Letter From the Editors

“What do social movements have to do with art? With media?” It’s almost a daily occurrence: yet another screenwriter, comedian, academic, writer, or artist steals our colors to paint a picture. One that justifies the violence done to our communities, erases our trauma, and parades in the power seized in the process.

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Bodies and Battlegrounds: An Interview with Christine Oh

Editor’s Note: During the fall of my senior year, I organized a lecture and facilitated discussion on eating disorders, body image, and mental health for Asian American women. Community organizing around such topics required intention: How do we address pain and trauma without stigmatizing those who experience it? How do we critique the external and […]

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“Be Your Own Dumpling”: Written and Illustrated by Rowan Buchanan

“Be Your Own Dumpling” is an illustrated thought piece on the ways we police authenticity in what we eat and who we are, as seen through the eyes of one Hapa American.

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What’s R(ace) Got To Do With It?: White Privilege & (A)sexuality

by Alok Vaid-Menon In this series of pieces I hope to develop a new grammar to talk about asexuality outside of the ways in which it has been co-opted by neoliberal identity politics.

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“Deconstruct Me”: A Poem by Isabel Cajulis

This is a poem delineating the role of the mosaic body in the establishment of a true identity. Racism/experiences with racism are both implicit and explicit, also touching on issues such as objectification.

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“API Hair & Queerness”: A Film by Sally Tran

Sally Tran used to have long hair. Back then, Tran says, people would always remark, “You look so pretty with your long hair” and suspected they viewed them as a “submissive geisha doll.” The pressure to chop it all off came not only from being objectified for their Asianness, but from moving through queer spaces, too. Identifying […]

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“Where Do I Begin?”: An Interview on Food Politics with Sophia Trinh

This interview discusses food politics, environmental sustainability, and their relationship to broader social justice issues.

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