VDI offers a broad range of millimeter-wave varactor and varistor-mode frequency multipliers based on planar GaAs Schottky diode technology. No tuners are used and many devices offer broadband performance without bias. See the table below for a partial listing of our current line of components. Click on the model number for more information. Models starting with "WR" give full waveguide band operation and "D" denotes high-power frequency doublers having approximately 10% 3dB bandwidth...

Multiplier Chains (MC) and Amplifier Multiplier Chains (AMC) are available using a variety of multiplier combinations to achieve Customer specifications. VDI also offers additional multipliers not listed below. Complete Transmit and Receive Systems are available to achieve Customer specifications; see Systems; contact VDI today for additional information and discussion of specifications.

Frequency (GHz) WR Narrow-Band Doublers (x2) Wide-Band Doublers (x2) Wide-Band Triplers (x3)
40-60 WR-19 D48, D52    
50-75 WR-15 D60, D62 WR15x2  
60-90 WR-12 D70, D72, D78 WR12x2 WR12x3
75-110 WR-10 D84, D90, D100, D102 WR10.0x2 WR10.0x3
82-125 WR-9.0     WR9.0x3
90-140 WR-8 D109, D110, D112, D124 WR8.0x2 WR8.0x3
110-170 WR-6.5  D123, D153
WR6.5x2 WR6.5x3
120-180 WR-6.0 D154, D160    
140-220 WR-5.1 D175, D200 WR5.1x2 WR5.1x3
170-260 WR-4.3 D210, D220 WR4.3x2 WR4.3x3
180-280 WR-4.0 D244    
220-330 WR-3.4  D250, D280  WR3.4x2 WR3.4x3
240-360 WR-3.0 D320    
260-400 WR-2.8 D350 WR2.8x2 WR2.8x3
330-500 WR-2.2 D400 WR2.2x2 WR2.2x3
400-600 WR-1.9 D480 WR1.9x2 WR1.9x3
500-750 WR-1.5     WR1.5x3
600-900 WR-1.2     WR1.2x3
750-1100 WR-1.0     WR1.0x3
1100-1700 WR-0.65     WR0.65x3
1400-2200 WR-0.51     WR0.51x3

See WR for additional details on waveguide band designations.