Green Philosophy

At Island Outpost, our Jamaica resorts are committed to minimizing our impact in the environments we inhabit. We strive to preserve and enhance the habitats of all marine, bird, and wildlife, and the wealth of vegetation that surrounds us.

The Sustainability Project

Island Outpost Sustainability Project was launched in February 2012 and we have already reached some outstanding results. GoldenEye, The Caves, Strawberry Hill and Pantrepant have all contributed to The Project in terms of resources and activities.


The main goal of The Project is to divert valuable resources from going into a landfill. In other words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Below are a few of the goals that we have had great success with and that we continue to work on:

Paper & Cardboard

All paper and cardboard get composted. The process is very simple but has proved to be very effective, causing a direct impact on the reduction of waste material. All paper and cardboard gets broken down, anything not paper or cardboard gets removed, then flattened and then incorporated into the compost piles. It then gets sifted and applied to the landscape. We have turned this process into a closed loop. Pantrepant uses cardboard as ground cover to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

We’ve recycled 3,743 lb of cardboard & paper with this process so far.


Glass from Island Outpost properties goes to Kingston to get crushed and shipped off Jamaica for reprocessing. Creating new glass is a very energy-intensive process. By adding old glass we reduce the temperature that is required to produce new glass, hence reducing energy requirements.

We’ve diverted 9,566 lb of glass from going to the landfill.


Plastic bags and containers are gathered and taken to Kingston to get crushed for shipment off Jamaica for reprocessing. Unfortunately right now Jamaica does not have facilities to recycle plastics but we hope that this will change soon.

We’ve diverted 180 lb of plastic bags from going to the landfill.


Food scraps

Food scraps from all properties are gathered at Pantrepant and fed to black soldier fly grubs that are used to feed the livestock. Remaining organic material gets composted and incorporated in the soil. A back-of-the-napkin calculation on potential for this program for GoldenEye alone is about 20k to 40k lb of food scraps per year. We have a number of other projects that we are working on and we plan to incorporate all properties in our programs during this year.