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Re-inventing Radcliffe strategy and background documents

About the Re-inventing Radcliffe Strategy

Re-inventing Radcliffe: A Vision and Development Strategy for Inner Radcliffe, was produced by independent consultants Urbed and was adopted as a Material Planning Consideration by the Council's Executive Committee on 19 May 2004 and now forms part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework Core Strategy.

The Strategy takes a wide view of the inner Radcliffe area, looking at needs and opportunities and will feed into Bury's future plans for improving Radcliffe.

The strategy is based around a number of themes and makes site specific recommendations which are outlined in the report.

Key recommendations of the Re-inventing Radcliffe Strategy

Two of the key recommendations of the Re-inventing Radcliffe Strategy were that a Town Centre Development Brief should be prepared to put the heart back into the town and to also guide investment over the next few years; and led by proposals for a new high school, a Masterplan should be prepared for the three linked to the East Lancashire Paper Mill, Radcliffe High and Coney Green sites. The subsequent Radcliffe Sustainabel Urban Neighbourhood (SUN) Quarter Development Brief and Radcliffe Three Sites Masterplan were adopted as Material Planning Considerations by the Council's Executive Committee on 13 April 2005. The SUN Quarter Development Brief has now been be superseded by the new Radcliffe Town Centre 2010 Masterplan. To view details of this new masterplan go to the Radcliffe Regeneration page.

The following documents are provided in the 'Downloads' section at the end of this web page. 

  • Re-inventing Radcliffe strategy (in full).
  • Re-inventing Radcliffe strategy (split up into sections for faster downloading).
  • Radcliffe SUN Quarter Development Brief (superseded).
  • Radcliffe 3 Sites Masterplan (in full).

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