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  • Identifying and Building Relationships with Industry Influencers

  • I talk a lot about building relationships with industry influencers in order to increase the reach of your content (amongst many other things). Within my latest article on Moz, I mentioned building relationships with authors in order to cash in on high quality links to your website. Since the article, […]

  • Strategic Content Creation for Link Building

  • Everyone talks about how¬†creating great content will get you links. This sounds obvious in principle, but in reality, this just isn’t how it works. I’ve stumbled upon loads of fantastic pieces of content online that have come from sites that have next to no links or social signals pointing to […]

  • Tips on Content Marketing For A Successful Business Campaign

  • In which way is content marketing important for prospecting? Researchers have been trying to find a solution for this question for a while now. However, the current trend shows that the benefits of content marketing are rather underestimated at a lead generation perspective. This is why we need an altogether […]

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