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In the News

4:21 pm 01-14-13
CGCC Spring Swap Meet - May 5, 2013 1-4 PM
Time once again for the CGCC Spring Swap Meet! Once again we're going to have a massive swap meet with tons of door prizes and lots of awesome vendors! Prepare for a packed house and some wicked rarities! Hope to see you all there again as usual with lots of new and interesting items!! See for details
4:31 pm 09-06-12
CGCC Fall Swap Meet - Sunday Oct. 14, 1-4 PM
The details: CGCC Fall Swap Meet October 14, 2012 Kitchener Moose Lodge 655 Wabanaki Dr Kitchener, ON N2C 2G3 See for more details
7:12 am 01-29-12
Starburst Coinop Auction - Toronto March 3rd 2012
The Starburst coinop auction in Toronto is on Saturday March 3rd 2012 at the 70 Ronson Rd Location. Don't forget to check out the coin op section for the auction guide. for details.
4:24 am 01-28-12
CGCC Spring Swap Meet - May 6th 1-4 2012
CGCC Spring Swap Meet Sunday May 6th 1 - 4 PM! Kitchener Moose Lodge 655 Wabanaki Dr Kitchener, ON N2C 2G3 Follow this thread for more details!
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