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Students will learn a system of acupuncture and moxibustion which:

  • understands the regulatory movement of the Dao, recognizing that health and disease both follow this movement
  • sees the role of the practitioner to be that of aiding the person to engage fully in life
  • works with the person’s individual destiny
  • honors the uniqueness of each human being and reflects this in the creation of specifically tailored treatments
  • uses the cycles of Nature to return disordered states to balance and harmony
  • roots its clinical practice in theoretical knowledge as discussed in the classical texts
  • treats predominantly through the CF and Withins, the Five Elements and Twelve Officials, the Sheng and Ke cycles (homeostatic agents) and the whole classical width of the JingLuo network, within the context of the time of day and the stage of the season
  • emphasizes the practitioner’s bodymindspirit development of the Four Examination Skills (to see, to hear/smell, to palpate and to inquire) including sophisticated pulse taking, physical palpation and diagnosis of color, sound, odor and emotion
  • requires the inner cultivation of the practitioner as an instrument of Virtue

"Your vision will become clear

only when you look into your heart. 
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens."

  Carl Gustav Jung

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