Isaiah Rashad / Heavenly Father

by: T.M. Brown

March 21, 2014

When it snows enough in New York the city gets quiet. Like, eerily quiet—especially at night. The din of horns and sirens and chatter gets muffled by the miles of powdery white dampeners laid over concrete. Everything sounds distant, just out of earshot.

Isaiah Rashad WILD mag

Isaiah Rashad filmed the first half of the video for “Heavenly Father” from his January debut Cilvia Demo on a snowy night down on Wall Street. The shoot is desolate—the stock exchange and offices closed what looks like hours ago leaving little reason for anyone to be down there—and lonely, but the closed cropped camera angles of Rashad walking the streets through fresh powder suggest something intimately claustrophobic, like a good Catholic taking solace in a confessional. It’s fitting, then, that “Heavenly Father” is brutally honest about struggles that hip-hop artists aren’t necessarily open about, including suicide (“Lordie, give me something for my soul / See I don’t wanna think of suicide / So please don’t take the lock key off my door.”) and solitude (“See you can’t handle pressure on your own / So why you carry boulders by yourself.”).

Towards the end of the video Rashad mouths his lyrics on a snow-covered stage in front of an empty amphitheater. The camera drops back, the angles get wider. It’s still lonely. Rashad is tightly boxed in by the frame of the theater’s architecture. You start to wonder how quiet the theater was that day, draped in cottony white.


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