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J.Hudson & Co. Acme Whistles Ltd. Whistle Stamps 'Holy Book'. A.Strauss

19th Century Dublin Police Whistles & More.

Railway Whistles, British Railway lines Whistles, 5 Types, Companies Stamps on Whistles & More (over 40 photos). A.Strauss

Samuel Auld 1893 Patent For Double Escargot Whistle, Lanarkshire Constabulary No. 295 And Glasgow Whistles. A.Strauss

William Dowler & Sons Crested Button Beaufort Whistle 'Hiat' Constabulary Whistle, Registered Design 225730 Since 1894 (9 photos)

American Bosun Pipes, Bosun Whistles, and More. A.Strauss

Boatswain's call History, Timeline, Examples and More.

Bosun Whistle Corner, Making Music, Whistling. ( Part 7 , and 7 samples.)

Antique Bosun Whistles, More Designs,16th Century and More, Types of Bouy . A.Strauss

International Whistle Day, Whistle Week and Some Rare and Very Rare Antique Whistles

Nose Flutes Nose Whistles, Some Discoveries.

Whistles on eBay Rare One known Whistle and 9 Others

Whistles on eBay Rare One known Whistle and 9 Others

American Multipipe Whistles and More A.Strauss

German Toy Whistles, Tin Lito Whistles .

Walter Thornhill & Co. Whistles History, 1878 Antique Silver Whistle and More.

Antique Silver Teethers Rattlers Whistle Combinations and Design. By A.Strauss.aspx

Extra Rare German Slide Whistle and Catalog Exerpt.

French Art, Sifflet Ancien, Special Whistle. C.1750

Antique Fireman Presentation Whistle, Help Identify Logo Needed.

Antique Prison Whistles. A. Strauss

Some More Unique RARE Round Pignose Whistles.

Tire Pressure Gauge and Whistle Combinations

Les Sifflets, Whistles of France Article about Whistles and Notes by A.Strauss

H.W.Short London Whistle Maker History and Whistles

Rare Antique Whistles,Two Chamber Escargot Whistles, Double chamber and two windows.

Very Rare Bicycle Whistle by F. L. Johnson Pat'd Sept 22 ,1885

Fire Brigade Whistle, Harborne Fire Brigade. 84 Buck. St.

A Nice Rare Antique Whistle, B. Lily & Sons.

American Bird Calls, Owl Hooters, Dove Calls, Loon, And a Riddle Solved. A. Strauss

Sport's Whistles, Referee's Whistle By J.Hudson & Co., A Very Rare Whistle Pencil Combination.

Multi-tube, Double pipe Whistle, A Very Rare One. T.Yates 1880's.

German Whistles, Deutsche Signal Instrumenten Fabrik, History Catalog & Examples, Martin Signal Whistle Manufacturer Company. A.Strauss

A Rare German Beaufort Whistle, Made by Deutsche singal Instrumenten Fabrik, (Martin's Signal)

Horns and horn shaped Whistles, History, Manufacturers and Examples. A.Strauss

Antique Round Pea Whistles. Jennifer, A.Strauss

Ludwig & Ludwig Co. History Whistles & Sound Effects. A.Strauss


Rare American Round Whistle w. Stop Hole

The Pea in the Whistle. A. Strauss

Black & Co. Whistle Manufacturer, History & Examples. The Glasgow Maker & McPherson Bros. A.Strauss

James Dixon & Sons Whistle & Carriage Key. A. Strauss

B. Lilly & Sons Whistle Manufacturer History and Examples. By A. Strauss

W. Dowler & Sons,Victorian Police and Military Whistles. A.Strauss

Police Whistles Whistory, J Hudson Birmingham, Metropolitan Police Whistles MP 1, 2, 3 and More. A. Strauss

Aviation History, whistles.

Pakistan, Karachi Police Whistle.

Acme Whistles, Salesman Samples, Carded Whistles.

Round Pea Whistles, NIMP with RMP Round Pea Whistles. (37 whistles) A.Strauss

Fireman Whistles. Fire Brigade Match1920 and Fire Cordon GSW's.

Two Early Fire Brigade, Fireman Whistles, VictorianTimes.

One Of A Kind Whistle, Just One Known to Exist , German Silver and Tortoise Shell.

