Hypetrax: A Potential New Take On Music Sharing

University of Southern California alum Sidhart Gandhi and current student Johnny De La Cruz set out to create a seamless and user-friendly music-centric social media app with their new creation Hypetrax, which aims to go beyond other music sharing websites in fostering a community both of musicians and music lovers.
Hypetrax allows users to share music clips via a platform very similar to Facebook. You’re given a profile when you sign up that allows you to search tracks from the Itunes library and then post them either publicly, for everyone to see on their feed, or privately to specific users. You can also comment on and share clips from either the ‘trending’ page, where all publicly shared clips are viewed, or on your ‘feed’ tab, where followed users shared clips are displayed.
Like Facebook, users can follow and friend other users and send them messages and clips, which is where the creator’s vision of allowing up and coming artists to gain a voice is apparent. As co-creator De La Cruz told us ‘we are creating a social music platform that gives music listeners what they want, rather than restricting them at every turn. No skip limits, ads, or monthly fees. Just straight up good music from artists, tastemakers, and friends. We want new artists to get heard, and use Hypetrax as a tool to get their music out there.’
The main problem though is that Hypetrax is still restricted to Itunes and their thirty-second clips. While the creators are keeping their cards close to their chests about where they plan to take Hypetrax, De La Cruz has offered that they do plan to expand to other platforms beyond Itunes where hopefully users will be able to listen to entire tracks and even upload their own creations to share and trend.
Funding may be the biggest obstacle in this endeavor, but both Gandhi and De La Cruz are on the mission to gain publicity and funds wherever possible, entering the New Venture Seed Competition, where they have already made it to the semi-finals in hope of winning the $50,000 main prize, with which Hypetrax can only become better.
What is exciting about Hypetrax is what it can be, not what it is. It’s amazingly simple and user friendly, allowing any degree of music enthusiast to take part while sharing their tastes and gaining new ones. If Gandhi and De La Cruz realize the potential of their app, which I’m sure they do, they will be able to take it past its current state of simply a Facebook for Itunes and expand it into the new social media music platform.

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