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“Governor Rick Scott’s Summer of Scandal”

Watch here: Florida Dems’ web video targeting “Rick Scott’s Summer of Scandal”

By on August 2, 2013

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Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a web video slamming Governor Rick Scott for “being missing in action over the last several weeks as controversies have beset the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Education, ultimately resulting in the resignation of the agency heads.”

“As scandal after scandal unfolds in Rick Scott’s administration, the Governor has shown an unwillingness and inability to lead,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “From Aspen to New York City, Rick Scott has spent these last few weeks traveling the country and state rather than returning to Tallahassee to handle the problems he faces. We need, as the Tampa Bay Times rightly put it, ’a hands-on chief executive, not one who is more comfortable flying around in his private jet.’”


Too bad Florida Governor Rick Scott won’t just go on vacation … and stay there!

We don’t need any more Corrupt Politicians in Florida Scott … Keep moving!

Big Business Pushes “Build The Pier” Campaign Down St. Petersburg Voters Throats

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As the unpopularity of The Lens stays strong, so do attempts to keep the bizarre “Lens” design alive.

While disapproval for the replacement for the St. Petersburg Pier is strong at over 60 percent, it hasn’t stopped the Business Lobby Group Build The Pier. The group announced they would continue the aggressive campaign to “educate” (con) voters in advance of the Aug. 27 referendum.

The original list of Build The Pier was 15 emerging professions, along with a small group of local volunteers and supporters. Now, the group announced they have quickly grown to 30 co-chairs, including “community leaders, business owners, three former Pier Advisory Task Force members, and national and local political professionals.”

In addition to running advertising online and on TV, as well as hosting several events per week, BuildThePier boasts the addition of 15 co-chairs, with people like St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Board Member Gregory Holden, Ed Montanari and local attorneys Michael Igel and Vincent Carl LoBue.

In a statement released Tuesday, “BuildThePier” claims to have raised more than $40,000 in their struggle against terminating the Michael Maltzan contract. When adding in-kind contribution, the total rises to more than $50,000. What’s more, they say that with over 2,100 Facebook likes, they have nearly tripled the amount received by Stop the Lens, the group’s primary opponents.

The single focus of the BuildThePier campaign is to call for a “no” vote in the city primary election almost three weeks away. The “No” vote phrasing is an attempt to confuse voters  .. this way many who are against the Lens will actually vote for it by mistake … shame on local officials.

Original story By on August 7, 2013


How hard is it for the Big Business interests that want this Pork Project to go through to raise money?  Not hard at all. Vote To Impeach local St. Petersburg Politicians that are trying to force this worthless gigantic sidewalk called “The Lens” down our throats at huge expense to the tax payers. Vote “YES” to KEEP and Improve our Historic Pier.

A Look into the Economy of Brunei

Brunei’s economy is based mainly on a single resource: hydrocarbons , mainly the oil , used in this country since 1929. The marketing of this scarce resource allows the country to achieve a significant annual growth (4.1% in 2001), which affects the human development of countries: Brunei, which has an HDI of 0.865, is the 26 th world (135 countries) in 2010. It displays a GDP per capita of 31,800 dollars, no foreign debt, unemployment insignificant. Brunei is, according to World Bank , one of the countries of Asia where one lives the better.

Although hospital costs and tuition are free, non-existent taxes, Bruneian society is more disparate than it seems. Indeed, nearly 20% of Bruneians live below the poverty line.

In recent years, the presence of foreign and economic strength have improved women’s status in the territory. Only 20% of them worked in 1971, they are 57% in 2012, including 28% of senior managers.

Brunei is part of the Economic Cooperation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) since 1989. Brunei is a signatory to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1992 and is therefore part of the WTO since 1995.

The Brunei government has launched a policy to facilitate the installation of foreign companies. Zones, tax exemption … In ten years, fifty companies are already established in Brunei. Since 2007, Brunei is also trying to develop tourism .

Contrainement to its neighbors ( Malaysia , Indonesia ), the Sultanate has never encouraged the timber trade. Result: 75% of the territory is still occupied by the jungle .

10 Current Richest Net Worth People in the World

It’s always fascinating to trey and find out the net worth of the richest individuals, forbes does a good job at uncovering the wealth of the richest businessmen and elite from around the world. Surely Forbes doesn’t get all the richest people as they are probably not known to the public.

Here is the Forbes 2011 ranking of the top 10:

1. Carlos Slim (from Mexico) – $74 billion, telecommunications

Definitely a corrupt fellow from mexico, he might as well be president to mexico as well because he has his hands deep in everyones pockets.

2. Bill Gates (from USA) – $56 billion, Microsoft

Computer nerd from Seattle Washington, Bill still is up there as one of the richest, he’s smart and frugal with his money.

3. Warren Buffett (from USA) – $50 billion, Berkshire Hathaway

Buffet a solid investor, follows the fundamentals and keeps building up his net worth one year at a time.

4. Bernard Arnault (from France) – $41 billion, LVMH

5. Larry Ellison (from USA) – $39.5 billion, Oracle Corp

6. Lakshmi Mittal (from India) – $31.1 billion, steel

7. Amancio Ortega (from Spain) – $31 billion, retail

8. Eike Batista (from Brazil) – $30 billion, mining, oil

9. Mukesh Ambani (from India) – $27 billion, petrochemicals, oil and gas

10. Christy Walton & family (from USA) – $26.5 billion, Wal-Mart