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J Talon Full Size.jpg   EmergencyCloseAll 
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Setting this to true will immediately close all open orders relating to this chart.

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After closing all open trades, the EA will continue trading, so if you also wish to stop trading, set ShutDown to true as well. Remember to change EmergencyCloseAll back to false before you continue trading.

A reminder to change the setting will be displayed on the screen.

Default is false

Overlay Buttons

You can also invoke EmergencyCloseAll directly from the overlay. Simply click the ECA button. All open trades will be closed immediately, unless you have ConfirmButtons set to true, in which case you will be asked for confirmation.

This method can also be used with the ECA button on the JTA Dashboard for the corresponding chart.

If the buttons are used, there will be no reminder to change the EAs settings on the chart because the EA parameters have not been changed.

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