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Seeing the Invisible: Interview with Nanotronics CEO

Nanotechnology continues to hold significant promise for medicine, though not only in the form of nanorobots that swim through the blood stream. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Putman, the CEO of Nanotronics, which is developing cutting-edge diagnostic systems for medicine among other fields.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: What exactly does Nanotronics do?

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Turning Your Smartphone into Your personalRN: Interview with Dr. Parsapour

We’ve noticed an increasing number of physicians turning to entrepreneurship to effect change in the health care system. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with one such clinician, Dr. Kourosh Parsapour, about personalRN, a company he founded to improve patient education and reduce readmissions.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: What is personalRN and how did you come up with the idea?

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Stretching the Limits: Interview with StretchSense CTO Todd Gisby

After presenting at the MD&M Conference in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to meet Todd Gisby, the CTO of an innovative New Zealand-based company called StretchSense. He made the trip across the Pacific to attend a medical tech conference because he sees significant potential applications of his company’s stretch sensors in our field. I spoke with Todd about the technology, which you can see in action in the video below…


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LifeScan Releases Bluetooth-Enabled Blood Glucose Monitor [INTERVIEW]

We have been covering LifeScan since 2006, a company that’s been a strong player in the diabetes care space, offering blood glucose monitors and strips. LifeScan recently announced that its OneTouch VerioSync system is now Bluetooth-enabled so that it automatically shares its readings with paired smartphones for easy tracking of blood glucose readings. We had the opportunity to speak with David DeJonghe, LifeScan’s Worldwide Director of Marketing for their Digital Pipeline, about the new development.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: What is new about LifeScan’s OneTouch VerioSync?

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BleepBleeps Announces Digital Health Solution for Easier Parenting [INTERVIEW]

Over the past few years we’ve seen smartphone-based weight scales, activity monitors, and blood pressure cuffs go mainstream. It seems that at least a couple new devices enter the marketplace every week. One of the most intriguing entrants recently is BleepBleeps, the brainchild of UK-designer Tom Evans. The company just launched a Kickstarter to fund the first of their “little friends:” Sammy Screamer, a motion alarm. We had the opportunity to interview Tom after meeting him at the World Innovation Summit on Health in Qatar and then again at CES.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: What exactly are BleepBleeps?

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Interview with Founders of Scanadu, Maker of Upcoming Scout Vital Signs Monitor

Scanadu, the company widely covered for their upcoming medical tricorder-like device, is set to release the Scout next month. Thousands of people have signed up through a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to get the first units, and we had an exclusive chat at CES 2014 with the company founders about what to expect.


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Interview with iHealth President, Adam Lin

At CES last month we had the opportunity to see the latest and greatest in digital health innovation. One of the earliest and most active companies in this space is iHeath Lab, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Andon Health. We had the opportunity to speak with their president, Adam Lin, about the company and their vision moving forward.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: Can you describe the origin and vision of iHealth?

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Adding a ‘BakBone’ to Your Tablet (INTERVIEW)

As we’ve been covering over the past few years, tablets are increasingly permeating the health care environment. More and more medical students are receiving iPads as part of their tuition and some hospitalists are bringing their Surface tablets to work. In this milieu it’s no surprise that there’s been a proliferation of peripherals such as carrying cases for tablets.

Dr. Paul Webber is an emergency physician in Santa Barbara who has developed his own, unique peripheral device called the BakBone. We first learned about it at CES in Vegas earlier this month, and only recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Webber about the device and its use cases.

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Build Your Own Brain-Computer Interface with OpenBCI (INTERVIEW)

Have you ever wanted to build your own (safe) brain-computer interface device? This is the year you may be able to do that, thanks to the folks at OpenBCI. They’re wrapping up a successful Kickstarter project this week to create a “customizable and fully open brain-computer interface platform that gives you access to high-quality brain wave data.” We had the opportunity to speak with OpenBCI co-founder, Conor Russomanno, about the project:

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: How did OpenBCI come to be?

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