Police delay Joanna Yeates' post mortem results

Police investigating the death of Joanna Yeates have not reached a conclusion in her post mortem examination.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary are treating her death as suspicious. However, the difficult conditions in which she was found, particularly the frozen condition of her body, means that the post mortem has still not been concluded.

The cause of the young architect's death will not going to be confirmed until Tuesday at the earliest.

The 25-year-old's family of have visited the spot where her body was found. Her parents David and Theresa laid a bouquet of flowers in the lane close to Bristol and Clifton Golf Club.

During their visit, they also formally identified the body, which was found by a couple walking their dog on Christmas day morning.

The Yeates family hugged each other for support as they arrived at the location, accompanied by police officers.

Investigators are examining CCTV from Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol, on the main route from Miss Yeates' house to where she was found on Christmas Day.