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10 Unique Things to do with Journals


Journals or blank books can be used for more than just a personal diary.  I love buying beautiful journals and notebooks, but I end up with more than I actually use for journaling.  I have discovered many different uses for my journals, both for myself and as gifts.  Of course, I still love them just for old-fashioned writing down of my thoughts.  However, in this age of social media, I fear that the practice of writing in a journal may disappear.  I hope not.  It is so much more meaningful to write your personal thoughts down in a permanent place instead of on your ever-changing Facebook wall.  Here are some other ideas for blank journals, aside from the traditional daily diary.

elephant_sketchbook1.  Art Journals

You do not have to be an artist to keep an art journal.  An art journal is simply a journal that includes pictures along with, or in place of, your written notes.  It is a combination of sketchbook, diary, and scrapbook.  It is creatively liberating to keep an art journal with no rules.  Paste in ticket stubs from a movie, write your thoughts, draw a picture, clip in even mundane mementos like your grocery receipts.  Think about how interesting it would be, years from now, looking back on a journal of your life will all of these artifacts included.  It would also be something great to share with your children.  I love these sketchbooks by Sarah Griffin.  They have large, blank pages and are hardbound, so they are durable and elegant.

2.  Gift Art Journal

hidden-pencil-notebookMake an art journal for someone else!  Get a blank book or journal, and fill it with pictures, sketches, words, and mementos about someone you love.  You could make it about a specific event, such as a journal for your daughter about her first season of soccer, or about an entire time period such as your first year of marriage to your spouse.  This is a thoughtful gift that your loved ones will appreciate and cherish.  This blank page notebook by MoMA is a classy choice for this gift and even comes with a hidden pencil!

Kate_Spade_Spiral3.  Tabbed Everything Record Book

I use my iPad and my iPhone for just about everything.  However, I still like to have a “hard copy” of my important information.  A fun way to keep everything in one place is to make yourself a tabbed book.  Get a notebook or journal, and some sticky notes or page flags.  Divide the book up into sections using the tabs.  Your tabs can include things like online passwords and usernames, phone numbers (what if your phone dies and you lose your contacts!), to-do list, emergency info, important dates, and whatever else you need to keep track of.  I like this spiral journal by Kate Spade for this purpose.

Papaya Sprial and Flags4.  Group Gift Journal

For a group journal, you have everyone close to the recipient contribute to the journal.  For example, if you are giving a gift to a retiring coworker, you would have everyone in the office write a page about that person.  They could write a memory, write advice, draw or paste in a picture, or whatever they want to share with that person.  It is also a great gift for a family member.  For example, I made one for my mother in which I had my nephews answer questions about “Grandma D.”  The questions were things like “What is your favorite place to go with Grandma?”  I wrote down their answers, and they drew pictures.  It makes a lovely keepsake gift.  I like these spirals by PAPAYA! for this project.  The spiral binding makes it easy to paste things in without making the book too bulky.  The pages are also different colors and patterns inside, which adds some interest to the pages.  They also have matching sticky notes that you can use to embellish the pages.

Pink Journal5.  Plan a Wedding

I used a blank journal to plan my wedding.  I could have used my iPad for everything, but I wanted a keepsake.  You can use pretty page flags or sticky notes as dividers to create sections for possible vendors, venues, dresses, and more.  You can paste in pictures from wedding magazines and dress catalogs.  This Anna Griffin Pink Journal is perfect, and matching sticky notes are available.  This is a lovely gift idea for a bride-to-be or shower.

Owl Journal6.  Travel Planner and Journal Combination

There is no need to carry around a bulky travel guide for each destination.  Instead, create your own personal travel planner and journal.  Again, use tabs or sticky notes to make sections.  Make one section for general information you need for each trip such as a packing list, emergency information, copies of your passport, etc.  The next section can be for itineraries and reservation information.  Another section can be for lists of things to do, restaurants you want to try, maps, and people to contact.  The last section can be where you write down your memories of the trip and paste in pictures.  This owl journal is perfect, and matching page flags are also available.

