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American Bosun Pipes, Bosun Whistles, and More. A.Strauss

Boatswain's call History, Timeline, Examples and More.

Bosun Whistle Corner, Making Music, Whistling. ( Part 7 , and 7 samples.)

Antique Bosun Whistles, More Designs,16th Century and More, Types of Bouy . A.Strauss

Early Victorian, 1846 Silver Round Whistle with Stag's Head.

French Art, Sifflet Ancien, Special Whistle. C.1750

Snuff Mull Box and Whistle Combination.

The Famous Spanish Gold Dragon Whistle, 1715.

Les Sifflets, Whistles of France Article about Whistles and Notes by A.Strauss

Horns and horn shaped Whistles, History, Manufacturers and Examples. A.Strauss

Fireman Whistles. Fire Brigade Match1920 and Fire Cordon GSW's.

Perfume Containers and Whistle Combinations, Cornucopia, Vinaigrette and Glass Whistles (2nd)

A Rare Oriental Silver Vinaigrette and Whistle Combination.(1rst)

S. Mordan Silversmith, History and Examples, The Whistle Maker. A Strauss

German Medal Whistle, Artillery 1915 Howitzer Emblem

Vesta Whistle Combinations, Match Safe Patents. A.Strauss

J Hudson & Co. 1914 Round Pea Silver Whistle.

Pocket Knives, Penknife, Knife & Whistle Combinations. (21 Pict.)

Mechanical Pencils & Whistle Combination

Beaufort Whistles. Beafort Types, Cased Type History Examples and Construction, Palestine police. By Avner Strauss

Gorham Manfucturing Co. History and samples. ( American Whistle Manufacturers), Vesta case whistle combo, Match safe whistles, and other samples. ( At work)

19th century Hexagonal Sifflet, whistle with red coral stone.

George W. Shiebler & Co. American whistle manufacturers. (At work)

Gold toy whistle of ancient times, Pre-Columbian, Peru Moche culture

George W. Shiebler, silversmith, Flat Compass whistle (Type 3 A) .

Bosun's whistle corner, Chinese Motives, Boatswain's whistle, Bosun's pipes with dragons, China and Japan silver 1890's to 1930's whistles (3)

Vesta case and whistle combination, match safe combined with whistle, A.Strauss.

Pencil & whistle combination, 11 samples.

Dog Whistles, Dog Head whistle, whistles, Porcelaine (3), Gold, Silver (5), Pewter, Gun Metal Cont.


Two Chamber Pea whistles, France, Turkey, England, American & Pre Columbian Central America.

Boatswain's call, Boatswain's Pipe, Bosun's whistle, 1877 H & T Silver Bosun's call and some nice articles & web sites.

Horse head whistle , American Silversmith.

Combined Vesta & whistle, 1878, London ,Silversmith F.D.