief does sometimes correlate to a decline in moral standards in a country. That in itself doesn’t necessary prove or disprove the existence of God, and certainly isn’t a reason to enforce such belief.

    Maybe it is the Truth. But if truth requires you to take glee in the demise of people of a different sexual persuasion to you, or oppress women or whatever your Religion decrees, then I want no part of that Truth at all.

    • Steve

      I would be more impressed if the author would reference empirical data rather than isolated incidents for histrionic effect. Not saying that there are a lot of things that need improving. The sky is falling statements are as old as mankind. I’m also interested if the author would share 20 signs America is getting healthier and what are his solutions to the above listed problems? Some perspective please.

  • Melissa

    I wonder how much of this craziness has to do with all the sugar and chemical-laced food Americans buy. All the crap that is served in fast food restaurants, sold in the convenience stores and covering most of the aisles of the grocery store have been proven to alter brain chemistry and not in a good way.

    • Shane

      We eat the same crap food in Canada but still give a damn..go fig?

  • Pingback: Survival Central » 18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation On Earth Is More Doped Up On Prescription Drugs Than America Is

  • karen

    The Hopi chief and shaman, Dan, whom pasted some years ago said mankind in there finale days would go insane and your story sure shows this is happening. Mankind has lost spirit, they no longer care, they have literally lost there souls, only those who let there heart rule, that have compassions will make it to the other side.

  • Kris Furgasun

    WE just have to ‘Come to our Senses’
    honor Nature…
    make clean water a priority
    get money out of elections,
    limit violence as a ‘freedom of speech’ – realizing that violence creates violence.
    Eat clean pure food,
    take less drugs (my grandma lived to 101 & she said it was because she didn’t take the pills prescribed to her)
    Slow down, pay attention, focus on a great awakening that could come from madness.
    Be kind to animals…
    Bless US each & every one…

  • Big al

    We’ve gotta pray our way out of trouble!

  • Pingback: WTN » Blog Archive » Current Hot News Links

  • Pingback: 18 Crazy Facts Which Show That No Nation On Earth Is More Doped Up On Prescription Drugs Than America Is | Survive Change

  • Buster Gonad

    Hoorayy For Hollwood !!!!!!! LOL. Lighten up folks. Americas a cess pit, always was and always will be. In the end the unforgettable fire will come ( nuclear that is ) and then we will all go to heaven in a little rubber boat. Clap hands.

    I Live in Ireland and Im a Christian. Dont worry about dying, your already dead. Live today, there may be no tomorrow. Ye- haaaaaaaa !

  • Steven

    Melissa is correct, Underscore is the opposite of correct. GMO and vaccines are changing peoples DNA. Denying God adds to the animalistic nature man is becoming and gives reasoning to act with rage. Poisoned air, water and food: lack of morals: drugs both street and prescribed, people are losing it. I found this site because I notice people are going crazy and thought I’d do a search on it. So I totally agree.

  • aqua

    In terms of mental health and self delusion, America is up there with North Korea. As a nation you seem to have lost all common sense-you lurch from one illogical inhumane idiocy to another.

    And like all seriously disturbed individuals, America has almost no self awareness or understanding as to how far beyond the pale they have actually become.

    As a nation America lives in a state of bullish aggressive denial.

    Must be the shortest reign of an empire in the history of humankind – sad

    I came across a website [ironically looking for a soup recipe] that for me summed up the current state of your nation-A website run by a ‘stay at home mom’ proclaiming proudly in huge type- CHRISTIANS WITH GUNS!!!! Says it all really….

  • Roxamme

    There is no question that the quality of life is sadly decreasing. We allow shameful and ignorant people to be shown on our TV. Mob Wives, ignorant reality wives, Jersey Shore. little girls parading in grownup clothes and makeup, sexual activity among the very young, horrible movies, etc. Kids are growing up not even knowing what quality entertainment is, what respect is, what is wrong or right. We don’t seem to care about those things anymore. Degrading shows are shown purely out of greed. Greed for money, regardless of how it effects the young. If we don’t fight back and demand quality shows and entertainment, it will all continue. Of course, the economy has alot to do with all this. People are suffering tremendously and rage is at an all time high, but we need to see shows that will make us feel good and give us some hope. America now has one of the worse education systems. Our Republican congress for the first time in history has become the most hateful and evil group. They are not interested in passing laws that would help the poor and middle class, they just want to get rid of Obama. They are our employees and they better pass laws that are fair. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot and November is going to be a real eye opener for them.

  • Crazy Canuck

    Americans are crazy. You religious nutbars with your end of times bs are living in la-la land. Get real. Crime is bad but what is listed above are crimes that are rare. Spousal abuse and rape happen every minute…that is real crime. Why can’t you talk about that as showing America is going down the tubes.

    Crazy Canuck

  • f

    Heil Hitler!

  • Sherman Hyster

    Agreed. I think about this constantly. Every time I’m driving, that’s all I see. I intended to write an article on the same subject, but you beat me to the punch. It’s ashamed to see society in a so-called “Christian nation” deteriorating the way it is.

  • wasted youth of the future

    Stop entertaining ourselves and pleasing ourselves and take time to pass on morals and respect. To much sexual and violent acts are seen watching tv conmericials, let alone the actual shows. we need standards and limits. too much shock and not enough substance .

  • FecalJerk

    Some people eat fecies. I prefer to use it as a mastabatory aide.

  • wow

    Disconnect in several different areas are to blame. The government in everyone’s lives in fact is a big part in this. For example if your child refuses to go to school the parent is arrested and put in jail. ??? Its hard for me to understand because as a parent in this country are not allowed to discipline the behavior without being investigated and threatened with jail time or even arrested. This happened to my brother they released him when his daughter was caught trying to do the same thing to her foster parents.

  • root

    America was always crazy. Now it’s just crazy in a way you don’t like.

    Go do your fear-mongering somewhere else.

  • Dr. Sabine

    Thank you for compiling these facts and holding up a mirror to the nation. I am a depth psychologist and just googled: “Is America going crazy? You have answered my question. I am feeling more and more that I am walking around in a mental asylum. It’s a matter of deep concern. I know that a whole nation can become psychotic, because I grew up in Nazi Germany.

  • WhoCausedMySuicide?


  • karen

    Has anyone else noticed that NOBODY is in charge of this EARTH… It’s spiraling out of control because these Tycoons ARE Playing god. And they use us as leverage… Nice to know that we all (WORLDWIDE) Slave our entire lives just so these Rich azzholes can play the largest version of Gods of War known to mankind. IF we (all of the world) doesnt stand up, wake up, and fight back, we are all doomed… NO where to run, We are PRISONERS on this runaway planet… i 4-1 am NOT going to just sit back and take it… I am a fighter, a survivor, a mother, a sister, a wife, a student, and so much more. My life as well as (EVERY LIVING THING) on this planet deserves to live FREE.. not off the SYSTEM (What society considers to be our NORMAL daily lives)that these Tycoons created… What we are doing is not natural they want us to be fake so they can sell us to the highest bidders. The slave trade never ended.. We are just force fed chemicals to keep us fat and stupid. WAKE UP AMERICA. We can NOT let them steal our fate….

  • Jackson Lee

    Every dog for hisself anymore; and look what are forefathers died for; Omaha Beach; The Pacific; etc for this crap we have today…..

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