Journals by Anna Griffin7.  Learn Something New

Why take notes in a boring spiral when you can use a fabulous journal?  This set of four journals by Anna Griffin are a unique way to store your knowledge.  You can use one for each subject, or use all four for different aspects of one subject.  Learning a new language? Use one for vocabulary lists, one for practicing writing sentences, one for writing down conversations, and another to write grammar rules.  Learning how to cook?  Use a journal for ideas, techniques, and recipes.  Taking a history class?  Use one for lecture notes, one for notes from your textbook, and another for your research.  Using a journal will also give you a nice keepsake of your educational journey.

8.  Love Notes Journal

Kate Spade Green JournalAnother lovely idea is to use a blank journal for you and your significant other to write to each other.  You could leave it in a common place in your home, and write in it daily, or whenever you feel like it.  Sometimes it is easier to say things in writing than aloud, so this is a way to communicate in a different way.  You will also end up with a nice record of your thoughts and feelings.  This green Kate Spade journal that says, “A Penny for your Thoughts” on the cover is perfect for this endeavor.

Journal9.  Questions for a Loved One

Instead of giving someone a blank journal, give them a journal in which you have added questions and prompts for them to write about.  Make sure, of course, that the recipient is interested in writing a journal.  You wouldn’t want it to seem like you are giving them an assignment!  You could give a journal to your mother, for example, in which you write a question on each page.  The questions could be about her memories from childhood, her opinions, or really anything you might like to know.  She has then created, with your help, a mini auto-biography that could be kept and handed down to the next generation.  A nice, hard-bound journal like this black and white one by Anna Griffin is a good choice for this.

10. Bucket List

Eat Cake for Breakfast Pink Journal by Kate SpadeDon’t keep your list of all of the things you want to do with your life on scraps of paper!  Your life goals and dreams deserve to be kept in a beautiful place.  This Kate Spade journal that says “Eat Cake for Breakfast” on the front seems made just for this type of journal.  It has attached colored ribbons to use as bookmarks.  List one item from your list on each page.  When you complete an item, write on that page about the experience and list the date.  This is a tribute to your accomplishments that you can keep forever.

What ideas do you have for a blank book or journal?  Let us know in the comments.  Of course, all of these journals are available on UrbanGirl.com.


Woman-Owned Business Day

Did you know that while women own half of all new businesses, they only receive 7% of venture capital to start those businesses?  That women are denied business loans at a rate 15-20% higher than men?  These statistics were not a surprise to me.  I have interviewed several female business owners over the past few months, and I noticed a pattern.  The women had a hard time getting investors because their business concept was not taken seriously.  Many of the women ended up funding the business themselves.  Of course, both men and women have a hard time getting investors.  However, the unique problem encountered by some of the women I interviewed was that male investors didn’t understand their business concepts.  Often, it seems that woman-owned businesses are seen as hobbies and not serious businesses.  The goal Woman-Owned Business Day is to raise awareness of this issue, and celebrate female entrepreneurs.

Woman-Owned Business Day

Woman-Owned Business Day falls on May 1.  Mother’s Day is May 11.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to buy your Mother’s Day gifts from a woman-owned business?  Let your mother know that her present helped support another woman, perhaps another mother.  We will soon publish a directory of woman-owned businesses to help you, and we will also share with you some printable cards to go with your Mother’s Day gifts.  Celebrate Woman-Owned Business Day by using the hashtag #buyfromwomen on social media.

If you are a woman and you own a business, you can participate and be listed in our directory simply by filling out this form.  To keep up with events and promotions related to this day, “attend” our Facebook event and follow us on Twitter.  For more information, visit our website.

woman-owned business day

Purple Office Supplies

Pantone Radiant OrchidColor authority Pantone has chosen a purple hue, Radiant Orchid, as the Color of the Year for 2014.  Pantone says the color “blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.”  This color trend can be seen in fashion, beauty, home decor, and yes, office supplies!  Purple office supplies are a great way to liven up your workspace.

Purple PensPurple is a color usually associated with royalty, mystery, luxury, and imagination.  Purple is thought to inspire creativity.  If your work is in a creative field, purple may be the perfect color for you office or studio.  Because of its imaginative qualities, purple is a popular color for children’s rooms.  It does give off a whimsical, romantic, and childlike vibe, so you do need to consider what type of business you have and what kind of mood you want to create before going overboard on the purple.  However, for an office in a creative field, a classroom, or a home office, go ahead and and go crazy with purple!