A. De Courcy Small Siren whistle Model # 101.

Boy Scouts Whistles, History, American Boy Scouts Whistles , British Boy Scouts Whistles and Around the World .

Police Ring Whistle, Cooks Bobby Whistle & The Petrie Ring Patent

1881 Bean's Police Club, American Truncheon, Police Whistle Club Patent and Catalog. A.Strauss

Antique Gunmetal Round Whistle, Lucy, Mariana's Sister.

Antique Round Pea Whistle With Mushroom Knop (Elizabeth)

14th Century Round Bronze Whistle Dug in Kent, England.

Ribbed Spiral Whistle Design In Brass, Only One Known To Exist

German Medal Whistle, Artillery 1915 Howitzer Emblem

Unique Antique Gunmetal Whistle. What is Gunmetal.

Vesta Whistle Combinations, Match Safe Patents. A.Strauss

Cloisonne Whistles, Cloisonné, Chinese Whistles, 叫銛子

Stanhope Whistles History Makers and Examples, Secrets of the Hidden Pictures

Services American Railroad Whistles, Train Whistles, The B. & O. Rail Road The P.R.R. and more (12 examles)

American Whistle, Only One Known To Exist. Made by J.M.

A Special Whistle By T. Yates, Major T. Auchinleck To F Mull 1886.

Motorcycle whistles. (12)

Cars and Locomotives in Action Penny Toy Whistles.

Bird Calls History, Hunting Whistles and Intro, Bird Calls, France, French Bird Calls 1 Appeaux Oiseaux( Metal) A. Strauss

Bronze Whistles In Africa, History and Samples, Cont. AfricanTribal Art. (2) A. Strauss

The Acme Thunderer Tank Whistle Model # 442, By J. Hudson & Co. Mark V Tank. A.Strauss

Police Escargot Button Whistles. A.Strauss

Pitch Pipe, Pitch Pipes History, 5 Types of Metal pitch Pipes, Patents, Samples and Concert Pitch, Pitch Samples, MP3 Downloads. By A.Strauss

J. Linegar Whistle Maker, Round Pea whistle, One known to exist

Cars Whistles and Horns, Exhaust whistle, Wolf whistle, Early Samples and more

Water Whistle, Warbler, American Patent of 1915 & Sample.

Federated Malawy States Police Porteus Top Whistle, The Kinglet, By J Hudson & Co

Pocket Knives, Penknife, Knife & Whistle Combinations. (21 Pict.)

Rare German Police whistle maker and actual whistle discovered, Muhlenfeld - Barmen.

Cartridge Shell Whistles, Bullet shaped Whistles,Trench Art, WWI and more

Police whistles, Professional Whistle Types by J. Barrall

Nickel whistle, only 'one known' to exist.

Spinning Top, Dreidel, and Other Whistling, humming whistling Tops & other whirling toy whistles

Asylum Whistles, Lunatic Asylum, Mental Hospital whistles A.Strauss (26 Photos)

Siren Whistles - Cased Siren Whistles and Ball Shaped Siren whistles for cane top and more

China, Animals embossed on Chinese General Service whistles

Indian Whistles, Escargot Type Brass Whistles.

Torpedo Siren Whistles C. 1895 -1939 To be cont.

Israel, Police and Army Whistles, and some more, Whistles in Israel

Horstmann Phila. American whistle manufacturers, By A. Strauss

Beaufort Whistles. Beafort Types, Cased Type History Examples and Construction, Palestine police. By Avner Strauss

Police whistles, History in America, U.S.A.Patents, Samples, Cylinederical 2 notes whistles GSW's Bobby whistles ( Under Construction :-)

Jul. Heinr. Zimmerman, Important German Whistle Manufacturer, Maker, History & Samples by A. Strauss, + Catalog Pages ( (Under Construction)

1845 Porteous's Patent for Signal Wind Instruments Multi pipe Whistle by Stevens, England

Bent & Parker, The British whistle maker, Whistle Manufacturers. (At work)

Bosun's whistle corner, Chinese Motives, Boatswain's whistle, Bosun's pipes with dragons, China and Japan silver 1890's to 1930's whistles (3)

August Muhlenfeld, Barmen, German Police whistle maker, History & Samples. Avner Strauss, Copyright © 2008(At work)

Charles Thomas, Assinippi / accord, Mass. American whistle manufacturers. Makers & History , 3 Samples A.Strauss