Five Deadly Venoms

” Five Deadly Venoms “

One of Shaw Brothers Cult Classic Kung Fu Films

5deadlyvenoms” Five Deadly Venoms “, is one of Shaw Brothers most talked about classic Kung Fu Films in today’s modern era. You can mention this movie and most people who aren’t even big Kung Fu enthusiasts know this film. Made in 1978 this Shaw Brothers Classic directed by master director Chang Cheh featured a cast of 5 bad mothers with 5 different Kung Fu fighting styles, who make up the five deadly venoms.

The movie starts with a character called ‘Teachers last pupil’ played by Chiang Sheng. He’s not a master of any one style but he knows them all, so he can adapt with any of the other fighters styles.

Teacher is sick and his dying wish is to send his last pupil out to find his first 5 students. It is believed that some of the students have gone bad, so the Last Pupil is sent out to join forces with any of the 5 students of the Poison Clan known as the ‘five venoms’, who hasn’t been tarnished by power or greed and eliminate them.

This will restore the good name of the Poison clan, but first Last Pupil has to find these ’5 Venoms’.

The 5 starring Venoms are the Lizard (Kuo Chui), the Snake (Wei Pai), the Toad (Lo Meng), the Scorpion (Sun Chien) and the Centipede (Lu Feng).

What makes this story great is the mystery and intrigue behind it. The fight choreography is superb along with the acting and scenery.

To me, the Lizard and the Toad carry the film but the others aren’t far behind which makes this such a cult classic.

Seeing each fighter displaying their own unique Kung Fu fighting style is dynamic and engaging. Watching the intro alone will leave you anticipating the rest of this great film.Five Deadly Venoms

The ending fight scene doesn’t disappoint either, with a surprise ending. You find out who’s who and left with the Last Pupil maybe fulfilling Teachers wish?  ” Five Deadly Venoms ” is a movie you can watch again and again.Pick it up.









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