Purple Office Supplies

My Desk with SemiKolon Plum accessories

Purple is one of my personal favorite colors.  My workspace is decorated mainly in purple.  One of the joys of working for UrbanGirl is that I can decorate my desk with as much color as I want!  My favorite purple office supplies are the SemiKolon products in plum.  I have the binder, the magazine file, the pencil cup, and the desk organizer all in plum.  I really believe the purple items boost my creativity.

If decorating your office in purple is too intense for you, maybe try just a few purple items such as the Jonathan Adler Giant Squirrel Eraser or some purple pens.  Experiment with colors to find the best style to make your workspace inspirational and productive.  You can shop by color at UrbanGirl to find products in all of your favorite colors.



UrbanGirl Profile: MOCHA Butterfly Boutique

“Manifesting our creative hidden abilities” is what MOCHA stands for in the name of this unique business–which is definitely not a coffee shop!  Kim Grayson and Nikki Warren are high school friends who opened the MOCHA Butterfly Boutique in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I had the pleasure of interviewing co-owner Kim Grayson about the inspiration behind the business and its success.

“We wanted to support independent designers and help them find a voice in the community,” says Grayson of the inspiration for the boutique.  The majority of items for sale in the boutique are made locally.  They carry a range of items including clothing (some of which is created by co-owner Nikki Warren), jewelry, candles, body products, and children’s items.  Many of the products featured in the store are one-of-a-kind items that would be difficult to get into the bigger chain stores.  Grayson and Warren hoped that their store would allow these smaller businesses a place to sell their items without having to commit to making large quantities of products.

Small Business Owners

Nikki Warren and Kim Grayson, owners of MOCHA Butterfly

This concept of stocking the store mainly with locally-made items was hard to explain when pitching the idea to potential investors.  “They thought we were talking about a thrift shop, or a craft mall with booths,” says Grayson.  However, this did not stop the pair.  Grayson and Warren opened the shop without any loans, and the concept has been successful.   Grayson noted the biggest challenge has been the location of the shop.  Downtown Tulsa is known mostly for bars and restaurants, not shopping.

“I am happy all the time,” was Grayson’s response when asked what personality traits have led to her success, “and it is important to go with the flow and to be flexible.”  For example, they expected their customers to be women in their 40s and younger; however, their audience turned out to be mostly women 40 and over.  The owners had to be flexible to meet the needs of the customers who actually were shopping at the store, and seek out products that would appeal to the unexpected, yet appreciated, audience.  Grayson has a great rapport with customers, and the store has many regular customers who visit the store often, sometimes every day.

Grayson is proud to own a business that helps other businesses succeed.  When people shop at the boutique, they are “helping 40 other small businesses, helping the economy, and helping Tulsa.”  Her advice to other women who may want to start a business is “don’t think too hard, just do it.”

This is the sixth article in a series about woman-owned businesses.  If you enjoyed this article, please check out our other UrbanGirl Profiles here.  UrbanGirl is a woman-owned business, and we love celebrating successful women, especially small business owners.  We are looking for women to interview for this series.  Please email me at hdiamond@urbangirl.com if you are interested in being featured.



Printable DIY Office Decor

diy office decor

Is your desk drab?  Is your cubicle colorless?  We can help you spice up your desk, office, or cubicle with colorful office supplies and free printable DIY office decor!

Bunting is a quick and easy way to liven up a cubicle.  It is also quite fashionable lately.  You can make your own bunting from fabric or scrapbook paper.  Just cut out triangles and sew or glue to string or ribbon.  However, most of us don’t have time for all of that, so here is an easy alternative.

DIY Office Decor

Bunting is an easy way to liven up the look of your workspace.

First, download these files which are printable PDFs I made for you of triangle banners.

Free Printable DIY Office Decor 1

Free Printable DIY Office Decor 2

Free Printable DIY Office Decor 3

Free Printable DIY Office Decor 4

Print the file.  Cut out the banners.  If you have string or a Mishu cable like I have, great!  Just fold the white part over the top and it will hang nicely.  You can add some tape on the back for added stability.  If you do not have string, ribbon, or cable, you can still achieve this look.  You can attach the triangles together with small binder clips or paper clips.  Attach them to your cubicle walls with pins or paper clips.

Free Printable Bunting

The back of the flag–fold over the top to hang from wire or string.

To add personalization and variety, you can hang pictures in between the triangles to make a colorful and personal decoration.

