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Press Release - Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc.

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Department of Justice Awards Million-Dollar Data Integration Contract to ENS-Inc with Palantir Technologies

June 5, 2013 - California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced on Monday the Department of Justice (DOJ) will begin work to develop and implement a statewide data sharing platform that will be accessible at no cost to law enforcement and public safety agencies in all 58 counties. The contract toward achieving this shared goal of improved data sharing in California has been awarded to Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc. (ENS-Inc) in partnership with Palantir Technologies.

ENS-Inc, located in Sacramento, CA, has been a premier California state government technology provider since 1999. With key expertise in virtual and cloud technologies integration, ENS-Inc delivers innovative and proven solutions through solid project management. ENS-Inc will be partnering with Palantir Technologies, a Silicon Valley software company that makes the world’s leading data integration platform for secure, collaborative analysis.

Chad Hodges, Vice President of Business Development for ENS-Inc states, “Enterprise Networking Solutions is excited to partner with Palantir and the Department of Justice to bring the platform to bear that gives the Law Enforcement and Public Safety community access to critical data in a timely fashion.”

ENS-Inc and Palantir will work together with the DOJ to deliver a software platform solution that will allow law enforcement and public safety agencies to access, analyze, and share critical criminal justice information from federal, state, regional and local sources. This million-dollar project will begin immediately with completion projected for June 2014.

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