Oxford Tory Soc candidate Jeff Vinall calls Mandela a “Terrorist”

“Another terrorist has died” claims OUCA Officer candidate upon Mandela’s passing.

The Oxford University Conservative Association’s termly elections have been hit by their share of controversy, as it emerges that a candidate for senior office has been caught out celebrating the death of Nelson Mandela on facebook, declaring “Another terrorist has died.”

Jeff Vinall, a second year Lawyer at Brasenose College and candidate for Political Officer, has attracted attention as it appears that his concerns with the death of the late Nelson Mandela were “making sure our future is safe from … similar people.”


By “similar people”, we can only assume that Vinall was referring to the sort of person who would  abolish institutional racism.

The claims have upset some members of OUCA, with one South African member commenting to The Tab: “My family were removed from their homes due to the racist policies during Apartheid – calling Mandela a terrorist is not only deeply personally offensive, but it is also worrying that such a person is a candidate in an OUCA election.”

A student at Wadham, which ends every bop with “Free Nelson Mandela”, said to The Tab: “Wadham had historic close ties with Nelson Mandela, and I’m shocked that anyone could call him a terrorist. Mandela was a great man, and should be remembered as such.”

OUCA Elections are held in the Mitre.

One senior member of OUCA commented to the Tab: “I have grave concerns about some of Jeff’s behaviour, he needs to understand that OUCA has to rapidly change if it’s ever going to be a proper Conservative society and not just a bunch of oddballs with unsavoury opinions.”

Vinall declined to give comment.

OUCA Elections are held today in the Mitre from midday until 6pm. All members can vote with bod cards as ID.

  • X

    jeff’s just a prick who doesn’t know anything about the real world. no friends in his college – no friends whatsoever, really.

    • voiceofreason

      That’s a pretty harsh thing to say about him regardless of what he’s said. I don’t agree with him, but perhaps we should be a little more accommodating towards people of a different opinions to ours in this society?

      • jussayin

        Observing that someone has no friends in college is not an opinion

  • WhatIsThePoint?

    Who writes a piece abusing an individual within a free society for their views (they may be wrong) and refuses to make public they are responsible for this article? As they said in the article they can “only assume”. Stop assuming. That is not journalism.

    • Anon

      Because some people need taking down a peg or two. Free speech is very different from being a 1st class dickhead.

      • Errrrm. Go read a book.

        Actually that’s the whole point of freedom of speech… Either you believe in it for those whose views you find abhorrent or you don’t believe in it at all.

  • NotJournalism

    Only the Tab would stoop to writing an ill-informed piece devoid of any intellectual discussion or analysis… based on a slightly controversial Facebook status update. One of my Facebook friends got a tattoo today, would you like to write a piece about that?

    • IsJournalism

      ^Clearly Jeff Vinall

  • ?

    Mandela was both 1. A terrorist (he was involved in illegal politically motivated violent insurgency) and 2. A hero (helped a lot with ending Apartheid and preventing civil war) – can we please be mature and realistic enough than the same person can have been both?

    • ?

      *realistic enough to admit that

  • ithinkmandelawasoktobefair

    “Posted December 6, 2013″ – Good, current journalism, Tab.
    How long have you been sitting on that status update waiting for him to run for something so you can slag him off?

  • Anon

    what a cunt

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite quotes from Jeff Vinall: ‘I would kill a baby to become prime minister” it was a couple of years ago, won’t forget it though!

  • SmearSpreader3000 comes again

    Basically since its foundation, the Tab Oxford has been a website where disgruntled failed/ struggling OUCA hacks go to smear their former/ current OUCA opponents. This is clearly a story that has been sat on and is being posted on Election Day at the request of someone running against Vinall in order to win by dirty tactics, as further evidenced by instructions on how to vote at the bottom of the story . In basically volunteering to be the bitch and the tool of failed OUCA hacks to vent their butthurt and vindictiveness on their opponents with smear stories that no one else will run, the Oxford Tab has cemented itself as the pathetic joke of Oxford student journalism. Keep that in mind when judging credibility.

    Also, yes this statement was unpleasant and silly but to pretend this guy is rabidly pro apartheid is to miss an important part of his post out (which the Tab just accidentally cut out when quoting the post) “from similar situations”- meaning the situation that inspired the terrorism- apartheid. Plus, I hate to say it, but there is one fairly important person who would agree with this guy that Mandela was a terrorist- Nelson Mandela. He admits to it in his autobiography. Just because he became a hero in later life doesn’t mean he wasn’t a terrorist when he was younger. Naive students, especially on the left, need to stop pretending the world is nicely black and white and that people are either saints or bastards.

  • N

    If it makes anyone feel better, he lost by a landslide.

  • OUCAMember

    Anyone who knows Jeff knows well enough that he only made this comment because he’s so devoid of personality and also so enamoured with OUCA that he’ll repeat literally anything that Margaret Thatcher said.

  • Jeff Vile

    Interesting to note that the posts defending Jeff are stylistically very similar… Use of parenthesis and rhetorical questions, for example. Just speculating…