Next, you can decorate some of the items you keep on your desk.  Using Duck brand tape or washi tape is a great way to do that.  You can cover your tissue box, pencil cup, even your keyboard, with washi tape.  Click here for ideas on decorating with Duck brand tape.

Let us know in the comments what other types of DIY projects and printables you would like to see.

Use Binder Clips to Hang Photos

Hang pennants and photos with binder clips and pushpins.



Organization with SemiKolon Designer Office Supplies

stylishandorganizedSemiKolon is one of our most popular lines of designer office supplies.  Designer Gunther Dezholfer came up with the brand in 1989 because he wanted to make designer office supplies in bold, contemporary colors.  He named the brand SemiKolon because the punctuation mark holds two sentences together.  He wanted products that would go together and coordinate like two sentences held together by a semicolon.  SemiKolon has a large range of products ranging from pens, to binders, to organizers.  Here are just a few of our favorite SemiKolon products.

Index Card Box and CD Box

Designer Office Supplies

Index card box in Ceil Blue, CD box in Lime Green

The Index Card Box by Semikolon organizes any type of card or photo up to 4 X 6 inches in size.  It comes with alphabet dividers for organization.   In the office, it is great to store notes, receipts, contact information, etc.  At home, it is a perfect recipe box or storage organizer.  I am a scrapbooker and I use this size for storing and organizing small stickers and embellishments.  For teachers and students, it makes a great organizer and study tool for flash cards, vocabulary, and more.  When I was teaching, I liked to keep cards with contact information for parents; this organizer would have been a great tool to have.

The CD box is larger than the index box.  It measures 7″ x 10″ x 6″.  It is perfect for storing CDs and photos.  It can also be used for organizing small stationery and note cards.

Designer Office Supplies

The pencil cup fits in the desk organizer, which fits into the document box!

Desk Organizer, Document Box, and Pencil Cup

The main purpose of this is, of course, to organize items on your desk!  However, we have found so many other uses.  Furthermore, it is designed to work with the pencil cup and document box.  The pencil cup fits perfectly into the organizer.  It is great if you have the organizer out on your desk.  The organizer fits inside the document box.  This is perfect for someone with limited space, or who has to move around often.  Teachers often have to share classrooms, so something like this would allow the teacher to have all of his or her desk accessories easily movable and accessible.  It is also nice to have for an office because if you sometimes need more space to work at your desk, you can put the organizer in the box and put it away until you need it.  I use my desk organizer and document box as a jewelry box!  The organizer has nice compartments to keep my jewelry organized, and the box conceals my jewelry and looks sleek and stylish on my dresser.  Please not that the box will not close with the pencil cup inside, but it will close with just the organizer in it.

Magazine Boxes

Magazine File Boxes

Magazine File Boxes and Folders by SemiKolon

Magazine boxes are not just for magazines!       I have one on my desk at work with my matching Semikolon binder in it.  It keeps my binder upright and out of the way when I am not using it.  At home, I use them for scrapbook storage.  They hold 8.5 x 11 paper.  It is nice to be able to organize my papers and cardstock neatly by color.

The boxes are also great for classrooms because teachers can store notebooks, pocket folders, spirals, papers, and, of course, magazines–all neatly and organized by color.  SemiKolon also makes vertical file folders, so you can use them on your desk to organize papers and files.

Desktop File Box

This is a stylish solution to a common problem–lack of space.  You may have important files that you need within easy reach.  Or, maybe your file cabinet is packed too full.  This file box sits on your desk, holds your files, and looks great!  Pair it with some colorful file folders, and you have a fashionable and practical statement on your desk.

SemiKolon Designer Office Products

The orange box on the left side is the desktop file box.




Nautical Prints and Nautical Style for Spring

Nautical Style

Nautical Style for 2014 by Valentino

Nautical prints are a big trend in fashion this spring.  From the runway to the office, nautical prints are everywhere.  Nautical style usually involves the basic colors of red, white, and blue, prints such as navy and white stripes, anchors, boats, and polka dots, and elements such as the sailor collar, scarves, and bold buttons.  The navy and white stripes have been seen this season on the runways of Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Jean Paul Gaultier.  The designs from Chloe this spring are almost full sailor suits, featuring wide navy pants and navy tops with white accents.  Chanel shows off this trend in a more subtle way, with sophisticated white outfits with a hint of sailor style.

