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Venezuelans Saw Political Instability Before Protests

Majority lacked confidence in national government, disapproved of Maduro
Even before protests in February, a majority (53%) of Venezuelans said their country was politically unstable. One-third of Venezuelans approved of President Nicolas Maduro as confidence in major institutions hit record lows.
Venezuelans Rated Their Lives Worse Ahead of Protests

Economy and security are major issues facing the protest-laden country
Signs of the frustration and anger now on display in Venezuela's streets were evident late last year as Venezuelans' ratings of their lives deteriorated to their worst levels in years.
381 Million Adults Worldwide Migrate Within Countries

U.S. one of the most mobile countries in the world
More migrants are moving within countries than between countries. Eight percent of the world's adults -- roughly 381 million adults -- have moved from one city or area in their country to another in the past five years.
Venezuelans, South Africans Least Likely to Feel Safe

Less than half in 31 countries feel safe walking in their neighborhoods
In 31 of the 135 countries Gallup surveyed in 2012, less than half of residents feel safe walking in their neighborhoods at night -- a finding that has important implications for prosperity and wellbeing in these nations.
Special Briefing: Chavez's Legacy and Venezuela's Future

Gallup reviews what Venezuelans thought about the Chavez government
Gallup data collected in Venezuela and worldwide since 2006 provide insights into how people felt about the late Hugo Chavez and the state of the country he left behind and what these findings might mean for the presidential election on Sunday.
Americans Least Favorable Toward Iran

Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan get highest marks
Nearly nine in 10 Americans view Iran unfavorably, making it the worst rated country of 22 asked about. They also have largely unfavorable images of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Pakistan, and North Korea.
Latin Americans Most Positive in the World

Singaporeans are the least positive worldwide
Latin America is home to eight of the top 10 countries for positive emotions in 2011. Panamanians and Paraguayans are the most likely worldwide to report positive emotions; Singaporeans are the least likely.
Singapore Ranks as Least Emotional Country in the World

Residents living in the Philippines are the most emotional
Singaporeans are the least likely in the world to experience emotions of any kind, with the 36% who report feeling either positive or negative emotions the lowest for any country. Filipinos are the most emotional.
Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe

Venezuelans, Chadians, and Afghans feel least safe
Latin American and Caribbean residents are the least likely in the world to say they feel safe walking alone at night. Residents in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Northern America are the mostly likely to feel safe.
Banking Use Trails in Latin America

Latin Americans more likely to use informal savings and credit
Fewer than two in five residents in Latin America and the Caribbean report having an account at a formal financial institution. Roughly one in 10 report having saved or taken a loan from a formal financial institution in the past year.

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