What is a NOC?

NOC is short for Network Operations Center, a command center to monitor a company’s IP (Internet Protocol) based network. A network includes all technology equipment such as servers, switches, routers, firewalls, desktops and laptops, storage systems, Internet based phone systems, IP surveillance and any other terminal with an IP address.

A NOC is usually staffed 24×7 with personnel who continuously monitor for outages, faults, critical events, and abnormalities with the network. These events are reported by sophisticated network monitoring software installed on the network or on the individual devices being monitored. At fixed time intervals, each device on the network checks in with a central manager to provide vital statistics on its health. This proactively ensures that problems with the network are detected and fixed before they can cause significant impact on the business.

A NOC facility needs to have multiple levels of redundancy in terms of physical infrastructure, logical security and access control, and software to accurately monitor the network. It also requires a high level of expertise and understanding of various technology platforms.