Nautical Dress

My Grandmother, Margaret

Nautical style always reminds me of my grandmother.  My grandmother, like many women of her time, was a “Rosie the Riveter” during World War II.  She worked on airplanes, and did a variety of other jobs.  She never liked to talk about that time, as my grandfather was in the army stationed in Nome, Alaska, and she was hard at work helping the war effort at home, but I love all of the pictures I have of her during that era.  She is so glamorous and beautiful, and she is often  wearing the cutest nautical outfits.  The nautical look is a classic statement that continues to be popular.


NauticalHowever, nautical style has been around a lot longer than the 1940s.  It started to become a fashion trend that was not just for sailors in the late 1800s.  It became even more popular later on, courtesy of Coco Chanel.  After spying the iconic navy and white look on sailors during a trip to the French coast, the fashion designer introduced the nautical navy and white stripes with her 1917 collection.  It became popular because of that, and continues to reemerge as a fashion favorite.

dorisdasmallWorld War I also led to recruitment posters which depicted women wearing sailor uniforms with sentiments such as “I wish I were a man so I could enlist” which may have inspired women to wear the patriotic-looking trend.  World War II brought about a resurgence of this patriotic trend.  The look was popular among women and movie stars; Doris Day wore a classic nautical look in the film Romance on the High Seas in 1948.  Her outfit is so similar to what we see on the runway this season.  While the look of the nautical style often changes as it goes in and out of style, the basic elements of the style remain.

 Nautical prints are back in style once again.  However, there are some modern elements, of course.  Nautical prints are not just for clothing.  The nautical style is classy and is appropriate for home and office decor.  Capri Designs has a new nautical print called Classic Anchor.  It has a subtle twist from the classic design, the navy color is contrasted with a coral, pinkish hue instead of the classic red.  These nautical print office supplies are available now at UrbanGirl.com.

Nautical Prints



UrbanGirl Profile: Kirstin Hancock of Blue Maestro

We love celebrating successful women here at UrbanGirl.  We especially love sharing the stories of women who are successful in traditionally male-dominated industries.  The tech industry is a one of those male-dominated fields.  However, “aspiring women leaders have just as many opportunities to achieve greatness in their chosen field of technology.  Women are good team builders and respected managers; they combine intuitive and logical thinking to accomplish outcomes,” says Kirstin Hancock, a founder of Blue Maestro.  She encourages women, or anyone, who has an interest in a career in technology, to “seek a mentor, to set challenging goals, and to be positive.  Many women in technology seek to empower women to be architects of change in the technology industry.  Diversity improves performance and increases innovation.”

Women in Technology : Kirstin Hancock of Blue Maestro

Kirstin Hancock of Blue Maestro

Blue Maestro “develops and manufactures health and environmental monitoring and control devices for smartphones and tablets.”  Hancock left her career as a teacher to co-found and market the company.  The mother of three children says, “They keep me extremely busy.  I have the freedom to choose when and where I work, I love my job, I work around my family commitments, and I am my own boss!”

Many of Hancock’s teaching skills transferred to her new career, especially her personal and communication skills.  Teaching also taught her to be organized, to plan, and to “think outside the outside the box.”  She uses the creative skills she gained from teaching to  “write blogs, design trade fair displays, flyers and packaging, as well as manage our social media and marketing.”  She credits success to being honest and straightforward.  She says, “giving clear instructions often makes the difference between getting what you want and something else.   And when a job needs to be done I roll my sleeves up and lead by example.”


Tempo is an “appcessory” that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor temperature

Blue Maestro created Tempo, a thermometer that uses Bluetooth technology to monitor temperatures and send alerts to a tablet or smartphone.  It is a great-looking product that has many uses.  Hancock’s vision for Blue Maestro “is to continue to develop the brand, to release many more products that make a difference to people’s lives and to have fun doing it.”

We love hearing stories of successful women in technology and in business.  If you would like to be interviewed for a future UrbanGirl Profile, please contact me at hdiamond@urbangirl.com.


5 Tech Accessories You Must Have

UrbanGirl carries the whole range of tech accessories.  Whether you have a phone, tablet, or laptop, we have the stylish accessories you need to go with them.

