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Cryptocurrency for the People, by the People

Bitcoin is only the beginning, as we’ve seen with the myriad of projects and subsequent altcoins using different mining techniques. The possibilities are endless, and coming in faster than ever. As projects that have been eagerly awaited are staring to come online, we are seeing some of the results.

John Light discusses some of these coins and what their purposes are, especially area specific coins like Mazacoin.

E89 – Goxcoin and the Meta Lair

Subscribe to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Show, or Subscribe to The LTB Network for free, and never miss an episode again! Shownotes for Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 89 – Goxcoin & The Meta Lair What is Goxcoin?  Why would anyone want it?  How would it work?  Tim Swanson sits in as moderator for a panel discussion featuring David […]

A BitRose by Any Other Name…

What does it mean to be ‘decentralized’? Can a decentralized company be regulated? Only on its fringes: only at the enter and exit points can mainstream regulation and laws be enacted.

Daniel Larimer clears up some confusion regarding decentralized autonomous companies and explains the concepts behind BitShares.

Caution: Watch for Falling PTS

On the last block found in February 2014, Invictus will take a snapshot of PTS Balances and award them about 1.33 BTS per PTS they hold at that time. These BTS will be made available in March by importing their Bitcoin and PTS wallets into a new BitShares X wallet they can download.

Invictus Innovations’ Dr. Charles Evans & Daniel Larimer bring us up to date.

The First 3 Generations of Bitcoin Mixing

Bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous, but there are steps that bitcon users can take in order to help become more anonymous when a public ledger is used where anyone can see these transactions. One of these steps is mixing your bitcoins with other bitcoins.

Kristov Atlas shares the history of mixing services, and what’s coming in the future for such a service.

Why Your Alt-Coin Is No Good Here

By Brian Cohen Stanley Kubrick is known for being a filmmaker and not a cryptographer.  However, Kubrick’s films have hidden “fractal” narratives with coded messages that Rob Ager has been deciphering through his amazing film analysis on his website Collative Learning and on Youtube.  In “Mazes, Mirrors, Deception and Denial: Chapter 15: This is our […]

Investing in Bitcoin

One topic I am often asked about by clients is investing in Bitcoin. Not just bitcoins the currency, but Bitcoin, the network and technology ecosystem. The conversation usually starts like, “I have X amount of money to invest in Bitcoin, how should I invest it?” After giving the disclaimer that I am not a licensed […]