The Capital Gazette reports:

The Senate voted 41-6 for the budget bill on Thursday. All 35 Senate Democrats and six Republicans voted for the measure. Six Republicans voted against it.


The Washington Post fills in some of the details.

Maryland Senate passes $39 billion budget that boosts pay, trims pension contribution

The budget, which passed 41 to 6, now shifts to the House of Delegates. The six nay votes came from Republican Sens. Barry Glassman (Harford); Stephen S. Hershey (Kent); Nancy Jacobs (Harford); J.B. Jennings (Baltimore County); Edward R. Reilly (Anne Arundel) and Bryan W. Simonaire (Anne Arundel).

If those are the six nay votes then that means the following Republicans voted in favor of O’Malley’s budget:


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