1.  Mobile Charger

Some of us who are of a certain age remember when we lived just fine without mobile phones, tablets, and navigation systems.  However, our reliance on these items continues to increase.  Therefore, they have really become a necessity.  I remember the days when if you were lost somewhere you had to stop at a pay phone to call for help, or flag down a stranger for directions.  Now, though, pay phones are a rare find, and most of us don’t feel safe asking for help from strangers, so having a phone is a matter of safety.  A phone is not any good, however, if it is dead.  A mobile charger is a device that you can keep in your car, desk, or purse to charge your phone anywhere even if you are nowhere near a power outlet.  It is also useful to charge other devices that are not necessities, but are nice to have such as a tablet to read or play games on a long trip.  UrbanGirl carries the Triple C line of mobile chargers in cute, stylish prints.

Phone Charger

2.  A Stylish Speaker

At home, we keep a wireless speaker in the kitchen.  We love it because we can play music on our phones or iPads and use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the speaker.  It makes cooking and doing dishes much more delightful to hear our favorite songs in the kitchen.  Triple C makes speakers that not only work great, but are also cute!  The bluCUBE speakers come in cute patterns that match the mobile chargers.  The bluFUSE stereo speakers come in orange and pink, and also include a microphone for hands-free phone conversations!

Wireless Speakers

3.  Designer Earbuds

Earbuds are not just practical, they are a fashion accessory!  Why have plain old boring black ones when you can have stylish designer earbuds?  We have solid color earbuds as well as fun patterns like dots, floral, and chevron.  These fashionable prints are also available on bags, notebooks, and iPhone cases.earbuds earphones

 4.  Screen Protector

A screen protector is a must for any touch-screen device.  It keeps your screen clean and free from scratches.  It is essential for anyone with children or pets who like to play with or touch your phone or tablet.  My dog likes to claw at and even lick my iPad if she thinks I am paying too much attention to it, and not enough attention to her!  I am glad I have my screen protected.

Screen Protectors

5.  A Case or Bag

A hard case for your phone allows you to personalize it with the patterns and colors that you love.  You also need a bag for your phone, tablet, or laptop to carry it and keep it safe.  We have lots of different styles, patterns, and colors available at UrbanGirl.com.cases

UrbanGirl Profile: Entrepreneur Andi Shaw

Andi Shaw describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur.”  She started her first graphic design and web design business as a teenager.  She worked with different businesses in the areas of marketing, writing, and blogging.  All of this experience marketing other businesses led her to create more businesses herself.

Andi Shaw

Andi Shaw, owner of Whiskey, Ink, and Lace

Her most recent venture is the natural beauty and body company, Whiskey, Ink, and Lace.  She began researching different ingredients and methods of creating body products while writing a DIY blog, and she used this knowledge to create her own line of products.  She created products for men and women, including beard oil, soaps, hair products, body products, and cosmetics.

Shaw went from high school to college at the age of 16 and most of her knowledge and skills were self-taught.  She advises that the internet is a great resource; however, “you have to be smart and learn how to research.”  She also gives credit to mentors who helped and supported her.

“It is really easy,” she says about starting a business at a young age.  Her grandmother helped her get her first web design contract and encouraged her to get a business license at 16.  Shaw thought that would be difficult and expensive, but it was only $100 to “get everything going.  It was easy, just a matter of being responsible.  You also have to surround yourself with supportive people.”

Coffee Body Butter

Coffee Body Butter from Whiskey, Ink, and Lace.  It smells delicious and is beneficial for skin.

Her biggest challenge is follow-through because she has so many diverse ideas.  However, her favorite business was a skateboard magazine because she “failed at it, but learned so much in the process.”  She met a lot of great people and sees it as a learning experience.  Shaw was the first woman to start a print magazine for skateboarding.

“I am really resourceful,” Shaw says when asked what personality trait has led to her success, “when I find a problem I figure out how to solve it myself.”  She advises women interested in entrepreneurship that when solving a problem, “it doesn’t have to be the normal way to go about it.  Find new solutions to old problems.  I have done things the wrong way, but I have still found success…what you do does not have to be society’s version of normal.  Do it your own way.”

If you enjoyed this article, it is the latest in a series highlighting female entrepreneurs. If you are a woman who owns a business, contact me at hdiamond@urbangirl.com if you would like to be considered for an upcoming article.  We love celebrating successful women and entrepreneurship at UrbanGirl, also a woman-owned small business.